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June 9-10, 2012 Weekend, 3-D Movie, Officers Meeting, More Hot Pads, and Even More Unfinished Projects

My weekend started off with dinner and a movie with our friends Susie and Korey. After dinner we went to see the premier of Madagascar 3 in 3D. I still can’t get over how funny people look in the 3-D glasses, especially me. And how I will never understand how someone invented those glasses to make some of the things in the movie appear like they are coming right into your face. ?????

Anyway, Saturday was filled with KS My Stitch officers meeting, lunch, and brainstorming. The meeting went very well and it seems like we came up with some good ideas for future meetings and another summer retreat. John was at home and stayed outside all day cleaning, edging, mowing, and picking up sticks that fell out of the trees from the hail storm that we had a couple of weeks ago. John is such a good sport even when I laugh at him and get my camera out to take his picture. I’m so thankful that he’s still able to keep up the yard work and it sure did look great when he got it done. I do miss mowing and doing the yard work like I used to do; but with my back problem now the only thing that I can tolerate is watering my plants and I’m happy to do that.

After the officers meeting I took Cathy her last 2 hot pads that she had commissioned me to make. I’m very happy to report that she loved the colors that I chose to make them out of AND she has placed an order for 15 assorted sizes of can cozies. Thankfully she’s not in any hurry for them and won’t need them until just before Christmas.

Saturday afternoon and evening was spent trying to figure out a sl st hat pattern that I have been asked to teach at the June crochet guild meeting. I tried and tried to figure out the pattern but I have to confess that I gave up and made up my own pattern. So I hope that the guild members will enjoy making the hat from the pattern that I made up. Oh by the way the hat pattern can be used to make the purple hats that the guild has decided to get involved with again this year. You may have remembered me talking about the purple crying stage that some babies go through last year and how our guild did a wonderful job of making lots of purple hats for this charity? You can read all about it here

Early Sunday morning I decided to set the purple hat aside and make one of these cute vintage hot pad dresses. I bought the pattern from Maggie’s Crochet website that sells vintage hot pad patterns. I love the way mine turned out and I do love the fabric covered buttons down the front. Every time I look at these little hot pad dresses I think of when I would walk into my Grandma and Aunt’s houses to find these similar hot pads hanging either above or beside their stoves. I’m not for sure whether they ever used the hot pads to protect their hands as they picked up their pots or if they just let them hang there and look pretty? As for me, if I have any of the cute little hot pads left over from the Hesston Barn Sale on October 6th I will be hanging them from the aqua wall that runs above my cabinets in my kitchen.

Around 8:00 am my Mom came by to pick up John and I to go to breakfast with her at her usual neighborhood restaurant; Emilia’s. We enjoyed our breakfast, and as usual we saw all of the normal crowd come in and Mom was very happy to see Hazel arrive. Mom thought Hazel looked so pretty in her blue dotted Swiss dress that she wanted me to take her picture. I told Mom that I thought she looked pretty too in her pink blouse and that she should be in the picture too. So she happily joined Hazel for this photo-op.

When we arrived back home, Mom came into visit while she waited for John to fix a pair of her dangly earrings that were too long. Anyway I decided to invite Mom up into my craft room. Well Mom had no trouble telling me that my room was not up to her standards of unmessiness. (I know that isn’t a word, but it’s all that I can come up with right now) Even though there was a place for her to sit and for me to sit and although I like the coziness of my craft room, it does get to be too much for me after a while too and I’ll de-clutter it then, but right now I’m ok with it. Thankfully she tolerated it through me showing her some of my finished projects through the photos on my computer screen and some of the projects that were in the design process in my room.

It was fun to watch her face as I tried to explain to her how I was going to convert this skirt into a long top by crocheting the top of a sweater onto it.

Thankfully I remembered that I had completed such a top similar to what I plan on doing to the skirt pictured above. As I showed it to her it looked like a light bulb went on over her head as she smiled and told me that she thought I had a good idea. 🙂

After Mom left I decided to look for a sweater that I could crochet to the top of that skirt and if I found one I thought that I could get started on it, but much to my disappointment I couldn’t find one to go with it.

But I did find another skirt to make into a long top and of course I couldn’t find a sweater to crochet to the top of it either,

but I found a child’s green sweater that just needed the ribbon strung back through the openings and the button holes cut open just a tad more to allow the flower buttons to pull through the holes easier,

some more fabric to make more cute fabric covered buttons,

another crocheted nylon bag waiting to be embellished,

threads to make into granny squares that I plan on lining on all sides of this rectangular crewel piece; making the squares just the right size and after sewing them onto the rectangular piece, the whole thing hopefully will become square,

and oh I almost forgot to mention that Mom brought this cute little pink sweater to me sent from my niece Angie. I do love how Angie sees things like this and thinks of me.  😉 Oh by the way I did manage to fix the little green sweaters ribbon and I made the button holes a teeny bigger so that the flower buttons pull through easier.

Well, it looks like I need to get busy and finish up a few things and keep my eyes open for a few more sweaters to add to the tops of those skirts. So what have you all been up to? I hope you had a good weekend and I hope your week is a pleasant one.


  1. Love all the little projects that your working on. I especiallylike the little dress pot holders. I have a couple of them here at home that different people have given to me that also have the faces crocheted on them. Today I have to clean a little bit of house since I have a group of ladies coming over this evening to a sewing class that I’m teaching. sw

    • Hi Sue,

      I’m so glad you could take the time to stop by and comment. It always makes my day to hear from you and find out what you’re up to. Have fun tonight.

      Love you,

  2. I think we could put our mama’s in a bag and shake them up because they both would come out the same. My mama really scolds me about my sewing room in the basement. She says, “Why kaye Lucile, didn’t I train you better than this?” I try to explain that I need all my “STUFF” out where I can see it or I forget I have it and then I buy more. I can’t convince her to accept it as it is. I know that you, like myself, treasure every moment you can have your mama with you. I love your work and creativeness – it never fails to inspire me.

    • Hi Kaye,

      I’m so glad that you and I have the same Mom and we can talk about them with love. 🙂 And thank you for stopping by to comment. It always makes my day.


  3. Hey Tamara ~ I’d like to be able to see YOU in 3-D. LOL!
    Your handsome John is such a nut. He looks like he’s ready for a swim with his goggles on. HaHa!!

    Wow – I had never before heard about babies’ purple-crying stage .. tho I do remember your group making purple baby hats last year.

    LOVE your vintage hot pad dresses! I doubt you will have any left after the Oct. sale .. so decide now which ones you want to make for yourself. 🙂

    Hey ~ I have a blue dotted Swiss nitegown! LOL

    You have so many future projects partially lined up. It is always fun to see them completed. That purse is going to be a WOW. And I am especially looking forward to seeing your completed project with the crewel item!!!

    Love ya!

    • Hi Kat!

      Thank you so much for always being here to comment and make me smile. I knew you would get a kick out of John in those goggles. Later on I found them in the trash; he must have broke them or something, I’m not really sure?

      Love you my friend,

      • uh-oh… maybe John heard me giggling when I saw him in the goggles. “Giggles For Goggles” LOL!!

      • Oh, that’s too funny. I think they must have broke or he couldn’t see through them any longer. 🙂

  4. I must have missed this one? Looks like you have been busy getting ready for the barn sale. I look forward to see more sweater creations when next I come over. Those glasses were a hoot. I loved our 3D movie.

    • 🙂 Thanks Susie for stopping by and commenting. Love you,Tamara

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