Posted by: tgonzales | January 20, 2012

Living With a Diabetic, A Crocheted Doggie Sweater, Johnny V’s Hat, and Little Mister Loafers

I’m sure that there are quite a few people out there who will understand exactly what I’m going to write about and then there are others who won’t. Anyway, we found out about 18 years ago that John has Type II Diabetes. He started out with the usual insulin pill and tried diet and exercise to no avail. So he started with shots of insulin and keeping track of his blood sugar levels. He even went to classes while he spent 2 weeks in the hospital because he was so dehydrated and had lost so much weight and had started losing muscle. Joshua was just little at the time and I was working and trying to keep up with things at home by myself. I even attended a few of the classes when I could so that I could learn to detect when John needed help. They even made us give ourselves a shot to show us how it felt to do so. I remember it was rough learning all about diabetes and what could happen, I thought mostly about Joshua and how he would be affected by his Daddy’s condition. But I forgot how adaptable children are and Joshua learned about it in his childish little way.

He would explain to people who came to visit that his Daddy was dia-beg-gic (in that cute little 3 year old voice), as they watched John give himself a shot of insulin. As the years went by John has had extreme high and low blood sugar levels and has had a real challenge keeping them stable. I can’t even count the times that his blood sugar levels were so dangerously low and I brought him back to life with a spoon ful of honey, or a glass of orange juice, or both, and a few pieces of cheese. Some of those times I have been woke from a sound sleep (sometimes I don’t know what wakes me up) only to find him non-responsive to my pleas for him to get up or rise up so that I could get honey in his mouth. Sometimes he’s very passive and other times he’s very agitated and aggressive. Thursday morning was one of those times that he was aggressive and wouldn’t cooperate with me. I finally was able to get him to rise up on one arm long enough to get about a teaspoonful of honey in his mouth. The next teaspoon that I tried to put in his mouth he spit it all over the pillowcase; thank goodness I was ready for it and had a wet washcloth in my hand. The bad and good thing about it is that John doesn’t remember anything that he does or says. I know that these kinds of highs and lows take a toll on John’s body. Diabetes is such an unfair disease and I hate that so many people have it. Please understand that I’m not complaining; I’m just trying to make those people who have diabetes or those who live with a diabetic understand that they are not alone. Thanks for letting me vent about that, now onto crochet. 🙂

Ok, on to the crocheted doggie sweater. You might remember that I needed to repair or alter the two doggie sweaters that I made for Rocky and Daisy. Well, I decided to make a whole new sweater complete with crocheted short sleeves. I hope that it works out but if it doesn’t I can always use this cute Simplicity pattern that uses children’s sweaters to make into dog sweaters or I can always dig out one of the many sweaters that I have purchased from the thrift stores. 🙂

Here’s our little grandson Johnny V in his new hat. I love the way it frames his little round face.

Oh by the way I made a couple of pairs of Little Mister Loafers and found just the right buttons in my button box. Isn’t it funny how much cuter the littler loafers are than the big ones? I still think the big ones will look cute on about a two year olds foot. Now I’ll just have to find a two year old model. 🙂 So what’s going on in your world? I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I know all too well the ups and downs of a diabetic lifestyle. With so many in the family with the disease I know only too well that we need to exerciser and make better diet choices as part of a better lifestyle to help control it. I love the picture of your grandson in his hat. If you need a 2 year old foot I have a granddaughter (18 months old) with a large foot.

    • Hi Sue,

      Thanks for understanding about the diabetes and thanks for the suggestion of using your sweet little granddaughters chubby foot. She’s adorable by the way, but I know you know that already!

      Love and Hugs,

  2. So sorry, Tamara, for what John & you endure becuz of the diabetes.
    Did you see the AFV episode where there were some little kids sitting on a picnic table. … One kid said his dad drove a truck; I forget what the second kid said his dad did. The third one felt he had them all beat when he declared: “My dad’s a diabetic.” 😀

    I think it is funny that you crocheted a new doggie sweater rather than fixing the other one. I was wondering why you don’t just purchase a pattern. 😉

    Happy Crocheting!!
    ~ Kat ~

    • Hi Kat,

      I have never seen the AFV episode that you’re talking about, but it sounds just like what children would say. From the mouths of babes. 😉

      The funnier thing is that I did use a pattern for the first one that didn’t work, now I made up my own with the help of a manufactured dog sweater. But thanks for asking about it. Ha! Ha!

      Love you,

      • Yikes, that’s nuts. Maybe the pattern did not work ‘cuz there is too much variation in the “dimensions” of doggies. LOL

  3. yes i know exactly what living with a diabetic is like. i am one and my 28 yr old daughter also…..she and her 2 children are currently staying with me. i take insulin 1 x a day, her 4 x’s. it is a very difficult disease to live with indeed. while pregnant with her 4 yr old we had many incidents of low blood sugar and almost lost them more than once. you have my thoughts with you

    • OMG Diane,

      I know you know exactly what I’m talking about. I wish the best for both you and your daughter.


  4. Tamera,
    I’m so sorry your husband is going through this. Dick & I both have Type 2.
    We both have had some experence with family members. Being a caregiver is a very very difficult job. You have to take care of you too. Just keep creating wonderful doggie sweaters. I have my money on you. I promise to get our grandkids pics to you as soon as I can. We honestly appreciate the trouble you went through with this project. You are a sweetheart. Jayne

    • Hi Jayne,

      I know it’s hard for you both to be diabetic but I’m glad to know that some of you know exactly what I mean. As for the doggie sweaters, I’m more than glad to make over the sweaters for Rocky and Daisy. I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s just how it goes and now I know how to make doggie sweaters the right way. 🙂 Thanks for being so patient with me.


  5. Dang, sorry to hear about John……….hope you are holding up okay. Call me if you need an ear to vent to or need anything!

    • Hi Susie,

      Thanks for being here and I’m fine I just need to get things off of my chest sometimes and talking about it on here may help another person cope with the cruelties of diabetese.


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