Posted by: tgonzales | March 7, 2012

March 3-4, 2012 Weekend (Part 2), Breakfast with Family, Another Dahlia Throw, My Eva’s Shawl Sold, and a Thank You Card

I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting. It’s just that my weekend post seemed to go on and on; and I didn’t want to make anyone fall asleep so I broke it into two parts. So here goes…….. Sunday morning I finished the back of the pillow, sewed the insert, plus crocheted the two pieces together and voila I finished the whole pillow before heading off to breakfast with my Mom, Jean, Jarred, and John.

We again ate at Emilia’s and I still love to hear my Mom and Jean talk about their adventures and I loved that

Jarred joined us so that John had someone to talk to. My Mom had brought the memory book of my Daddy that Sarah made for her and I got a kick out of how she had to show all of her friends at the restaurant.

Now I have to share a story about one of my Mom and Jean’s adventures last week. It seems that Jean needed to go to the hospital to have a test run and her daughters were unable to take her. So my Mom is always willing to help out in any way she can so she volunteered to take her and stay with her and then drive her home. On the day that she was to take Jean, Jean’s granddaughter found out that she could take Jean, so she went to Jean’s, jumped in Jean’s car and knowing that my Mom was ready to go too, she stopped and picked up my Mom. After the tests were run and they were back in the car. My Mom looked at Jean and asked, “Where’s your car?” Jean calmly said, “Ruth, this is my car.” After Jean told me this, my Mom turned to Jean and said, “You are never going to let me live this down, will you?” As my Mom then laughed along with all of us. This is just one of the stories that I have enjoyed hearing about and I do enjoy every minute that I get to spend with my Mom. Life is such a fragile thing and I don’t ever want to take her for granted. She has done so much for her whole family and I hope that she gets to spend every day of her life like she wants to. I know I’m going to do my best to make sure that that happens. 🙂

As we arrived back home I couldn’t stop thinking about all the yarn that I had left over from the Cheerful Carnation pillow that I had just finished. And I thought about how cute it would be to make a baby Dahlia Throw.

So I started on it and I do love the way the aqua colored Love It yarn around the outside edges of the Dahlia along with the linen color borders make the squares look antique. I’m going to make it 4 x 5 and then add an edging like the bigger one all the way around. I’ll make sure that I keep you posted on how that’s going.

Oh by the way I got a really good offer to buy my Eva’s shawl the other day. It was such a good offer that I couldn’t resist and

I only decided to sell it when I found the Noro Sekku yarn on Ebay and purchased 3 skeins of it. Although it’s clearly not the same color that I used on the Eva’s shawl that I sold, I still think it will be very pretty. Plus, when I found out that it wasn’t the same color I went BACK on Ebay and bought the last 2 skeins of another dye lot that I’m almost sure is the one that I used. (maybe?) We’ll see when it gets here. I know, it’s my entire fault for not keeping better records of what yarn and hook size I used for my projects. Anyway I’ll let you know when I receive it.

When I arrived home from work on Tuesday evening, I found this cute little thank you card in the mail; of course it’s signed by some of the girls that were here a couple of weekends ago to learn to crochet. It makes me smile when my nieces, nephews, and friends that are from the younger generation send me thank you notes or cards. My Mom always taught me to send out thank you cards to people who share things or spent their time with me. I think it just makes the giver and the receiver feel good. How about you? Do  you like to send out and receive thank you cards too?


  1. I love the little story about your Mom and Jean and it reminded me of a funny thing that happened one time when your Mom and I had both spent the night at the hospital when my Mom had pancreatitus (I know that is misspelled). We had left the hospital long enough to go get something to eat at a local fast food joint. We both ordered hamburgers and fries(it can’t get any greasier than that).We had both been up all night with my Mom so everything we did or said came out with lots of giggles. Your Mom stuck her french fry into the catsup and tried to put it in her mouth and missed so the catsup ended up on her chin and then dripped on her shirt. We started laughing and couldn’t stop-the people around us started giggling at us and probably thought we were the craziest women. We were so sleep deprived.

    I love the little dahlia baby blanket and its a great way to use up that leftover thread. I also like the shawl. Have a great day.


    • Oh Sue!

      Thank you for sharing your story with me. I don’t think that I had ever heard that story before. It made me smile. I do understand about how you get giggly when you’re so tired. Thanks so much for stopping by to read my blog and to comment. I just love your comments.

      Love you,

  2. Yes, thank you cards are important. They have saved lives, literally and emotionally. Nothing makes the day better than a note from a friend.

    • Hi Kaye,

      I agree with you on the thank you notes. Thank you for responding and thank you for always reading my blog. I do appreciate it.

      Love & Hugs,

  3. Okay, I finally know your mom’s name. LOL! How thoughtful of Sarah to make a memory book of your dad for your mom. And how cute that your mom is so pleased with it that she shares it with ‘everyone’.

    A *baby* dahlia throw that is 4′ x 5′ … plus edging? Must be going to one *big* baby. HaHaHa!!

    Your Eva shawl is gorgeous…… SOLD! to the highest ‘bidder’. 😉

    I am amazed you got that thank-you card. I certainly taught my daughters that, but they do not oblige. So I give credit to — and am proud of — ‘your’ young people who did this. Way to go!!!

    • Hi Kat!

      You’re so silly. The baby afghan will be 4 squares by 5 squares, Ha! Ha! Thanks for liking my Eva’s shawl and I do hope that the next yarn will be the correct dye lot. 😉

      Yes, my Sarah’s pretty special and her parents are too. Thanks so much for stopping by to comment. I always love reading about what you think.

      Love you,

      • Ohhhhhhhh……. (about the baby throw)…… RITCMOL!!!

  4. Eva’s shawl is beautiful, I’d love to make something like that.

    • Jeannie,

      You can make one too, if you want. I found the pattern on Ravelry and it was free and it’s very simple. If you are a member just type in Eva’s Shawl and it will bring it up.Thanks for stopping by to comment.


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