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March 3-4, 2012 Weekend, Another Hat for Kira, Another Pair of Mary Jane Shoes with Matching Hat, a New Friend, Treasure Hunting, a Trip to Joann’s, Another Cheerful Carnation Pillow (Part 1)

Wow! Now that’s a title, right? I was very happy to finish up Kira’s hat on my lunch break Friday & was even happier when Tom agreed to pose for a picture with it. He was very glad that I was able to make the hat just like the one that he lost a couple of weekends ago.

Friday night John and I had dinner at home and watched a very interesting movie called “Temple Grandin”. Before John got home from work I made a pair of newborn Mary Jane shoes that my hairdresser commissioned me to make. I know I have told you all this before, I can’t help but mention it again; how much I love Elizabeth Alan’s patterns.

Saturday morning I decided to make a matching newborn hat to go along with the Mary Jane shoes and since John was off work both Saturday and Sunday we decided to spend the day running errands and hanging out together. John also wanted to take me out for breakfast so we went to one of our favorite places and that’s Emilia’s. When we left Emilia’s we headed to a little shop that John had stumbled upon the other day when he was out with his sister. He thought that I might like to visit it since the lady that runs the shop creates the items also right in the shop. After walking in I found out from the ladies husband who was watching the shop for his wife while she ran an errand, that the lady had been selling her creations at the Farmer’s Market in Old Town for the past two years. When he seen that she was running out of space at their home he told her that she should open a shop of her own. That’s when they found a cute little space in the Indian Hills shopping mall and opened it before Thanksgiving of last year.

Then I had the pleasure of meeting the lady who owns “Warm Fuzzies”, who creates the children’s clothes in her shop and her name is Shandee Johnson. I also found out that she was friends with my oldest niece, Tony. I loved that Shandee has her sewing machine, cutting table, and ironing board all set up right there in her shop. I also noticed that she had some crocheted items on a shelf and asked her if she crocheted. Which she replied, “no, the items are made by a lady that works at the restaurant next door.” I told her that I crocheted and just happened to have my Dahlia Throw with me so I asked John to go and get it so that I could show her. I also had the hat and Mary Jane’s too. Shandee fell in love with my afghan and she also suggested that I bring in some of my baby shoes, sweaters, and flowers to sell. She feels like they would do very well. I told her that I would think about it and remembered all the little shoes and sweaters that I had at the doll shop.

As we left Warm Fuzzies we headed to one of my new favorite thrift stores and I found a few items that had to come home with me. A red sewing basket with lots of little goodies inside, a vintage piece of lineny goodness, a tole painted piece of wood that I think will look very good in my kitchen, and last but not least a large piece of wiggly crochet for only $1. Have you ever found something at a thrift store that makes your heart race and you can’t believe you found such a good buy and just know that someone else might want the same item? So you rush to look at the rest of the things in the store all the while you are trying to hide the item so that no one else will see it. That’s how I felt with the large piece of wiggly crochet and I had to laugh all the while I was thinking about the quote that my Dad used to say; “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. And my treasure was that large piece of wiggly crochet. Ha! Ha!

Then we headed to my hairdresser, Brianna’s to drop off the Mary Jane shoes and hat. I was so happy that Bri loved the shoes and the hat too.

Then I headed over to “Material Girls” to pick up some swatches of fabric that Lacey is using to decorate her baby’s nursery. You may remember that I made a hot pink, black, gray, and white Cheerful Carnation pillow for her a month or so ago and now Lacey has changed her mind and is using a line of fabric by Windham instead. Sorry, I can’t remember the name of the line but I wanted to have the swatches so that I could use them in choosing just the right colors of yarn for her new pillow. I also wanted to show Lacey the Dahlia Throw. Lacey loved the throw and she was happy to cut off a few strips of the main focal fabric and a half yard of fabric to make the pillow insert with.

As we left Material Girls we headed to one of my old favorite thrift stores in Old Town and found a couple of glasses that I can use to crochet covers or use them as drinking glasses. I don’t think you can ever have enough drinking glasses, because we always seem to break them all the time. Anyway, by that time it was time to eat lunch and we found a nice little restaurant on the same street called “Rain”.

After lunch we went to Joann’s where we saw a car that had caught on fire and I just thought it was very interesting that no one had removed the car from the parking lot and I had to take a picture of it. I just hope no one was hurt when it happened. 🙂

I was so happy that I found all the right colors of yarn for the pillow and they all were Vanna’s Choice and what really made me happy was that it was on sale for $2.79 a skien.

I also picked up a few small bundles of artificial flowers to show people that you can put flowers in my jars and vases with crocheted jackets, along with pens, pencils, scissors, brushes, combs, crochet hooks, or potted plants. Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand that some people have a hard time imagining what they could put in my cans and jars.  But that’s ok, that’s what I’m here for, to tell them right?

