Posted by: tgonzales | September 7, 2011

My Little Miss Megan’s Birthday Party, More Colorful Big Hats, and Indian Girl Quilt Info

Monday was my little Miss Megan’s birthday party, Joshua’s friend Rian came,

some of Megan’s friends,

her cousins; Angie, Travis, Truman, and Ava,

more cousins; Kaytlynn and Kristen,

and Joey who doesn’t like his picture taken,

but I caught him off guard when we started asking him questions about trains.

he loves trains and my Mom makes all of her grandsons engineer hats,

her Grandpa and Grandma Oneslager,

her Aunt Jackie and Uncle Mark,

her Poppy,

and of course Me, her Gran Gran. I had a good time watching Megan play with her friends and it’s so cute how they all talk to each other.

It was back to work for me on Tuesday and it seems like it gets harder and harder to go back the older I get and especially after being off for 3 days. I managed to make 3 more hats and hopefully soon I will have the pattern ready for publishing. I know you’ve heard that one before and if I keep telling you about the patterns maybe it will make me get busy and actually publish them. Does anyone have any good names for my hat pattern?

Oh by the way I almost forgot. Some of you wanted to know where I got the pattern for the Indian Girl Quilts. The name of the book is Sunbonnet Sue’s Neighborhood and it was published by Oxmoor House, Inc. and Leisure Arts, Inc. in 2001. I had a blast picking out the fabrics for the Indian girls dresses and capes and let’s not forget about all the trims. I had so much fun rummaging through all the trims from my sisters stash and some of my own too. Thank you to everyone who liked the quilts and who commented about them. I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday and the rest of the week. I’ll see you be back here on Friday.


  1. It sure looked like little Megan enjoyed her birthday party! She is just growing soooo fast! I love all of your pictures and the hats too. Thank you for giving us the name of the book that you got the Indian lady pattern from. Have a wonderful day today!

    Hugs XX

    • Hi Barbara!

      I’m so glad you stopped by to comment and thanks for liking my hats.


  2. LOTS of friends — and family — to help Megan celebrate her 9th! I’ll bet she went to bed with a smile on her face. 🙂

    LOVE the pic of Joey peeking around (mommy’s?) leg. What a great engineer’s hat — so wonderful that your mom is still sewing!

    Also LOVE the photo of YOU with Rian!!!

    No name for your cap pops into my head — other than ‘head topper’. LOL!!

    Sorry you have to keep working. 😦 Wish you had a job at your LYS!!
    Love ya!!

    • Kat,

      Yes, there was family and friends and I’m sure she did have a smile on her face.

      Joey is very cute, but he sure is hard to photograph. He’s a smart one, he even knew when I was taking the lense cap off. 🙂

      Thanks for liking the photo of me and Rian; she’s a cutie.

      That’s ok about the name; I’ll figure out something or not?

      About the job at the LYS; that would be nice, but not so practical for me since I can’t seem to stop buying yarn and I would never get paid if I worked there because I would be trading hours for yarn. Ha! Ha! Plus the LYS doesn’t have any benefits and I’m all about benefits. 🙂

      • Tamara ~ …..But you would be able to purr-chase your yarn at a discount! LOL
        How many more yrs do you have to work ’til you can retire & get benefits?

  3. Kat,

    I’m a work-a-holic and I’ll probably die working! 🙂 I get benefits now of vacation, paid holidays, and part of my medical insurance paid for, so I can’t retire anytime soon.

    Love & Hugs,

    • Oh well. It was a nice thought anyway (or so I thought – LOL). 😉

      • OH Kat,

        It was a nice thought and thank you for thinking of it. I would love to retire and do nothing but my crochet things, teach, and hang out with my family and friends. 🙂

        Love & Hugs,

  4. Happy Birthday to little Megan!

    LOVE your hat design! Now that looks like it is fun to crochet. I love the texture of this hat! No ideas on a name right now, but please let us know when you publish the pattern. I would love to make one of these.

    Have a great week.

    • Hi Merri!

      I’m so glad that you like my hats and you will be one of the first ones to know when the pattern is available. My daughter will be testing the pattern real soon. Thanks for stopping by to comment! Have a great day!

      Love and Hugs,

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