Posted by: tgonzales | April 13, 2012

It’s Friday and Almost the Weekend

I’m so glad that it’s Friday and I’m glad that I finished the little sweater for my Great Niece Haeden (I misspelled it the other day). I found out a few days ago that the baby shower has been postponed for now, but I’m still glad that I already have her gift completed and ready for whenever they reschedule it. I hope her Momma likes it as much as I liked making it?

As I was trying to find buttons in my stash for Haeden’s little sweater I began to think about all the buttons that I have. But it seems like I never have the right color and size that I need. That’s when Laura from CuteasaButton82 wrote a post about fabric covered buttons. You can read all about it here. I just love the way the fabric covered buttons look and there is no limit on the colors you can use. Well, I decided to stop at Hancock Fabric store and see if I could pick up some covered button kits. But much to my surprise they only had 2 sizes, XL and Large; of course those are not the sizes that I wanted. So the next day I Googled covered buttons and Google took me to Ashley who writes on her blog Make It and Love It. She has inspired me to make fabric covered buttons out of some of the ugly colored ones that I have in my button boxes. I can’t wait to get started on those. Plus Ashley has lots of other really cool ideas and lots of tutorials.

Some of you may remember not too long ago how I was hooked on crocheting around buttons, and I do love a crocheted button for some things, but for crocheted garments I think I’m going to love the fabric ones the best. Have you been inspired by anything that you’ve seen lately? I would love to hear about it.

Oh by the way I finished 4 more washcloths for the Open Market on May 5th. That brings my total up to 10. This weekend will be spent gathering, laundering, marking, and inventorying more of my one-of-a-kind pieces for the market. How will you be spending your weekend? Whatever you do I hope you have a good one.


  1. I love the little sweater and headband. Who is having a baby. Your family has grown so much I can’t remember who belongs to who. Maybe I’m just getting old. Some time when you are in Oklahoma we will have to get together so you can look at my button collection. It makes my head spin just to think of how many buttons I have. The wash cloths are beautiful. You are so talented. Love you cuz……….sue

    • Hi Sue!

      The great niece is on my husband John’s side of the family. It’s one of his sister’s newest great grand babies. Thanks for liking everything that i do and yes I would love to see your button collection. I can imagine with all the things that you make you would need alot of buttons. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment; it makes my day.

      Love you too,

  2. Hi Tamara! ~ I have no button stories for ya. LOL! But I did enjoy reading yours.

    Is Haeden your great-niece’s name .. or will that be Baby’s name? Our daughter lives less than 10 min. from us .. in the city of Hayden! 🙂

    Almost time for your busy-as-usual weekend to begin!

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