Posted by: tgonzales | June 13, 2012

Long Summer Days, a Few Granny Squares, and a Cell Phone Case Pattern Just for You

How is your summer going so far? Mine is fine, but I can’t help thinking back when I was growing up and how much fun my brothers, sister and I would have on those long summer days so many years ago. Even though we always had chores that we had to complete before we could do any fun things. I never regret learning how to mow the yard, pick vegetables and fruit, clean the fruit and vegetables, and then prepare them to can or freeze. I can still remember how my Mom would hand each of us kids either a basket or bucket so that we could each go down the rows of a huge strawberry patch near our house. I’m sure it wasn’t as big as I remember, but it sure did seem big to me then. 😉

Anyway, one of my fondest memories was when my Mom would hang up her apron, pack a picnic lunch, put on her swimsuit, and loadall of us up in the car to go to the Coleman Employees Club. My Dad worked for The Coleman Company and he belonged to the club. So that meant we got to go there for free with his membership fee and it wasn’t that far away from our house. They had a pond for fishing, a miniature golf course, a playground with all kinds of equipment, a ping pong table, a baseball diamond, a swimming pool, and of course the club house that had dressing rooms, showers, and bathrooms. And they had a snack bar where you could purchase drinks, burgers, dogs, fries, ice cream, and candy. I especially loved the times that Mom would get in the water with us even when she was afraid of the water and I loved watching her face as she would go down the very tall slide on the playground. She looked just like a kid herseslf. (I know that neither one of these pictures depict a summer day but I do love them and wanted to share them with you.) I’m not sure what made me think of the Coleman Club; it may have been those two little boys walking home from our neighborhood swimming pool the other day as I drove past them on my way home with their wet swim trunks blowing in the breeze? Does anyone else have any fond summertime memories that you would like to share with me? I would love to hear about them.

Now on to the crochet front, I haven’t really gotten too much more done in the way of crochet but I thought I would share what I have accomplished. First of all I made a few little granny squares that I intend to add to the outside edge of my crewel work pillow front but not before I add a row of black single crochet around each granny square.

I decided to crochet me a few of these little cell phone cases from a pattern that I designed several years ago. They work really great for me to wear around the office at my place of employment to carry my cell phone and office key in. If you would like to have a copy of my pattern just email me at and I’ll send you a pdf file of it. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. 🙂


  1. Those photos are priceless, you are lucky to have them. Are you the older or the younger sister? My guess would be the older, but then I’ve never met you so it’s hard to be sure. 🙂

    • Hi Jill!

      Thanks for stopping by to reminisce with me and yes I’m the older sister.


  2. Oh what sweet memories and I share them with you. Having spent some time with your family every summer I got to experience doing chores and also going to the Coleman club. My Mom always told me when I left to go to your house I had to help do the work or I would never get to go back. I remember doing laundry, hanging out the clothes, folding them , milking the cow, helping with the canning. I was treated just like one of her kids. And then we would go to Coleman club for a swim. I too was afraid of the water but with a little bribery from your brothers I would jump off the side of the pool. After I got comfortable with that I was left alone for a few minutes to jump in the pool by myself and that’s when I got into trouble and the next thing I remember somebody was pulling me out by the arm. Had that nice person not pulled me out I’m sure I would have drowned. After that I started jumping off the shallow end. I loved (and still do) my Aunt Toots for all the memories that I have growing up being a Kingery for 2 weeks every year. LOve you cuz. sw

    • Hi Sue!

      I’m so glad that you got to spend time with us during the summers. No wonder, I thought I remembered you more than any of your other brothers or sisters spending time with us. 🙂 Lots of good memories and thanks for being a part of them. I’m so thankful that someone pulled you out of the deep end of the swimming pool. 😉

      Love you too,

  3. Tamara,
    I love your family pictures, what a beautiful family. We used to go to the Coleman Club too. From about 1967 to 1982. My husband was an engineer there and still has more patents than any engineer had before or since. What a small world! I’ll bet we played with you never thinking our paths would cross in later years. I like your idea of putting granny squares around your crewel embroidery piece. I have some crewel my niece did for me and was thinking of giving it back to her. Wouldn’t it be fun if it was a pillow? Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Hi Kaye,

      Isn’t that something about how you went to the Coleman Club too? It is such a small world. I would have been 11 in 1967 and I’m sure I was probably there when you were there too.

      Thanks for liking my idea about the granny squares and I would love to see your crewel piece before, during, and after you add granny squares to it. 🙂


  4. I love this so much. I remember the Coleman Club! It never ever registered to me that we went there for free because of Grandpa. Never ever ever. I remember the craft shows there with you selling the Raggedy Siblings and some furry magnetic bug things… did you sell those or someone else? I remember swimming there a lot as a kid. I remember Shannon’s wedding and afterward playing mini golf and then me with no glasses yet running into the teeter-totter and breaking my nose. Good times, good times. I miss having a neighborhood pool like at Orchard and Harvest. Once, Amanda C and I snuck into the Orchard pool on a summer night! Wahahaha I miss things like that.


    • 🙂 AHHH I had forgotten that you went there too. Do you remember when Angie was a lifeguard there? I had forgotten that I tried to sell my Raggedy Ann and Andys, but I don’t remember the furry bug things. Oh my gosh I also had forgotten that Shannon got married there and that you had run right into that teter totter with your nose. OUCH!!!! I love you and thanks for remembering with me.


  5. Summer??? It has *not* arrived here yet. More like Spring .. or even late Winter some nites! I think this coming week our Summer will actually arrive. I guess it has been watching the calendar and wants to wait ’til June 20. Ha!

    When we were kids, neighbors simply did not move away. So we knew the same people as we grew up. The kids mostly gathered at our house cuz that’s how my Mom was — “the more the merrier”. [I do not take after her in this regard. LOL] Becuz they hung around our place, they were called “The Fetzner Gang” (that’s my maiden name). Funny .. yet NOT .. how ‘gang’ has a totally different meaning these days. 😦 Anyway, in the Summer she would load the ‘gang’ of us into our station wagon and take us to Charlotte Beach (on Lake Ontario in Western NY). None of the other moms went along; it was just my Mom and all those youngsters .. I guess however many would fit in our station wagon!

    My very fond memory of my Mom in the summertime is … Every nite after she finished washing/drying dinner dishes (singing while she did so), she’d comb her hair, put on her lipstick (only makeup she ever used), and sit on our wonderful front porch with her daily Crossword Puzzle … wearing a dress, of course, in those days. She always looked so lovely and I enjoyed sitting out there with her sometimes. I sure do miss her!!! [She passed the Summer of 2003.] My sister had a photo album created for me for my recent birthday .. full of childhood photos! So many loving memories!!

    That Coleman Club sounds like a kids’ paradise!!!

    ‘Now on to the crochet front’ 😉 … Your Granny Squares sure do match that crewel — going to be one fantastic-looking pillow!!

    P.S. Funny that Joshua thinks of his breaking his nose as one of the ‘good times’. RITCMOL!!! ;-D

    • Oh Kat!

      I loved hearing all about your Mom. She must’ve been a very special lady and it sounds like she loved children. I love that your sister made you a photo album too. Thanks for always being here and I look forward to hearing about what’s going on in your part of the world.

      Love you,

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