Posted by: tgonzales | November 4, 2011

Can I Talk About Crochet Hooks Now?

I think I’ve mentioned a time or two about which hooks are my favorites? If you have already heard about them I’m sorry, but if you haven’t. Here goes.

When I first learned to crochet I learned with aluminum hooks and was happy to inherit some from my Mom and Grandma Kingery.

I remember one of the first things that I crocheted was a bib for my very first niece and it was made out of cotton crochet thread so that meant using a steel hook. I’m not exactly sure which size it was but I remember I loved making the bib and even after all these 37 years I still continue to love crocheting with my steel crochet hooks.

For many years I crocheted with my aluminum and steel crochet hooks made by Boye, which by the way was my favorite brand. Until…..I started hanging out with other crocheters at my LYS; Twist. I started hearing about wooden hooks and how nice and warm they were, until I couldn’t take it any longer…… I just had to try one.

So I purchased a size I Lantern Moon wooden hook. Ohmygosh, I couldn’t believe how nice it worked and how it reminded me of my aluminum Boye hooks, except the Lantern Moon hook seemed to work better in certain types of yarn and even better than the aluminum ones did. Anyway, the next Christmas my dear hubbie gave me a set of Lantern Moon hooks which I’m in love with too.

Then someone told me about the Laurel Hill wooden hooks and I decided to give them a try too. Well I can tell you this, I love working with these hooks too, especially for certain stitches that require an extra pointy end. I have even picked up a set of Susan Bates hooks because I love them for certain projects too.

Sigh…..and then there’s my one and only Clover hook. It reminds me of a cross between a Boye and a Susan Bates hook. I especially love using my one and only size E Clover hook for my mercerized cotton yarn size 3 projects. You can even see I used it so much that I’ve worn off the color of the hook in the middle. No matter how many kinds of hooks I get I will always love all of them, because each one of them serves a purpose.  I would love to hear what kind of hooks you love to work with the best, or are you kind of like me and like to use a variety?  🙂 I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I love you all!


  1. This was fun to read. I inherited my mom’s Boye hooks and honestly, haven’t strayed at all. I’ve tried a Bates a time or two, but didn’t like the feel. Have only tried wooden knitting needles and it broke, so I’m not too keen on them. LOL

    Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend!

    • Hi Jeanne,

      Thank you so much for stopping by to let me know your favorite brand of hooks. Wow, that wooden need must’ve been very thin or you must have been causing some friction with the yarn. Ha! Ha! If you ever have a chance to try a wooden crochet hook, you should try it; you’ll like it. 🙂 (I just couldn’t help myself.)


  2. You know that I lke Susan Bates…..,but now Lantern moon’s are sneaking into my hook cas!

    • Susie,

      This made me smile 🙂 I know how loyal you are to Susan Bates. Thanks for stopping to comment.

      Love and Hugs,

  3. I’m partial to Susan Bates hooks. Though I have found now that I’m doing Broomstick Lace that I use Susan Bates for part of it and my Boye hooks for the part to pull the yarn over the knitting needle. They are much smoother for that part. Very interesting!
    When I do Bead Crochet work, I only have Boye hooks in the tiny steel ones. I’ve wanted to try Susan Bates, but now that I’ve gotten used to these, I’m not sure how it would work. 😉
    Enjoy your weekend!

    • HI MIndy,

      Thank you for sharing your favorite hooks with me. I have tried the Susan Bates (SB) for crochet thread and I am like you; I’m so used to my Boye hooks I can’t get used to the SB hooks. Although I have found the SB hooks useful for other projects, I’m still loyal to my Boye hooks; except for my Lantern Moon and Laurel Hill. Well, it sounds like I’m not really very loyal to any one of them. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading my blog and stopping to comment.


  4. I liked my Boye until I tried the Susan Bates.
    Then I liked SB with the wooden handles —
    it is soft bamboo, so my Miss Emma likes to
    leave her teeth marks.
    I still use those if I do not use my quite new
    Laurel Hill hooks. Thanks so much for telling me
    about these ‘cuz I love them. Have G & H —
    then bought size F just today! 🙂

    • Oh Kat,

      I love to hear all about what your preference in hook brands. You make me smile, and I’m so glad that you love your Laurel Hill hooks too.

      Love and Hugs,

  5. i thiiink i just have susan bates hooks and my one lantern moon. ya know i love that one the most!!!! ;D i love you!

    • Oh Chacho!

      I think your hooks are Boye hooks and I do know how you love your Lantern Moon hook. Is it an I or a J? I Love YOu too, the End! 🙂


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