Posted by: tgonzales | January 13, 2012

Sad News About My Beautiful Friend Molly Wilson, Wool Felted Bag, More Crochet, and Thank Goodness it’s the Weekend

It’s with a heavy heart that I break the news of Molly Wilson’s passing a week ago today. I will remember Molly for her kind, generous and witty personality. Molly was a retired pre-K teacher who loved to hand quilt first and then her second craft that she loved was crochet. Molly also had Multiple Schlerosis which kept her from hand quilting so she picked up her crochet hook and made many items.

Molly was also confined to a wheelchair the last 10 or more years of her life and stressed more than once how she knew that her illness was wearing her loving husband Jay down.

Although he is just as kind, generous and witty a person as Molly was, he never gave up on her and never complained of being tired. For the last 5 years of Molly’s life she suffered numerous strokes. I remember speaking to her on the phone after she had suffered one, she said “I sound like I’m drunk; don’t I?” and I remember asking her “why” and she said that she had suffered a stroke, but she would get over it and sure enough the next time I talked to her she sounded just like herself again.

I also remember asking her how she could crochet if she wasn’t able to move one of her arms and she said that she had her ways. Molly wasn’t a quitter and she fought a courageous battle until her heart couldn’t function anymore.

I will miss Molly’s humor and kind comments and May She Rest in Eternal Peace.

I know Molly woud want me to carry on with my love of crochet so Thursday I picked up the KS My Stitch Crochet guild felted bag that Cass Carson made for us again this year. In January of the past 3 or 4 years we have had Cass design and make us a bag out of a wool felted sweater for a drawing. The rules are if you pay your yearly dues by the end of the evening meeting in January you get your name put in a drawing to win the wool felted bag filled with lots of crochet goodies. Good luck to everyone who enters.

Oh by the way I finished Johnny V’s mittens and I even added strings so that hopefully he won’t lose his mittens.

Then I made his daddy John IV a cool black beanie hat. I hope they fit and everyone is happy with them.

And one last thing I got word that the doggy sweaters are coming back to me so that I can alter them in some way. It seems that when the dogs are running in their sweaters Rocky keeps stepping through the neck and the flower part of Daisy’s sweater swings around underneath of her and she trips over it. I’m so glad that their Momma is so understanding is willing to let me try to correct the problem.  🙂

Wait a minute one more thing. The weather here has changed to winter so I got to wear my Mother-Hood and oh my gosh I love it. It keeps me warm from my head to my shoulders and that’s all I require, because I have other wintery things to take care of the rest of me. 😉 Is anyone doing anything exciting over the weekend? I would love to hear all about it if you are or even if you’re not.


  1. Oh no! I wondered how Molly was doing and left her a few comments and asked how she was doing. She never answered back. Thank you for letting us know.

  2. Yes Katherine, she was a very special lady and a very sick lady, but she was always thinking of others before herself. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  3. Tamera, Thank you for your kind words. I know I don’t have to tell you that she thought of you as a close friend. After she would talk on the phone with you, she would tell me over … AND over … what all y’all talked about ;-)….. She truely thought the world of you. Molly always had that famous smile. She taught how to live, laugh, and teach. And at the end she showed how to die with dignity. Her last words to me was, “You are my best friend”. That was worth more than 10,000 I LOVE YOUs.

    Sorry for the ramblings – I thank you for you kindness to Molly as well as your friendship… and for Molly – “Keep on Crocheting”….

    • Dear Jay,

      Thank you so much for stopping by today; you made my day and I would never say that you were rambling. I can’t tell you how much more I wanted to say about Molly. She told me many times that you were not only her soul mate and husband but also her best friend. My prayers continue for you and your family as you go through your loss of our dear lovely Molly.

      Love and Big ((((Hugs))))!

  4. So sorry to hear of your loss of your friend Molly. It’s always hard to say good bye to those we love. You are such an inspiration to many. Love you cuz. sw

    • Hi Sue,

      Thank you so much for being here to read and comment on my blog.

      Love you too!!!
      Your Cousin Tamara

  5. Hi Tamara… I was so sorry to hear the news as well, having received an email last night from Molly’s husband, Jay. I loved visiting her, while that crochet hook of hers was always whipping something new up. I liked the chubby sheep she was making, but couldn’t get the pattern. (Did you ever get that one? It just wouldn’t load up for me.. some kind of snag there, on MY computer anyways.)…. Anyways, I loved her bookworm blog too, and you’re absolutely right… She was always good for leaving sweet comments, just as soon as I began blogging, really. My heart really goes out to Jay, and I pray God comforts and blesses Jay in this very sad and difficult time.

    • Hi Tina,

      Thank you so much for remembering Molly with me. It’s nice to hear from someone who followed her blog too. I don’t recall the chubby sheep pattern, I must’ve missed that one. I’ll have to look it up.

      Thank you also for being here and thanks for all your sweet comments.

      Love & Hugs,

  6. Sorry to hear about Molly. I followed her blog off and on. Sounds like she left a wonderful footprint on this earth!
    Love the bag for the give away at Guild meeting on Monday. I found the one I purchased while cleaning in the guest room ; )

    • Hi Susie!

      Thanks for remembering Molly with me. She did leave a lovely footprint on earth! She was a very kind, loving, giving person.

      You’ll the love the bag even more in person. I can’t wait to see who wins it and can’t wait to see you on Monday.

      Love & Hugs,

  7. Oh my. What a dear lady. I’ve wondered how she was doing. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    • Thanks Mindy for stopping by to remember Molly with me and thank you for commenting. 🙂

      Big HUGS!

  8. Hi Tamara ~ It was so nice reading today’s post, remembering our purr-ecious lady Molly. I met her on Crochet Soiree and often was blest by her stamina & determination … not to mention her gentle, humorous, playful, so-sweet nature. Of course, that is where I met you also — seems much longer ago than not-quite-4 years!
    I loved her Bookworm blog. Such a writer was she!
    My heart sure does go out to Jay. I admire the relationship they enjoyed together — so special. I hope he finds plenty to do to keep him busy … tho his nites will be extremely lonely for him. The Lord can be his strength to carry on.

    That is a beautiful felted bag! Lucky gal who wins it!!

    P.S. I’ll bet Molly slept with a smile on her face. 🙂

    • My Dear Kat!

      Thank you so much for remebering Molly with me today. We will always remember that sweet smile that Molly had and I do believe she even slept with a smile. Thank you so much for stopping by to comment.

      Love you my Friend,

  9. Please pass my condolences on to Jay.

    • Paula,

      Thank you for stopping by to read my blog and to comment. I will make sure I pass on your condolences to Jay.

      Happy Crocheting,

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