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October 15-16, 2011 Weekend, More Hat Orders, Material Girls Quilt Shoppe, and Tapestry Crochet

My weekend started off with 12 hat orders. I know I love my hats; but I’m still amazed by other people actually wanting to purchase and/or order them. Anyway, I made and filled orders for 6 hats last week, and then when I got an order for 5 hats, 1 hat, 3 hats (and with the possibility of 1 more) it blew me away. 🙂

Early Saturday morning I completed this hat and then I HAD 😉 to go and purchase some more yarn so that I could fill the most recent orders and I needed to make a list. The older I get the more forgetful I am becoming and as a friend told me the other day she thought that I just have too many things going on at the same time. Of course, I agreed with her because I didn’t want to admit that I think have the early signs of Alzheimer’s. Ha! Ha!

After I purchased my yarn I was off to Material Girls Quilt Shoppe to drop off the 19 hats that I had made up for their shop.

I think they looked really cute displayed amongst the fabrics.

Do you notice anything familiar about what the hat mannequin is standing on?

Then I was off to Twist to hang out before my second session of the Kitty Tapestry bag class. It was nice to be able to sit and crochet and visit with my dear friends Connie (who was my very first student that I taught to crochet at Twist) and Di. I showed Connie some of my hats that I had been making and she asked me if I would make her Granddaughter one too. So I have another one to make. Thank goodness I had my list of hats with me so I could write hers down too.

My one and only student; Elaine arrived and I was pleased to see that she had brought one of her designs to show and share.

I’m not quite sure why she took my class, because I know she could’ve taught herself to do tapestry crochet, just like she taught herself to crochet, but I’m thrilled that she did. I now know another person who knows how to knit, but would rather crochet.

It was fun sitting with Elaine and talking and laughing. Thank you Elaine for taking the tapestry crochet class.

After class I had just enough time to eat dinner and make another hat before it was bedtime.

Sunday morning I finished 2 more hats that go with the one that I finished Saturday night. (these three will belong to sisters) After that it was time for me to gather up my baskets of sweaters and booties and head to Twist to meet with a friend who wanted to purchase a pair of booties. I showed her the sweaters that matched the booties and she decided to purchase both. Yippee, she took the pink and black oriental looking set. Now I’m off to finish another hat and prepare for our KS My Stitch monthly meeting. I hope everyone had a good weekend and hope you have a great Monday.

PS…..Here’s a picture of the progress of the kitchen and now I see why it’s taking him so long to get everything done.

Really, spray painting screws? But you know its ingenious how he screwed them into the board before painting them, right?

Here’s something else that got painted accidently, I keep finding paint like this everywhere, UGH.

PSS….Oh by the way the head mannequins that are underneath the baby’s hats are Styrofoam balls with 4 knitting needles stuck in them.

I think I’m pretty ingenious too sometimes. Ha! Ha! What else am I going to do with these????


  1. I love the idea of sticking knitting needles in a styrofoam ball! I have been trying to figure out how to display baby hats. Mom said I could sell some at her store. Thanks for the wonderful idea Tamara, and see ya tonight!

    • Hi Donna!

      I’m so glad that my idea helped you out and it’s really cool that your Mom is going to sell your hats in her store! Yipee. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone tonight at guild.


  2. Hi Tamara,
    Wow! Congrats on all the hat orders…that’s terrific. People want them because they look good and you put a lot of love into them. I loved the display idea, very clever! You can add me to the list of those who know how to knit but prefer crochet, too. For me, crochet is much faster, although I suppose, if I knit more often I’d get faster. LOL Your student’s work is gorgeous! The kitchen is looking good and your hubby is very clever. Although I am not sure just why someone would want to spray paint screws, I would think they’d get scratched up the second you put a screwdriver to them.

    Have a great week!

  3. Ooohhh… love that purply-blue sparkly hat!

    Is John being a purr-fectionist with your kitchen?

    What a BRILLIANT idea for displaying hats — and the best way to use knitting needles! hahaha!!

    Love ya bunches! ~ Kat

  4. I like the new cabinet door instead of the broken dishwasher… just wondering if he should’ve mounted the hinges on the bottom so you could flip it down to open it, like you’re used to! Ha!! 😉

    • Hi Ang!

      That’s funny. I never thought of that.

      Love you,
      Aunt Tammy

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