Posted by: tgonzales | May 18, 2012

I Can’t Believe it’s Already Friday, Two More “Berry” Coasters, Cute Baby Boy Crocheted Shoes, More Dying, and Another Purse

First off I want to apologize for the false post yesterday. My son called me up and asked, “Momma did you try to publish a post on your blog?” I said “no, why?” He said he had gotten an email saying that I had published a post since he’s subscribed and all it said was “Friday”. Then I told him that I had tried to figure out if I could set up a post to publish at a certain time automatically. I thought this feature would be very nice for me to use when I was not able to get to my computer (like when I spent the night with my Mom and she doesn’t have the internet). But apparently I need to be smarter about how to program it with the right date.  😉

I wanted to share with you all a few things that I’ve been working on. I made two more “Berry” coasters. It’s quite funny that 4 of the colors of thread turned out one size and the other 4 turned out a smaller size. That’s ok though, because I will be selling them in sets of 4 anyway.

I still love the way they look all stacked up in a pile. Don’t you?

I also found another really cute crocheted baby boy shoe pattern by Shehnaaz and you can find all of her patterns on her blog here. This cute little boy shoe pattern called “Striders” was very easy to follow and Shehnaaz’s instructions were very thorough.

I forgot to mention that I tried dying a few things on Sunday morning and this sweater was one of them. I tried to dye it the same color as the scarf that’s laying on it, but it didn’t take the dye. I guess it must have been because it’s made from 100% Virgin Acrylic?

By the way what in the heck is 100% Virgin Acrylic anyway? The tag dyed very well along with the thread that the buttonholes were made from and the grossgrain ribbon that runs along the back of the buttons and buttonholes.

I am going to change out the buttons and the sweater might end up with some kind of crochet embellishment too, not for sure?

Here’s a whole basket full of things that are waiting to be dyed. Hopefully I will get to color these this weekend. I told John that I feel like the 3 good fairies on Sleeping Beauty. Remember when they were sewing her dress for the ball and each one of them wanted it to be a different color? It must look similar to that as I’m placing each item into the dye baths and then pulling them out of the dye bath as a new beautiful color. I told John to look out when he sees clouds of different colors of smoke coming out of my laundry room.  🙂

I also forgot to mention that I found another one of those nylon crocheted purses at the Thrift store on Saturday. I can’t wait to embellish it with some fun crocheted flowers, leaves, buttons, and beads. So what’s going on in your part of the world? I would love to hear all about what you’ve been doing.


  1. As always, you continue to inspire! I came across a blouse this morning getting ready for work, that I have only worn once because I don’t like the bottom of it – it’s like a too-short, too wide smock. I shoved it to the back of the wardrobe thinking, What a waste of money, I should just give it away, And then the thought struck me – WHAT WOULD TAMARA DO WITH THIS!???!!! You never know – watch this space 🙂

    • Hi Jill!

      I’m so glad that I inspire you and the thought of you thinking about what I would do is priceless. It truly made me smile and you made my day a little cheerier. I can’t wait to see what Jill will do. 🙂

      Love and Hugs,

  2. oh my goodness, how funny you are… so this is why you asked what movie those fairies were in! I see! and I am so glad you don’t know what the virgin acrylic is either. so very amusing. amusing musements!


    • Oh Joshua!

      You make me laugh. Thanks for still reading my blog and for commenting every once-in-a-while. Love you!


  3. Hi Tamara ~ I thought your “Friday” post was comical.

    I cannot believe how fast you are whipping up those berry coasters. Love ’em! The different sizes — that’s the same size thread but just different colors? Odd.

    The ‘Striders’ boy’s shoe, with the 2 buttons in front … looking at it straight-on, it looks like an alligator.

    What a shame that the “Virgin Acrylic” [LOL] did not take the dye. That is a gorgeous color of dye!


    • Oh Kat,

      You’re so sweet to say that I am getting the coasters done so fast. I don’t think so at all. They are very tiime consuming but I do love the results. And thank you for liking my post and thank you for always being here.


      • You ARE fast, Tamara!!
        And … my puh-leasure … always being here. 🙂

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