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January 28-29, 2012 Weekend, Breakfast with Mom and Jean, Treasure Hunting, and a Few Ta-Dah’s….Part 1

Friday we did our usual Dinner and a Movie. I made homemade pizza and no, I didn’t make the pizza dough, I just popped open one of those Pillsbury cans and spread it out. I added browned hamburger meat, pepperoni, bell peppers, onions, jalapenos (just on John’s slices), and mozzarella cheese. I don’t even remember the name of the movie but it starred Jennifer Aniston (before she was famous).

Saturday morning my Mom called to see if I would like to join her and Jean for breakfast. And I’m sure you know that I couldn’t resist taking them up on that offer. I love visiting with both of them and I always get a kick out of their reminiscing.

Mom finished up the Indian maiden quilt that she was hand quilting for me.

I think it needs to be Tamarafied and a little crochet added to one of the empty quilt blocks. Mom did a wonderful job of hand quilting it and thanks to Jackie all the pieces have finally become an actual quilt. I especially love that all three of us have had our hands on making the final product. This make me laugh and cry all at the same time. Jackie is finishing up the other Indian maiden quilt that she divided up and made into two quilts so that my children won’t have to fight over one big one. 🙂 

When John returned home from work we went out for lunch and then stopped into a Thrift store that I had never been before. The metal TV tray is what caught my eye as we drove by. John almost flipped out when he found out that I wanted to purchase it. How could I resist at just $1 and we can always use one more TV tray, since we only have 2.

Then I found a little Minnie Mouse just like the one that I purchased at Disneyland in California about 37 years ago. The new one can now join the old one along with Mickey.

Then I found a little spoon rest for John to use for his coffee spoon, since he broke the other one about a month or so ago. I also found one of those harvest gold Tupperware strainers to replace the one that I sent with Joshua to New York. Even after 2 years I still catch myself hunting for that one for small amounts of vegetables or fruit that I need to wash and strain. Then John found one of those cool round soup spoons that I can add to my other 3 to make a set of 4. Then I found 2 pretty little Swedish/Huck weaving towels. I remember learning to do this craft when I was in Home Economics in High School by Mrs. Houston. I still have the piece that I made and when I find discarded pieces like this I pick them up to add to my collection. Then I found a set of 4 turquoise placemats. Then I noticed a basket too high for me to reach. I asked John to reach it for me and he told me that there wasn’t anything in it but some crocheted pot holders. He was surprised that I pulled out the brown and gold wiggley crochet trivet that had to come home with me too. Then I found a single glass that I thought might work for a gadget holder on my kitchen cabinet. As we were checking out I asked the sales clerk if they had any padded hangers and she pointed me in the direction of two in the window and these two lovelies had to come home with me too. I think my total was a whopping $6.15, man you can’t beat that, huh? We wrapped up the evening with another movie “The Help”, which we enjoyed too.

Sunday morning after 12 skeins of yarn, 110 rows, and 20 hours I finished up the brown, cream, and turquoise pink variegated afghan. I love the way it looks on the end of my bed.

I Tamarafied another tin can and made a cozy for it and added a spider plant, then I had to cover the naked glass gadget holder, AND the Mason quart jar that holds my straws. It looks like nothing is going to be safe from a little crocheted jacket at my house right now, huh? 😉

Then we went to have breakfast with John’s sister Ricci and brother-in-law CW at Ledesma’s. It’s a cute little family run restaurant that has the sweetest waitress that waits on all the tables by herself. Since I used to be a waitress I’m just amazed at how calm she is and how patient all the customers are with her. Of course they are all regulars and everyone knows her routine and she will get to them as soon as she can. I love little restaurants like Ledesma’s and Emilia’s where it’s like family when you walk in. Does anyone else have one of those little neighborhood restaurants that you like to visit?

Here’s John clowning around and yes, I did have to ask him to smile.

There was so much crammed into this last weekend I’m going to have to break it up and this is the end of part 1.  I used to hate these three little words when I was watching a weekly show, but,

To be continued…………..


  1. A QUILT?!?!?? AAAHHHH!!!! I wanna go thrift shopping for some apartment things. delicious. I love you!

    • Hi Chacho Aaron!

      I know it’s not very boyish, but you will have a quilt that was made by 3 of your favorite ladies. 🙂 I wish you could go thrifting with me too. We’ll see about doing that sometime.

      Love you too!

  2. Such a nice post full of so much, glad you saved a little back. Looks
    Iike you had a great weekend.
    So where is your new thrift store located? Kor and I hit a couple antique malls, but I would have rather been thrifting, due to the over pricing in general!
    I attended a lecture on Saturday about CS Lewis and his group of Inklings and enjoyed it, but the sitting all day was for the birds.
    Watching a couple grands today at their house while their daddy get some knee work done.
    Been making tons of a certain neck scarflet.
    Love ya!

    love that pic of John.

    • Hi Susie,

      Thank you for sharing your weekend with me and I loved hearing that you got to spend some quality time with your grands. I’ll tell John you liked the pic of him.

      Love you,

  3. I sure miss you, Tamara. I have been so busy that I haven’t kept up with reading anything til today. Had to go back two weeks to catch up! It was wonderful to see what you are up to and read all the good, the bad, and the ugly- and then see all the pretty and the amazing, and the whimsical!
    Love, love, love to you.


    • Hi Steph,

      I’m so glad you got to catch up with all the things that I’ve been doing. I miss you too and I hope life and your loved ones are treating you well. You know that you are welcome to come and see me anytime.

      Love you,

  4. LOVE your little crocheted jackets!!
    Hard to believe you did not even “tell all” in this post. Part 1 is more than enough accomplished in one (really?? only ONE?? LOL!) weekend. Looking forward to reading more in Part 2.

    LOVE your crocheted jackets!!
    Had to chuckle when I saw the metal tv tray. We had some decades ago. LOL! Have to admit that sure is a lovely design on this one.

    How cute -> a mini Minnie Mouse. Well, two of them now.
    LOVE those little crocheted jackets — AND your labels on all of them.
    The Indian Maiden quilt is fantastic … in purr-ticular becuz you & your Mom & Jackie all purr-took in creating it. So sweet!
    Glad your Mom is getting out & enjoying Jean’s company.

    Your completed quilt looks great. Cozy up!
    Speaking of cozy …. LOVE your crocheted glass/cup cozies!! 🙂
    Also love that you found so many items for only $6.15. Wowza!

    John does make a great model. Glad you requested he smile.
    Oh … have I mentioned … I just LOVE ……… 😉

    Love YOU too!
    Hugs from Kat

    • Hey Kat!

      Thank you so much for stopping by to comment and tell me again…I’m not sure whether you like the glass/cup/can cozies or not???? 😉

      Love & ((Hugs)),

      • tee-hee!!
        Love ya!!!

  5. Being a movie buff myself, I’m wondering whether you watched Office Space for your Dinner & a Movie night. It’s one of my favorite movies. It’s all the funnier for anyone who has worked in a cubicle. If you didn’t see it, please add it to your must see list. =)

    • Heather,

      No, it wasn’t Office Space and yes I’ve seen it and we liked it and thought it was funny. Although I don’t work in a cubicle I do work in an office that does have cubicles and can relate to it. Thanks for reminding me about it and thanks for stopping by.


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