Posted by: tgonzales | April 27, 2012

Last Weekend before the Outdoor Market, I Found More Unfinished Projects, and Some Dying Tips

First of all Thank You so much for all the birthday wishes for Jennifer and thank you for walking down Memory Lane with me. Oh my gosh I only have this weekend to get those last minute projects completed and I want to set up a mock booth so that I can play with how I want to arrange my things to see how they look before I get to the market. I learned this trick from my sister who has had a lot more experience in setting up booths than I have.

Again, while I was rummaging around looking for something else I found these 3 purses that had to come home with me from several of my treasure hunts some time back.

All three purses are crocheted out of thick nylon thread, lined and have pockets. They were screaming for me to embellish them with a little crochet, but I shoved them into a container and had lost sight of them until the other day. When at Joann’s the other day I found some really cute leafy vine ribbon in the Martha Stewart section, that I think will look very cute on one or more of the bags.

Now I’m wondering if I even have time to finish them. While looking at them and placing things on them; I think I’ll just have to make time. What do you think?

The other things that scream to me for crochet embellishment are sweaters. I find a lot of sweaters on my treasure hunts and I especially love the cotton ones. I’ve really enjoyed dying the few sweaters and I think they will look very pretty hanging on the rack all in a row.

Here’s one of the sweaters that will be available for sale at the market. I upcycled a shrug that my sister Jackie found at a thrift store and it screamed for crochet embellishments of granny squares all the way around.

Oh by the way I have crocheted a few more things; I finished the pink, gray, red, and white Cheerful Carnation pillow that just needed to have the lining sewed up, stuffed, and crocheted together

I made a pink and gray size 12-18 months cardigan with matching headband.

Size 0-3 months olive green and dark gray Little Prince Loafers.

Here’s another pair of loafers that just need the buttons attached. (size 3-6 months)

I managed to make a few covered buttons in between.

Oh and before I forget I wanted to share a few tips about dying:

  1. Read the directions all the way through.
  2. If the directions are too small on the wrapper, go to the internet and Google search for the Rit Dye company directions.

  1. Wear rubber gloves.
  2. I don’t think the directions tell you to do this, but next time I pour the dye into my washer I will make sure I wear one of those filtered masks or as Rosina reminded me that I should dissolve the powder dye in a jar of hot water before adding to the washing machine. (I didn’t like the teal blue stuff that I blew out of my nose the other morning.)

Anyway, these are just some of the things that I learned the hard way.  I’m sure most people would know what to do but I just wanted to share with you what happened to me.  🙂

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I’ll let you know if I actually accomplish anything over my weekend. Love you all!


  1. I hope you do really well with the outdoor market! Are you going to take any of your patterns to sell? I might have to try and stop by this market and see all the goodies, especially since I have three friends with booths!

    • Hi Donna!

      Thanks for the well wishes on the market and yes definitely stop by, I would love to see you.


  2. the carnation cushion is magnificent!!!
    and seeing these bags — argh I CAN’T WAIT FOR MY BAG TO ARRIVE!!!!

    • Good Morning Jill!

      Thanks for liking the pillow and the bags. We’ll see how much time I have to this weekend to see if I actually get any of them done for the market. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Ohmygosh, Tamara! Look at the smile on your face in your icon photo … then look at young Jennifer’s smile!! 🙂

    Be sure to take pics of your “practice booth” so you can replicate it next weekend. Also, I’m thinking it would be good to take pics even before you are sure it’s how you want it .. ‘cuz it is amazing how it will look to you in a photo compared to in person. Just don’t get obsessed about it .. ‘cuz ya know you’d rather be crocheting! 😉

    Hope you get everything crocheted this week that you’d like. Will your booth be BIG ENOUGH? hahaha!!

    Gosh, you even covered more buttons. Good for you, Tam!

    Ewwww….. teal stuff out of your nose. Too bad it wasn’t turquoise! 😀

    • Oh Kat!!!!!

      Me obsess over something???? Of course I’m going get obsessed over my booth. You make me laugh out loud!!

      Love you My Friend,

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