Posted by: tgonzales | November 25, 2011

Day Before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving Day, Crochet, More Hats, and Cutting a Tree Down

On the day before Thanksgiving I went to see my friends Ruth and Lisa at Picket Fence Quilt Company.

I love the way the two-toned tan Newsie Newsboy hat looks on Ruth and

I do think the limey green one looks especially stylish on Lisa.

Terri was also visiting the quilt shop and she looked pretty cute in the KU flower hat.

Then I stopped in on a Wednesday afternoon crochet group that meets up at Panera. I enjoyed sitting and crocheting with old and new friends. Thanks ladies for inviting me to join you.

That evening I finished up three more hats, another KU flower hat,

a San Francisco Giants flower hat,

and a cute gray and pink stripey hat.

This is the hat that Ruth had on, but it’s really Jean’s hat. I especially love the buttons that I found at Joann’s Fabric Store.

The next day I arrived at Mom’s house on Thanksgiving to find my niece Sarah had already arrived. I was so glad that she was there and soon found out that she wanted me to show her how to crochet one of the flowers like I make for my hats. So I told her to get out her yarn and hooks and I would tell her how to make one. She managed to finish one flower before everyone else arrived for lunch. I’m just so disappointed because I forgot to take a picture of her flower, she did such a good job. I love how Sarah picked up crochet after I taught her about 4 or 5 years ago; and it just happened to be on Thanksgiving too. Sarah has made quite a few hats and baby booties from my pattern. It makes my heart happy that she’s carrying on the family tradition of crochet. These are my nieces Sarah on the left and Wendy on the right.

After we stuffed our faces with too much food, we enjoyed a little visiting and

then my nephew Jarred asked my other nephews Jason and Matt if they would help him cut a tree down in my Mom’s yard. It’s a tree that has been there since 1958 and it has been looking pretty shabby for a couple of years. Jarred has been afraid that it would fall down on his little house, it’s the one with the Skelly sign on it.

So my brother Terry, nephews Matt, Jason, and Jarred got a rope wrapped around the top part of the tree and hooked the rope to the back of my brothers’ pickup and my nephew Jarred

hoisted Jason & his chainsaw up on a skid on his forklift to place a wedge and a cut into the tree. I’m sure that this lift was not OSHA safe, even though it did work, I wouldn’t try this at home. Thanks to the good teamwork and their perfect calculation on where to place the cut out wedge; the tree came down exactly where they thought it would. Then my sister, sister-in-law, brothers, my dear hubby, and the nephews all hauled and stacked wood, raked and cleaned up the area as good as new. My Daddy would’ve been very proud of how everyone worked together to get the job done. We all somehow got through the day and I know everyone missed my brother Dean and my Daddy being there lending their expertise to the situation, but I have a feeling they were actually there guiding Jason’s and Jarred’s hands through the whole thing.

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and I would love to hear how you spent yours.


  1. My kids, grandkids and one great-grandkid were home for thanksgiving and we too filled ourselves beyond full. I showed my daughter-in-law all the things I’ve been crocheting and she loved them all. She always asks for a nylon scrubbie, which I always have a few on hand. My grandaughter wants a hat, with a flower so I’m going to have to try your hat pattern Tamara. I was wondering about the flower also and keep looking at them. Are they like the ones we learned at retreat, only smaller??? I’m sure your daddy and brother were there, and how proud your dad must be!!

    • Hi Kaye,

      I loved hearing about your family coming over on Thanksgiving. In regards to your question about the flower on my hats, no it’s not like the flower pattern from the retreat. Come over some time with your yarns and we’ll just do a flower.

      Love you,

  2. So many purrty hats!
    So many friends!!
    So much loving family!!!
    Love your photos, Tamara!

    When I saw “cutting a tree down” in your title, I thought y’all went out to cut down a Christmas tree. That would’ve been so much easier, eh? I’m sure your mom is glad to have that gone — and Jarred is super-glad! How wonderful that there were so many assistants and, especially, that the tree fell the right way!

    Enjoy your weekend, my lovely friend.
    HUG!! ~ Kat

  3. Thanks for joining us on Wednesday, we loved having ya!

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