Posted by: tgonzales | May 16, 2012

Good News and More “Berry” Coasters

As I promised I told you I would let you know how Sunday evening went, so here goes:

I decided that I wouldn’t take any pictures as my Mom and I enjoyed each others company Sunday evening. I had such a good time just sitting with my Mom, visiting, watching a little television while we both crocheted. It has been years since we have done that and it felt good. I even got to help her count her stitches, since she was having trouble keeping track. It was just like she used to help me when I would lose my place when I first learned to crochet. It feels strange that our roles have reversed somewhat, but at times she still has to Mother me too. We had to laugh that neither one of us could sit with our hands idle; we both come by it naturally as her Mother was the same way.  🙂

The evening and the preparation for her colonoscomy (py) went very smoothly. The night time went by with no blood sugar lows and she slept peacefully throughout. Of course I didn’t sleep; I woke up every hour on the hour, but I didn’t ever tell her and she didn’t ask. Oh by the way our friend Jean was called out of town suddenly so I ended up taking her to her procedure and was able to be there during and when she came out of the anesthesia. She did remarkable and was so excited when she found out that she doesn’t ever have to have another colonoscomy (py). Plus she was able to talk the doctor into removing a cyst that was on her left breast. I was very happy with the good news and I don’t care how many times she repeats it or tells me like I wasn’t even there when she heard the news, because that’s just the way it is.  😉 As soon as they released us she already had it all figured out that we would go to “The Egg Crate” for lunch and what made it extra special is that Jackie was able to join us too.

I was able to complete three more “Berry” Coasters

and I do love the way they look all stacked up in a pile.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that there’s more good news:

My Joshua is coming home for a short visit next week. The week is already planned out; I will be on vacation. Monday night he will attend the crochet guild meeting with me. Tuesday night his High School drama teacher is getting married to his good friend Josh’s mom we will all be attending. Wednesday night our little Rian graduates from High School and she will be speaking at the graduation, we will be in attendance. Thursday night I am fixing tacos at my Mom’s so that our family and friends can gather to see Joshua. Friday morning we travel to Kansas City to take Joshua back to the airport to return to New York. So what’s going on in your part of the world on this fine Wednesday?


  1. Good morning Tammy It is so good to hear that Aunt Toots’ colonoscopy turned out good. I’ve had those before and it is not a good picnic. (I ended up in the emergency room each time) but anyway I’m glad that she doesn’t have to do anymore. Glad to know Josh is comeing home next week I know you and John will enjoying his visit. Take care and have a wonderful day.

    • Hi Sue!

      Yes it’s wonderful news about Mom. That’s awful that you had such a hard time of it with your procedure. Yuck, mine was awful too.

      I have a good idea, you should come up to be here for the tacos on Thursday. 🙂 But I totally understand that it would be quite a long trip just to come for my tacos and to see Joshua.

      Love you,

      • Thanks for the ivite Tammy. Actually we will be going to Wichita on Friday for Benjamins graduation from pre school and as soon as its over we are coming right back home. It will be a very short trip. Maybe next time.

  2. Hi Tamara! ~ That was a good idea to not take pics the nite you spent with your mom. Sometimes it is just plain feel-good to just plain enjoy each moment without snapping a photo. Sooo glad to hear it went so well for her .. and that there will be NO MORE. 🙂

    Such oh-so-lovely Berry Coasters. You know my fave, right? COLOR!!! WOWIE!!!!

    Yippeee… hip-hooray!!! JOSHUA’S COMING FOR A VISIT!!! I am sooooo very happy to hear this. How long has it been since you’ve seen him? (other than on web-cam, I mean .. LOL) You sure do have a lot of plans next week. On vacation, won’t that be grand? And spending so many memory moments with your Joshua. Woo-hoo!!! I am excited for you!!

    Love ya lots ~

    • Hi Kat!

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment and thanks for liking the Berry coasters. I think maybe, possibly, you might, actually like the pink one. Am I right?

      And yes you can imagine how excited I am about Joshua coming home. He was here for 2 days when my Dad passed away in October and it just wasn’t long enough. I know it’s not going to seem like a very long time again, but maybe we will be able to go and see him or he might be able to come back again at Christmas?

      Love you too!

      • Well, yes, I do like the pink-&-white coaster. But my fave in the bunch is the multi-COLOR one. 🙂

        Ohhh, this visit from Joshua will be so much more pleasant than when he was there in Oct. Joy will abound this time around. Thurs.nite will be THE BEST!! 😀

        God bless you, my friend.
        Love ~ KAT

  3. Would love to have the pattern for the Berry Cute coasters. Can you give me the ISBN number of the book it came from? I’d like to find the book online and purchase it. Thanks much !

  4. I too love the way the berry coasters all stack up although they are great individually too. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope all is still well with you all.

    • Hello.

      I love reading about what you’re doing in your part of the world and thank you so much for visiting here too. Everything is well here.


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