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July 29-31, 2011 Weekend

I had an awesome weekend, especially since I took off Friday too. It started off with the trip to Greensburg, Kansas with my sister and Mom and Dad. Before we could even leave Wichita; my Dad has to always check in the garage

and my Mom was already in the car; she was complaining how he always has to check around the garage before leaving. Then I got him loaded into the car and Jackie asked if anyone needed to go the bathroom; my Mom said no,

but she had better go in and get a light jacket;

so after Jackie went back in to use the bathroom and Mom got her light jacket and everyone said goodbye to Jackie’s granddog we were off to Greensburg. Ha! Ha! It was a lovely drive to Greensburg and it helped that it became cloudy and the temperatures didn’t get much above 80°.

When we arrived in Greensburg we went directly to the Visitor’s Center which doubles as a bed and breakfast and is also a Silo-Eco home you can learn more about it here. There was a lovely lady who volunteers to tend to the Visitor’s Center and her name was Ruth Ann. And of course my Mom had to tell her that her name is Ruth Louise. Ha! Ha! It was very interesting to hear all about the rebuilding of this town and how they have become very eco-friendly and very green.

Ruth Ann decided that my Dad might like to see their stormshelter. It was made from an old propane tank,

my Mom didn’t know if she would be able to get in it, but decided that it wouldn’t be so bad especially if she knew there was a tornado coming and there was a fan, light and hole in the top she would be ok. It was interesting to see all the new buildings that have been built, the school, one of their many churches, homes, and hospital. All of them were very space age looking and I had a wonderful time just hanging out with my sister, my Mom and Dad. There was also some laughing-so-hard-you-wet-your-pants kind of laughter. I remember when we were kids and Jackie and I always shared a room together. We would get the giggles at night before we would go to sleep and my Mom would knock on the wall between our two rooms and she would say “girls, settle down in there”. I also remember how we would try to stop but we couldn’t and then once we heard our Dad’s footsteps getting out of bed we would quiet right down. I can’t even remember what we were laughing about on Friday, but it was very good to hear my Mom and Dad say they haven’t heard that kind of laughing in a very long time and it was good to hear it again.

When I returned home it was time to start the preparation for my taco dinner for my brother and sister-in-law, their three grandchildren, my Mom and Dad, and John and me.

We had a very nice visit and everyone enjoyed the food.

It was fun showing the kids some of my creations and I gave Hanna and Cheyenne their very own little IPod cases and a crocheted hat a piece.

Matteo’s hat that he was wearing was for his Build-A-Bear bear and I promised him that I would crochet him a camo hat the next morning and I would deliver it to him on Saturday at the dinner and open house that John’s sister was having for their brother.

They all loved hamming it up with their Great Uncle John,

and they all loved their hats made by their Great Aunt Tamara.

Saturday was filled with more family get-togethers and more cooking. I first made Matteo a camo hat and then I went to visit my best friend Debbie’s parents’.

Debbie has been going to her parents’ house on Saturdays to fix her Mothers hair for a while now. When I heard that she was doing this I told her that I would love to ride along and visit them too and this Saturday worked for her. I also found out that Debbie’s brother and sisters also join in on the Saturday visits now and I was so excited to see all of them again; as it has been many years since I’ve seen all of them. Of course it was a surprise to all of them that I was there too.

It was just like old times again of me being at their house and they always made me feel right at home, as they did on Saturday too. I reminded Debbie’s mother; Catherine about how Debbie and I would make elbow macaroni and dump Cheez Whiz on it to make Mac and Cheese. I asked her if she had any in the frig now and she said no and wondered if they still made it. I assured her that they do. It was really nice to listen to all the things that were going on with

Debbie’s family and I’m so grateful to have such a good friend that has stood the test of time, some 45 years later. Love you Debbie!

After Debbie dropped me off at home I fixed lunch for John and me; which was leftover tacos and rice. Then it was time to make more rice, and salsa for the get-together at John’s sisters’ house (Andrea).

We arrived at her house and she had tostados, enchiladas, chicken mole, cookies, and fruits.

I was able to deliver Matteo’s new crocheted camo earflap hat and it was fun to be able to see all of John’s brothers and sisters together again.

You can’t even imagine how hard it was to get all of them to sit in one place long enough to take this picture. Whew!!!!

Sunday was filled with more cooking, laundry, ironing, and blogging.

Oh by the way I did make another flower but I can’t remember which one it was so here are all of them that I’ve made so far.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already Monday again and time to start back to work. I want to wish everyone a Happy Monday and I would love to hear all about your weekends.


  1. Hi! Sounds like you had a wonderful filled weekend! I got your pillow…thank you…I love it. I love the colors on it…all my fav’s. I have yet to make a pillow and this may be the inspiration to do that. I’ve wanted to make a round one forever and just never started it because I have so many other things to make. Thank you again….it’s vey much loved. :o)

    • Kat,

      I’m so glad that you like the granny square pillow and thank you for letting me know that you received it. I’m sure you will get around to making a pillow eventually. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂


  2. Hi, Tamara,
    Felt like I got to go on a field trip with you guys reading the post. Looks and sounds like fun. Love all the awesome flowers lined up one after the other.
    I worked on putting all the parts and pieces of my newly painted refrigerator back together with my husband and dad- in this heat! Getting closer.

    • Hi Steph,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and liking my flowers. I’m so glad that you were able to work on your painted refrigerator and I know that you will love it so much that you won’t even remember how much trouble it was. Ha! HA!

      Love & Hugs,

  3. Beautiful collection of flowers!

    • Thank you Kathryn!


  4. Greensburg was always one of my favorite Kansas towns. I have some antiques I bought there long before they were wiped out by the tornado. Those antiques are even more meaningful now. I need to go see how they have rebuilt the town sometime soon when I am in Kansas again.

    All the weekend visiting looks like great fun also.

    Your flowers are all so beautiful. What thread or yarn are you using to make them?

    Have a great week!

    • Hi Linda!

      You should visit Greensburg and see the cool things that they are doing there. I couldn’t even list all the things they are doing in that town to rebuild green.

      Thanks for liking my flowers and the yarn is a size 3 cotton yarn. A mixture of DMS Senso, Patons Grace, Catania, and JP Coats Royale.

      Love and Hugs,

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