Posted by: tgonzales | December 28, 2011

Monday with Megan and Tuesday with Truman and Ava; with a Little Crochet In-Between

No work at my real job on Monday and since Jennifer needed to clean her apartment and spray for spiders we got to keep Megan again. I had a good time fixing a big breakfast for both of them. I made scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, sausage, bacon, and waffles. Megan just wanted waffles. I got the recipe from my Mom about 35 years ago and I asked her where the name of the recipe came from and she said that it was probably because when you make them everyone screams, “Oh Boy! Waffles.”

Megan asked me if I made them from scratch and I told her “yes”. She said, “Gran Gran, you’re a very good cook!” I love to cook and I love to hear that from her.

Between Monday and Tuesday morning before I had to go back to work I made our grandsons earflap hats. Their Momma loves to dress them alike and I love the way that I made them out of the same colors but made them a little different at the same time. The one with the plain blue earflaps is Eyans’ and the stripey earflap hat is Alexs’. I hope they like them as much as I liked making them for them.

Tuesday evening after work I went to my Mom’s house where my cousin Bryan,

his wife Fina, and

daughter Holly were staying for a few days.

And you may have recognized those two cute little kids in the pictures with them? Yes, baby Truman

and Ava were there also,

so-o-o-o I got to try the gray Boot Scoot-n-Boots on Truman and the little vest. He looked so cute in them and he’s always such a good sport I can’t stop taking pictures of him

and I know my time is limited on the pictures of him since he is now starting to crawl and get around everywhere just like his big sister Ava. It was nice to see my cousin and family again and visit with my nieces, nephew, and Mom for a short time. That’s about it for me the past few days. I would love to hear what’s going on in your part of the world.


  1. Breakfast food……..awe. You are a great cook, I can attest to that!
    Little Truman has such a big-ole smile! Sounds like it was a good Monday. My Mel and I played around in town a bit. Had some deep talks, shared some book quotes and watched a movie. Korey has been gone visiting out of town, he is due back today. My shelf should get a coat of paint on it today and maybe put up tomorrow. Then I will have to deal with the guest room/craft room.
    Keep up the posts, we enjoy them!

    • Hi Susie,

      I’m so glad you stopped to fill me in on your days. I can’t wait to see your shelf all fixed up cute with all your cute little things.

      Love you,

  2. Just the sound of waffles bring a smile to my face. Once in a while I will make waffles for supper and when the grandchildren are here we sometimes have them. Looks like you had a great time with Bryan and Fina and all the children at your Moms house. I always love having children around. sue

    • Hi Sue,

      I do love having breakfast for supper also. Joshua never liked having breakfast at night though; I would imagine he would take anything for supper now even if it was breakfast. LOL

      I love having children around and I also love that I can leave them at Moms or their house and come home to mine where it’s quiet. 🙂

      Thanks so much for stopping by to comment.

      Love and Hugs,

  3. Ohhh noooo…. Baby Truman & little Ava are getting big tooo faaast!!!
    But … that just makes for “more of the adorable to love”. 🙂

    • Kat,

      Yes they are both growing so fast and I do love to squeeze that little Trumans soft little body. And I love to watch Ava playing; she’s always so busy that I can hardly get a hold of her. But when she slows down I make sure I get a hug in too.

      Love & Hugs,

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