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Friday, March 16, 2012, Our Twentieth Wedding Anniversary, a Few Crocheted Headbands, and a Bella Rebbekah Cardigan

Happy Friday everyone! I can hardly believe that my dear husband and I celebrated our 20th Wedding anniversary on Wednesday, March 14th. It just seems like time goes by so quickly the older we get. I love the quote that’s on my Mary Engelbreit calendar right behind us, “Start Each Day With a Smile and Get it Over With!” by WC Fields. My saying is; “Start Each Day With a Little Crochet and That’s What Puts a Smile on My Face!” by Tamara Gonzales 🙂

Anyway, you may have remembered when I ordered 2 skeins of yarn that I thought were the same dye lot that I used for the Eva’s shawl that I sold? Well you may have already guessed; they are not the same dye lot, but I do love them. I know the skeins here don’t even look like the same dye lot but they are. Each one is just wound a little different and each one is showing a different section of the variegated colors. I can hardly wait to make something with it.

Here are a few headbands that I made, plus I just couldn’t resist adding a flower to a couple of them. I may add one to each one but I’m not sure yet. I just can’t tell you enough times how easy these are and I see myself making them whenever I want some instant gratification. How about you, do you have an easy thing that you make over and over when you want something simple to make?

I also started a Bella Rebbekah Cardigan; and again it’s a pattern that I purchased from Elizabeth Alan. This little sweater will fit about a 6-12 month old and I started it on Thursday morning before heading off to work and finished the length of it on my lunch break. Now all that’s left are the sleeves and adding the buttons. I just love digging into my stashes of buttons to find just the right buttons. Does anyone else enjoy digging into their button stashes? I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I would love to hear all about what your plans are


  1. Happy Annivesary to my sweet cousin and her sweet hubby. My how time flies. I agree the skiens of yarn does not appear to be the same dye lot but I can also see that they are woven differently. I do love all the colors in both skiens. Love the headbands and especially love the little cardigan. It reminds me of a little crochet dress that my Mother-in-law made for Karen when she was a baby.
    I cleaned out my sewing closet several months ago and found several crochet patterns. Would you like to have them? I just don’t want to throw them away (heaven forbid that I should ever throw a pattern away)..
    Anyway, have a good weekend.

    • Hi Sue!

      Thanks for the happy anniversary wishes. I can still remember when you and Jerald got married. It seems like Ruthie, Jackie, and I thought we were pretty special because you asked us to help with a few things. I don’t remember what, but it was fun. About the crochet patterns; I would never turn down a crochet pattern! 🙂

      Love you,

      • Seems like I have a picture someplace of you catching my bouquet. It wasn’t a very flattering picture-it was a picture of you in mid air and your panty hose was showing and also your girdle (glad we don’t wear those things anymore).
        I also have some quilting magazines and patterns, would you like them? Some of these were mine and some came from my Moms stash and some were stuff that I got at garage sales.

  2. Sue,

    Thank you for reminding me about the girdle. I would love to see the picture though I bet it is pretty funny actually. I wasn’t very old and already wearing a girdle, Ugh!

    About the quilting magazines and patterns, although I do love to look at quilts I don’t make them, so no, I had better not add any more to my collection. Thank you for asking though.


  3. Happy Happy Happy Happy Anniversary to you two! If the years flew by then they were ones with lots of happenings and memories. My sister celebrates her birthday tomorrow and we are having a paarrtteee! The first real family party in decades. They have always been too far away. St. Pat’s food all of the way around. Turkey shepard’s pie (she doesn’t eat beef), three bean salad, watergate salad, Irish soda bread and a nice cake Irish cake. And she doesn’t even know! Hee Hee. Haven’t seen you in a while but have been reading your blog religiously. I hope you have or will celebrate B-I-G!

    • Hi Connie!

      I loved hearing how you’re going to celebrate your sister’s birthday and St. Patty’s day. I know you will have a great time. I plan on celebrating BIG as soon as I can.

      Love you,

  4. Happy anniversary to you lovebirds. Dick & I will be married 27 yrs. on March 30. I wouldn’t take a million dollars for him. I might take 2 million though. Again I’m so sorry it took me so long to get pics of our grand kids. I enjoy your blog so much. :=)

    • Hi Jayne,

      Thank you for the happy anniversary wishes and a early Happy Anniversary to you two too. And I do appreciate you sending the photos of the grands; I just loved seeing them in their hats that I made. It makes me smile and thanks for being here to read my blog. I do appreciate it.


  5. Finally! A BIG photo of you & John. Love it. Love YOU!
    A belated HAPPY 20th ANNIVERSARY to the happy & SMILING couple. 🙂

    So weird about that yarn being from the same dye lot. I know you will crochet up something so purrty.

    Such a sweet, lovely cardigan (looks like a dress!).
    Oh – I think you ought to put a flower on each headband.
    You have a great stash of buttons, having saved up for years, huh?

    • Hi Kat!

      Thank you so much for the anniversary wishes. I still haven’t made up my mind about what I’m going to make with the 2 skeins and the 4 skeins of Noro that I purchased on Ebay. Thanks for liking the little dress too, I think it would be a really cute dress if it was made from cotton or something other than acrylic. Although I do love the softness of the Hobby Lobby’s Yarn Bee yarn that I made this one from. And yes, I do have quite a stash of buttons, but I don’t seem to have any pink ones. Darn I may have to start collecting pink buttons now. 🙂

      Love you too my friend!

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