Posted by: tgonzales | March 30, 2012

When the World Shoves You to Your Knees; Pray!

I know this is so random, but as often as I have seen this saying on a sign along the street that I travel every day I just had to mention it. It’s such a simple saying but it also makes perfect sense. I’ve been shoved to my knees quite a few times in the last few years and when I am shoved to my knees I pray for the happiness and well being of my children and husband, then I pray for the same thing for the rest of my family and friends. Then and only then do I pray for myself. I think all Mamas would say the same thing. What do you think? I would love to hear what your thoughts are on that.

Anyway I’ve been working on a few things back and forth. The other day at guild I received a lovely bunny planter from Kaye. I just love the way the bunny is holding those asparagus spears so lovingly; it just makes me want some fresh asparagus. I bet the crops of asparagus are doing great this year and are producing early, since the weather has been so mild. Does anyone have any asparagus yet?

I’ve been working on my Noro scarf and I wished it wasn’t so tedious yarn to work with, but I think it will be very pretty once it’s done. I’ve also decided not to make the other Noro yarn into a shawl with motifs; but to make another Eva’s shawl instead. This kind of Noro is very lightweight and doesn’t hold its shape or drape as well as I expected it to.

Oh by the way I have been meaning to post these cute pictures of some of the people who have been given my creations. Here’s Will and Violet. Aren’t they the cutest little grandchildren you’ve ever seen? Will looks like he adores his little sis. Thank you so much Jayne for sending me the photo. 🙂

Here’s Maci in her hat a day or two after she was born.

and here she is in her boots, it’s hard to believe that she’s already 6 weeks old and her Mama will be back to work in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much Nikki for thinking about me when you sent the pictures.

Here’s Zoe in her new headband. Isn’t she adorable? Thanks Lori for making sure that I got the photo of your sweet granddaughter.

It makes my heart happy to actually get to see the owners of my creations, plus wearing them. I pray you all have a safe and wonderful Friday and weekend. I Love you All!!!!


  1. Love all your sweet pictures and the creations you’ve made. I also like your idea on the planters and using them for other things. Not everybody can think outside the box like that-only the very talented can do that. We will be going to Wichita today to be with the kids for a day or two. Just can’t get enough of those grandchildren. sw

  2. Love that saying, Tamara! “When the world..” I think that might go on an art journaling page one of these days! (0; Love that bunny planter, and the baby photos are ADORABLE!!.. I did just recently post about a pair of earrings I made, and while the photo doesn’t show it well enough, I’m sure, you might recognize the very pretty sparkly red thread I used on the one pair! LOVE this thread, and still have some left for other projects, but I’d love to get more like it. Just found a website where I might be able to get some, or at least some like it!… Have a great weekend! ((love -n- hugs)) ~tina

  3. Fantastic photos of your beautiful creations, Tamara!

    The other day on the news, they showed asparagus peeking out of the ground. I do not recall state this was, but they said the asparagus would be killed by an upcoming hard frost. Bet you don’t have to be concerned about that .. right???

    I remember to pray for myself whenever I say “God bless you, Emma .. and me.” I want to be sure to be blest with good enough health to be with her all her years on earth. 🙂

  4. Tamera, enjoyed yout post as usual. The pics of Maci are really cute with your embelishments. Of course fantastic pics of my baby’s with your gorgeous hats. I hope all is well with your family. 🙂

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