Posted by: tgonzales | June 20, 2012

Washing Dishes by Hand, Memories of My Grandma Kingery and Aunt Erma, and Two More Cell Phone Cases

Some of you may already know this about me; but I still do my dishes by hand. My friend Susie and I were talking about this the other day and I was wondering if there is anybody else out there that still does their dishes by hand? I was also wondering if you like washing dishes by hand? Susie and I came to the conclusion that we like doing dishes by hand because it seems to be kind of therapeutic for us. I know some of you may think doing dishes is very boring and not a lot of fun. I don’t remember always liking to do the dishes, especially when I was younger and seemed to always get stuck with doing the dishes with my brother Terry. Terry was a meticulous dish washer and always had to have every speck of food off of the dishes before he moved on to the next one. At that time of my life I just wanted to get the dishes over with and go outside to play or do something other than stand there and wait for him to finish cleaning every piece of dirty dishes. Just watching him try and try to scrub that iron skillet shiny again seemed to almost hit my last nerve and it seemed like he loved watching me squirm as I tried so hard not to say anything because if I did he would just take longer. 🙂 But I do have some sweet memories of doing dishes after having very large gatherings at my Mom’s house as a young lady. It wasn’t unusual to have at least 15 or 20 people at her table; from our family of 7, to our grandparents, aunts, uncles, and

cousins. (sorry Jill, I don’t have any photos with you in them) So you can imagine how many dishes that entails. Jackie and I would line up at the sinks, along side of our Grandma Kingery and Aunt Erma. One of us washed for a while, the other one rinsed, and two people dried the dishes. Then when the person washing the dishes got tired we would just rotate.

My Grandma and Aunt were 2 of 12 children so I can just imagine how many dishes they had done in their lifetime. (Grandma is on the left and Aunt Erma is second from the right) They are both gone now but I just hope that I have as many years to stand and wash dishes as they did.

I made 2 more cell phone cases and I do love this brightly colored turquoise, hot pink, and green number with the cute little fabric covered button along with those pretty bright pony beads on the side.

I really like the way this cell phone case of sapphire blue and speckled tan turned out too. I love the silver and gold button and the silver pony beads to add just the right hippie-fication. I’m just an old hippie at heart. 😉 So what’s been going on in your part of the world?


  1. Love your walk down memory lane. I can so relate to standing over the sink washing all those dirty dishes at my Moms house as well as your Moms house. Good memories. Love the new colors of you phone covers-esepcially the pink, green, and turquois one. Going to the lake today and will be back on Sunday afternoon. Can’t wait. Love you girl. sw

    • Sue,

      Thanks for walking along with me down memory lane. It sounds like you are going to have a nice long weekend. Have fun.

      Love you too,

  2. Hi Tamara ~ Love your kitchen sink photo (& your hanging wash/dishcloth. When I saw the faucet is running and bubbles are growing, I thought: “Hurry up & take the pic so the sink doesn’t overflow.” LOL

    Love old-time photos! Got a real kick out of the little girl holding on tightly so the toddler doesn’t fall. 😀

    More great cell phone cases!!!

    Love ya, hippie! [giggle]

    • Kat!

      I love old photos too and yes it looks like my sink just might overflow, but it didn’t. 😉 Thanks for liking all the cell phone cases and for being here to comment.

      Love you too!

  3. I do the washing up by hand. In fact, more people I know don’t have dishwashers than do, even some of those with one or two children. Oh dear, hope that doesn’t make us sound backward!!!

    • Jill,

      No I don’t think it makes you sound backward for doing your dishes by hand. It seems like the majority of people here in the United States has a dishwasher, I could be wrong though. Maybe it’s just the people that I know. Anyway thanks for stopping by to let me know that you do your dishes by hand.


  4. I finally got a minute to read this. Great post my dishwashing friend. The pictures of those cell phone case really turned out well. Love ya, hope you are having a good week.

    • Thanks Susie!

      Love you my friend.

  5. Tammy, loved today’s entry. I have a dishwasher but I still do some dishes by hand. Depends on my mood. LOL

    My maternal grandmother had 9 children. It would seem to me that ALL she did was wash dishes. LOL But a lot of them were girls, so I am sure she had help. I’m sure grandma spent a lot of time in the kitchen just cooking and doing dishes. Oh, and don’t forget the laundry!!


    • Hi Debbie,

      Thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog and to comment about washing dishes. It sounds like you know exactly what I’m talking about when I mention the dish washing bit. Hugs Back at You, Tamara

  6. I see Ava and Truman in that black and white picture!

    • Emilee,

      I thought the same thing! 🙂

      Love you,
      Aunt Tammy

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