Posted by: tgonzales | March 21, 2012

Not Much Going on Here, a Large Wiggley Crochet Piece, WIPs (Crocheted Scarf and Shawl), and a Tip

The only thing going on around here is me loving the largest piece of Wiggley crochet that I’ve ever seen. One of the KS My Stitch guild members (Lucy) made this bath mat for her bathroom all in wiggley crochet and she said that she used 2 ½ cones of cotton dishcloth yarn. I would just love to roll up in it; that’s how much I like wiggley crochet. 🙂 Now she has inspired me to want to make a bath mat and you all probably know by now that it won’t just be one color. I do believe I still have plenty of that Size 3 cotton yarn that I could make a very large bath mat out of in all my favorite colors.

But since I already had the Noro yarn lying around I decided to start the Japanese scarf

and shawl. I think both of them will be very pretty but they seem to need a little bit of weight added to them to make the pieces lay just right; so I think I will need to raid my husband’s stash of beads real soon. Ha! Ha!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention my tip. When I made the first Bella Rebbekah cardigan I decided to reinforce the buttonholes with a buttonhole stitch around each hole. I used Size 10 cotton thread. I think that the buttonhole stitches add just the right amount of protection to keep the holes from stretching. So what’s happening in your part of the world?


  1. Love the wiggley bath mat. That is so awesome. Also like the Japanese scarf made with the noro yarn. I knew you would make something pretty with it. For today I’m planning to teach another sewing class. (Did one last night and it is extending over to this afternoon.) I have three ladies in it and they are all decorating a sweatshirt with applique. One just purchased a machine like my babylock and I’m having to teach her how to use her machine. They are fun ladies to be with. Tomorrow is shelter day so I won’t get any home projects done and Friday is massage day. Can’t wait. sue

    • Hi Sue!

      It sounds like you have a full week too. I know you’ll have fun sewing with the ladies. I would love to end my week with a massage too. I love hearing all about what you’re doing.


  2. Tamara,

    I have been following your website. I know how to knit. I have taken classes for crochet but it just did not sink in. I was wondering when you were going to be teaching the beginner crochet at Twist again.



    • Hi Linda!

      Thank you so much for following my blog and I have sent you an email on the class question.


  3. Okay, Tamara, this is a great photo of you holding the wiggly crocheted bath mat. And I want to see a pic of you rolled up into it! 😀

    That is such a great idea for reinforcing those button holes. You are so smart.

    Your hands (& mind – LOL) are always so busy. 🙂

    Love ya! ~ Kat

    • Oh Kat! You are so sweet to think that the photo of me is great. UGH! I just loved how soft the wiggley crochet bath mat was and how much time and effort went in it is amazing. Thank you so much liking my idea and thank you for being you.

      Love you,

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