I also picked up the newest issue of Mollie Makes

and I do love that they love crochet almost as much as I do. 🙂

When I arrived home I received a call from the doll lady and she asked if I would please come and get the crocheted shoes and sweaters as no one was looking at them. She said that they only wanted to look at the dolls. Imagine that, so I headed down to her store to pick the shoes and sweaters up and was very excited to know that as soon as I can get to Warm Fuzzies Shandee will have some cute little shoes and sweaters to add to her cute little shop. When I got back from the doll shop I was very anxious to get the pillow started, and I managed to finish the top part of the pillow before heading off to bed. ……. To be Continued…


  1. I so admire your talent girl. Yes I feel that same excitement when I find a box with many treasures in it. I can usually spend several hours just looking and feeling of everything in it.

    All of the curtains that I made last year for the shelter were taken down and washed (in hot water) and guess what-they all shrank 4 inches in length and 2 inches in width. Not wanting to waste all that beautiful fabric that Jackie gave me, I decided to rip all the linings out and remake the curtains. What a time consuming job. The night shift at the shelter are men and they are the ones that decided to wash in hot water. Guess I need to have a little talk with those guys. haha

    Hope you have a good week. sw

    • Hi Sue,

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment. I’m so sorry to hear about the curtains that you made for the shelter. I have a man at home that thinks that the only way to wash clothes is in HOT water too. I can understand about some things but not everything. It sounds like you will be busy with curtains for a while too.

      Love you,

  2. I was at Joann’s when the car fire started! I was going to park next to the car with the fire, and moved because the car had some wisps of what looked like steam coming from under the hood. By the time I entered the store the car was smoking and then burst into flames. The car was almost instantly engulfed in fire, which jumped to the car facing the fire, and it too started flaming. Before the second car had burst into flame the police thought they could tow it out of danger but the fire went too fast. Wouldn’t it be awful to come out of JoAnn’s store and find that your car has burned up?!

    • Pam,

      Oh my gosh; thanks for the information on the car and I’m so thankful that you didn’t park near the exploding car. Yes, it would be awful to come out of Joann’s to find your car burned up. UGH!!!

  3. Hi, Tamara!
    Love seeing what you are working on.. all the colors for your pillow are fabulous. We just returned from Florida, (cleared out Jim’s mother’s storage unit) – I finished crocheting a scarf on the road. This weekend I worked on a wild, colorful quilt.
    Love that you found a new spot to sell your crochet shoes and sweaters for babies and toddlers. Looks like a cute shop.
    Felt like I spent the day thrifting with you as I read your post! And yes, I have felt the need to hide my finds from others while thrifting. I have had ladies follow me through the thrift store, hoping I will change my mind and put an item back!

    • Hi Steph!

      Thank you so much for following along with me on my adventures. I knew you would be one of the many that would be able to relate to the treasure hunt feeling! Love you and miss you!


  4. LOL! I was thinking the same thing: that’s quite a title! Had to read it a few times to soak it all in. LOL

    LOVE the colors of the Mary Janes & matching hat.

    Hey Tamara ~ If yours shoes & sweaters are not selling too well at the doll shop, maybe you could take some of them over to Warm Fuzzies. Maybe they’ll sell better there. Or, just have a bunch in both shops. Yay to John for introducing you to a new store! [NOTE: I wrote this before reading your entire blog. What timing for your crocheted items, huh? Awesome!!]

    I guess it is time to call you “Miss Wiggles” …. I can just *feel* your giddiness over hiding your ‘found treasure’ of wiggly crochet. LOL

    Maybe that car fire happened just that morning and the insurance guy needed to look at it before it could be removed. … I would never have had this thought if Cynthia’s guy’s Blazer hadn’t gotten burned in their garage fire! BTW, she is getting settled in their new place. Now SHE is washing dishes like I had been washing their laundry…. many loads daily ’til it is all fresh ‘n clean. LOL! [Oops …. another NOTE … having read Pam’s comment after I wrote all this. She sure was wise to park away from that car. I wonder what caused the fire.]

    Gosh, those artificial flowers look so lovely in your jacketed vase.

    Your newest pillow top is gorgeous. This one really looks like a kaleidoscope of colors!!!

    • Oh Kat!

      You make me laugh; how you read the story after you already had commented. That’s too funny! I’m glad that your daughter is getting settled in her new place and thankful that she still has dishes to wash.

      Love & ((Hugs)),

  5. Tamara,

    Where did you find the Mollie Makes magazine? It looks like a wonderful magazine! 🙂


    Cheryl Moore

    • HI Cheryl!

      I found the magazine at Joann’s on the east side of town. It is a very cool magazine and I do enjoy being inspired by all the crafty people they feature in their magazines. Thanks for stopping by to comment.


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