Posted by: tgonzales | April 2, 2012

March 30-31, 2012 Weekend

When I went to sit down to write this post I felt like I hadn’t accomplished much this last weekend. But when I thought a little more about it I think a lot was accomplished here at my house. Of course since the weather has been so spring-like there’s always the yard work that needs to be done.

I was happy to get some planting in and now I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we don’t have a hard frost here in April as we sometimes do.

Here’s a picture of the left-side front of my house and hopefully in another month or two the flower bed will be completely filled in with Four O’Clocks. Can you tell that John loves statues?

I especially love the angel,

and the little girl.

Oh by the way John cut down the evergreen tree in the front yard that didn’t survive the heat of last summer.

Here’s the White Pine that needs to come down in the back yard. I took this picture from my bedroom window. He told me that he was going to try and climb the tree and saw sections off of it at a time. I told him he better not. But he said he would do it while I was gone to work. I finally convinced him that he would need help so this White Pine tree will have to wait until John can get some extra help in a week or two.

On the crochet front I made a pair of dark blue and white “Little Man Loafers”,

2 washcloths,

and the edging on my Dahlia Throw.

I think my Dahlia Throw has become just a little bigger than a throw though. What do you think? Oh by the way I’m very scared of heights and while I was standing at the top of my little stepladder my knees began to shake just a little bit. I wondered to myself, “what lengths I would go to to get just the right picture?” I think this height would be the highest but you never know. 🙂

Oh! Did you want a closer look at that doll on my bed?

Well this is one of the many dolls that my Mom has made. The dolls head, shoulders, hands, and feet are made of ceramic. The rest of her body is made of cloth. My Mom sewed her body, camisole, slip, pantaloons, shirt, skirt, and hat. I love my doll and the fact that my Mom made her makes her even more special.

As I was writing this post, John came upstairs and asked if I would like to come and see his new mechanic’s creeper. (yes! he needed some attention)

I went down to check it out and of course take a few photos. John was so proud that he had used parts from a 35 year old creeper that was falling apart and made him a new one. Of course he had to show me how well it worked too. What I loved about it most is that he used recycled parts and didn’t have to go and purchase one.

Soooo, how did your weekend go? Did you accomplish all the things that you wanted to?


  1. Love the pictures of your flower bed and the trees in your yard. When you said John wanted to climb the tree in the back yard to cut it down it reminded me of a time 3 years ago when Jerald wanted to do the same thing. I went to the fabric store and he said he was going to cut down a tree in the front yard. I had been at the fabric store about 10 minutes when my cell phone rang and it was Jerald. You guessed it – he cut his knee with the chain saw and he couldn’t get the blood stopped. I made it home in record time (less than 5 minutes) and took him in to the emergency room where they sewed him back up and sent him home. He is now banned from the chain saw until somebody is here with him. Love the china head doll. She is so special because your Mom made it and she does such beautiful work. Have a great week. Luv you. sue

    • Hi Sue!

      That’s terrible that Jerald cut his leg and that’s what I’m afraid John will do; or fall out of the tree. He told me that he would make sure and take his cell phone up there with him, but how is he going to use it with a chain saw in one hand and the other one wrapped around the tree. Sometimes he doesn’t even think about all the consequences. Gotta love them though for trying. Thank you for sharing your story and thanks for stopping by to comment.

      Love you,

  2. What a fun weekend!

    Oh!! I just LOVE the edging on your Dahlia Throw! It’s gorgeous!!

    I’m always so inspired by your work. =)

    • Hi Mindy!

      Thank you so much for liking what I do and I love that you are inspired by my work. I love your work too! Thanks for stopping by.


  3. Tamara, that throw and the edging are EXQUISITE. And those two washcloths? You’re crazy – they’re too good to be used as washcloths!!!! If I’d made them, i’d be showing them to everyone I know. 🙂

    • Hi Jill!

      Thank you for liking the edging on the throw and my washcloths and thank you for stopping by to say so.


  4. Hi Tamara!

    I just want to tell you I loved all your garden photos. It’s great that your house is made of brick. No piggies are gonna be able to blow it down! LOL! I’m glad that tree was removed. I thought it was too big for its location — and in the way when you’d get in or out of your car in the driveway. 😉


    Such a unique edging for your Dahlia Throw (Afghan – LOL).

    John is quite a handyman. I think you ought to definitely keep him. In order to do that, he really SHOULD NOT attempt to take that tree down. Hire somebody! I know it won’t be free — but at least John will be safe!! [Please hire somebody, John.]

    Love ya, Tamara!
    HUG! ~~ Kat

    • Hi Kat!

      Oh I’m so glad you liked the photos and I do love the plants that come back up every year. I agree with you about the tree too close to the driveway and my car. I had evergreen leavings in my hair, on my clothes, and in my bags every time I got out of my car. LOL I was not consulted about placement of the tree until it was already planted about 15 years ago. 🙂

      Thank you for the advice about getting someone else to cut the tree down in the back yard. My nephew is going to come and help him (actually he will be doing the cutting and not John). John will be the one on the ground supervising and carrying off the branches. That’s for the best-even though he is very handy.

      Love you too!

      • Oh Tamara! Now I am hoping your nephew knows what he is doing with that tree. Not a simple task, fur sure.

        Yah, I love perennials too. I’ve been working at getting more of those planted … tho I do love to always add geraniums in the sun & impatiens in the shade. 🙂

  5. Oh yes Kat my nephew has been trimming and cutting down trees at my Mom’s house for quite some time. My Dad taught him all he knew about cutting trees down and how to tie ropes and pull them to one side or another. The tree will have to be cut down in sections because it’s so tall. The fence is down on one side of our yard right now so it’s perfect timing to take the tree down. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment.

    By the way I do love me some petunias and marigolds even though they are annuals. Love & Hugs, Tamara

    • Hey Girlfriend! So glad to know your nephew is a ‘pro’ at falling trees. We had plenty HUGE pine trees taken down when we lived at our other place years back, so I surely can picture the process.

      How could I have forgotten petunias? Love them too … especially the Wave variety. I usually don’t get marigolds cuz of the skunky odor of them. Good to plant a couple around my tomato plants tho.

      We had cloudy-then-sunny 62º yesterday. Today we are having a constant wet snow coming down and it is 40º at 1:45 pm. We don’t plant here ’til after mid-May.
      LOVE YA!

  6. I have those same two statues in my flower bed in my back yard!

    • Hi Lisa!

      That’s so cool that we have the same taste, huh? Thanks so much for stopping by to comment.


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