Posted by: tgonzales | July 22, 2011

It’s Hot Here and the Flowers are Still Blooming

I’m not sure what the temperature is in your part of the world, but here in Kansas it’s H-O-T! I can’t even count the days that it’s been over 100 here; all I know is that it’s been hot for too long. Here in my house it’s been staying cool and whether I’m at work or here these crochet flowers are blooming. When I first designed this flower about 5 years ago I didn’t realize that they would be so much fun to make.

Whenever I need to embellish any of my projects whether it’s a purse,

camera bag, or just because; I seem to want to put this flower on each of them.

I even think that when it starts out it looks a lot like Mary Engelbreit’s flowers. I love her illustrations and the special sayings that she puts with each one of them. So when I went to make the Mollie Makes felted flower of course I again thought that the felted flower needed a little crochet and I thought of my flower again.

I love the way it adds just the right amount of texture and contrast of color to the flower. I think my felted; crochet flower will be a lapel pin.

Then I finished the other cotton crochet flower that I started a couple of days ago from some more of my stash yarn.

You may remember that I was trying to use some of my stash yarn when I made the Candy Kaleidoscope afghan also. Since I have this yarn scattered throughout my house in different hiding places I’m not sure exactly how much of it I actually have. All I know is that it seems to have multiplied, because I just keep finding more of it. Has this ever happened to any of you? 😉

Well, it’s almost the weekend again and I’m not sure what mine will hold but you can be sure that I will be keeping cool and hopefully making more flowers bloom and finding more stash yarn. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and please stay cool or warm; whatever the case may be.


  1. Love the MM flower and the others as well……..
    This heat is ridiculous. I was at my Jessy’s garage sale for a couple hours yesterday morning, we closes it down at noon due to the heat. Then every where I went was hot or had ac issues. When I finally got home last night it felt so wonderful to go horizontal and have the ceiling fan on me, in my cool home.
    Male sure and post your Mollies Makes, made up kit on their FB page.
    Stay cool.

    • Susie,

      Thank you for stopping by to comment and yes I added the Mollie Makes flower to their flickr group and thanks for the reminder.


  2. Those flowers and that afghan are gorgeous! The flower looks great wherever you put it. I received my package and I love it. I’ll treasure it always! Take care and have a great weekend!


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