Posted by: tgonzales | February 29, 2012

February 25-26, 2012 Weekend, Learning to Crochet, More Can Coats, a Computer Glitch, & a Broken Water Line

My weekend started off at 3:00 am Saturday morning. I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep, as I had planned on getting an early start anyway I decided to just get up. You may remember I was making lunch for my niece Sarah and her friends from Oklahoma and teaching them to crochet. The first thing I did was get out the hamburger meat from the freezer that I had forgotten to lay out the night before. Then I cooked 2 pans of my famous Spanish rice and placed them in the oven for safe keeping while I prepared the big stock pot of chicken tortilla soup and the big pan of hamburger meat for the burritos and soft shell tacos.

As I was dumping the cans of vegetables, chicken, and spices into the stock pot I couldn’t help but notice that I was accumulating quite a stack of cans and how they might look all lined up with their cute little crocheted coats on them. That’s when I decided that I was going to have to make a few rules to limit my can collection and be a little choosier with the cans that I use inside my crocheted coats.

Rule #1:           I will not keep any cans that have dents in them.

Rule #2:           I will not keep cans if the inside of the can still has a burr left from the can opener.

*There is an exception to Rule #2 and that would be; if the can is a special size that I need I will then have my dear husband deburr the inside of the can. He just loves it when I include him in on some of my projects; it helps him feel needed. 🙂

Sorry! I seemed to have gotten distracted with all the talk of cans. Anyway, I finished up the lunch by making homemade salsa and then loaded my car down with food and crochet.

When I arrived at my Mom’s I was met by Jackie and my nephew Keegan. Thank goodness they were there, because by that time I was running out of steam. After getting things settled in the kitchen and handing the reins over to my dear sweet sister Jackie it was time to start teaching the girls to crochet.

I was so pleased when I found out that Keegan was even going to give it a try. I loved that he was very patient and stayed with it. I hope he will want to start a project on his own or with help from his sister.

It made me very happy to see that all of the girls caught on and I know that many of them will continue on to crochet wonderful things.

After about an hour we ate lunch and man did it taste good? Jackie’s Mother-in-Law Eileen came for lunch, my nephew Jarred, Jennifer, Megan, and Jennifer’s friend Karrisa showed up as well. I just loved hearing the compliments about how good the food was. It makes a cook very happy when you hear those kinds of compliments. The girls and Keegan even continued to practice their crochet after lunch. One of the girls even started a scarf on her own.

My niece Shannon just happened to stop by and I was very pleased that she wanted to learn too. And no she wasn’t crying because she was so happy to finally learn to crochet, I think she might have gotten something in her eye. I have a feeling that she has a crocheted afghan in her future. That makes me smile.

My other niece Kim was able to brush up on her skills and started making a hat. I was even pleasantly surprised that my Sister-in-Law Cathy sat down long enough for me to show her how to make single crochets. I think with a little more practice she has an afghan in her future too.

Anyway on Sunday I took it easy and rested when I wanted to and crocheted when I wanted to. So I was able to make a few more can coats. Then I went to start writing my weekend blog post and found that I couldn’t get on the internet and by the time that I figured out that John couldn’t fix it; it was too late to write my post. Thank goodness I can still write my posts and download pictures to my external drive just like I always have, but I just can’t get on the internet and post it to WordPress. For right now I will continue to write my blog posts in my computer/craft room saving everything to my external drive, then I will unplug my external drive and carry it downstairs into the basement, plug it into John’s big computer and get on the internet and create my post. That’s how it has to be until I figure out what I want to do about my computer issue.

Monday came and it was back work for me and I also continued to make can coats. Then on Tuesday John called me at work to tell me that we had a water line break. He went to fix the upstairs bathroom water supply hose and valve, when he went into the garage to search for a valve that he had already purchased he heard a pop inside the ceiling of the garage and then as he looked up he saw water shooting out of the wall. He ran downstairs to the main water line and shut it off before calling me. Since he had to go to work, he called a plumber and I headed home to be there to let the plumber in. Sure enough when the plumber got there and cut out two big holes in the corner of the ceiling in the garage, there was a cap on one of the pipes that had rusted and it had popped off. The plumber said that we were very blessed that John was in the garage when this happened, since we could have had a lot of water damage if neither one of us would have been home.

Oh by the way; while I was cleaning off a shelf under where the water was leaking and before the plumber arrived, I came across this beautiful hand painted bowl that my Great Great Aunt Martha gave me

and some more quart jars and a pretty vase that just have to have some cute little crocheted jackets. Maybe I should go treasure hunting in my garage more often?

When John found out that the plumbing issue wasn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be he agreed to put the brackets for my curtain rods in the bathroom after 5 years of not having any curtains in there. Not to worry the bathroom is on the second floor and the bottom window is covered with some kind of non-see through coating and the upper window is too high for anyone to see in. (unless you’re in a helicopter hovering over that area) Ha! Ha! So that’s what’s been happening here; now I would love to hear all about how your week is going.


  1. i just love how intently everyone is on their crocheting! it’s so cute. sounds like you all had a great time learning and visiting!!! i hope you let us know(and of course share pics) of their projects

    • Hi Sara,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and liking my pictures.


  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful day teaching crochet to everybody and of course eating your wonderful food. I love it when somebody comes to me and wants to learn something from me and eat my food.

    Jerald and I have been working at the shelter this week scraping the walls, patching holes, washing curtains and such getting ready for OBU students to come paint this weekend. Its a tough job but will be worth it to get it cleaned up a bit. It’s long overdue. I have been nominated to receive an award for the southeast district of Oklahoma. Was nominated last year but didn’t win. Maybe this will be my lucky year.

    • Hi Sue,

      It sounds like you have been very busy too. I love hearing all about what’s going on in your life. Thanks for sharing with me and thank you for stopping by. I hope you win your award this year; it could be your lucky year.

      Love you,

      • congratulations sue!! even being nominated is quite an honor! and i hope you do win. sounds like the people at the shelter you volunteer at are certainly better off because of you

      • Thanks Tammy and Sara

  3. Yikes, Tamara! Sure am glad your garage did not get flooded. Would be awful to miss out on your very own ‘hidden treasures’ in there. Truly a blessing that John was in there at that time. Also good it did not happen on Sunday when you likely would have had to pay the plumber extra!

    Really enjoyed seeing the focused expressions on the crocheting gals’ faces. I remember when I first learned. OH!! That reminds me!! My 4-yr anniversary (or learning crochet) is tomorrow, March 1. 🙂 Even tho I know I crocheted a LOT of items in these 4 yrs, it is not even a drop in a yarn bucket as to how much YOU have produced in 4 years. But … who’s counting, right? LOL

    Once again, Chef Tamara pleased many peoples’ tummies.

    Of course you know how much I *LOVE* all your can coats. And gosh, that is a beautiful hand-painted bowl. So glad it will now have a place of honor in your home instead of garage. 😉

    Sorry you are being hassled with how you have to post for now. THANKS for your efforts!!!!!


    • Hi Kat,

      Thank you so much for stopping by to comment. I always love reading about what you think of my posts. It makes me smile and happy 4th anniversary on learning the art of crochet. I love hearing that and thanks again for always being here.

      Love you,

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