Posted by: tgonzales | July 15, 2011

Japanese Shawl Naming Contest Winners, Tina’s Pincushions, and Miss Emma

Here we go; first place goes to “Cheerful Hana Shawl” by Kathryn Vercillo who wins the beautiful butterfly doily.

Second place goes to “Summer Aurora” by Kat Prickett and she wins the beautiful granny square pillow.

Third place goes to “Watching for Fall” by Linda Meyer-Gosling and you win the apple/cup cozy.

Thank you to everyone who participated and everyone who voted. Now all that needs to be done is for the winners to email me with their mailing information and I will get those prizes sent out to you right away.

Tina has posted the pictures of the pincushions that she received from Susie and me over on her blog at I think you all will enjoy all the different swaps and exchanges that she’s been involved with and the pincushions look so nice the way she photographed them.

You may be wondering who that is in the pictures above, so I’m going to tell you about a little tale (or tail) of how Miss Emma came to be. Once upon a time I had a large skein of orange cotton sock weight yarn.

Most people would make socks out of it, but I didn’t know what to do with mine until I saw a striped cat in the book above and remembered my dear friends’ kitten whose name is Emma and how Emma was turning 1 this month. So I decided to make my dear friend (who is such a good Mama to Emma) a crocheted kitten to remind her of her Emma. Little did I know that after I finished each of the crocheted parts and stuffed them that the stuffing (cut up socks and ends of yarn) would show through the holes?

Since I had so much sock yarn left over I decided to make all new crocheted pieces and stuff the already stuffed pieces into the new pieces and Voila it worked,

no stuffing sticking out of Miss Emma anymore and I just love how Miss Emma’s face turned out. I usually don’t make faces very well, but hers turned out very cute.

I really didn’t mean to embroider one of her eyes up so high and off to the side, but I went ahead and went with it and made the other one so that it looks like Miss Emma is cocking her head to the side and her face looks like she is asking “Why?”

Well of course I couldn’t just stop there, and had to make Miss Emma a little sweater like the bigger sweaters that I’ve been making; only I used Aunt Lydia’s Size 10 thread. I do believe Miss Emma is just right now. I still need to make the real Emma a little something and then I will be able to mail off this fun package too. I would love to hear what you’ve been working on and I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


  1. Oh Tamara, if there was one thing I could say I don’t like to do, when it comes to crocheting, it would be embroidering on it!! I hate doing it, and will avoid it any which way I can! But you did a beautiful job with Miss Emma!! LOVE her face, her expression, and that adorable sweater too! I’m sure the real Miss Emma is going to adore her!… Thanks again for hosting the pincushion swap! You and Susie did beautiful work on the ones you made, and I will treasure them always!.. Looking forward to the next swap you host someday!! ((hugs)) ~tina

    • Tina,

      I always procrastinate and seem to not want to finish things that have faces because of how they usually come out crooked or not quite right.

      Thank you so much for going along with the pincushion swap and I do love my little chair and look at it displayed right there on my green shelf with all my other pincushions. I kept wandering what you used on the inside and I loved how it was a tuna can:) You know I love how you recycle!

      Love and Hugs,

  2. Oh my gosh I can’t believe I won something – so exciting. I will treasure my little prize also (as I treasure the things you made for me many years ago). I’ll leave my address on your email. Miss Emma is adorable! She looks like she’s very curious about how you do all that crocheting. As a fellow Kansan I love the ruby slippers too! Have a great weekend! Linda

    • Linda,

      Thank you so much my Kansas friend for playing my little contest and congratulations for winning the apply/cup cozy. You know I loved making all those things that I made for you oh those many years ago. I hope you have a wonderful day.


  3. Yesterday, while at Twist, I looked and they had that book, so I snatched it up also. Between you and Lucy, at Attic 24, I am sure to be inspired to make something out of it! Very cute cat. I am working on one from a sock yarn pattern called serenity. I bought one ugly yarn just for the pattern and then the cute yarn……..I should have just changed wrappers, ha!
    Have a great one, and thanks for the post!

    • Susie,

      I’m glad you got the book. I think there are some really cute things in it. You make me laugh; switching wrappers to get the pattern. You probably did the right thing by buying the ugly yarn. Wait maybe I should have a look at that ugly yarn to see if I like it:) Thanks for stopping by to comment.


  4. First, congrats to all you lucky winners!!

    Now …. I am in HAPPY TEARS, Tamara!!!!!!!!! :*-)
    I could tell those orange pieces (on a different post of yours) were going to be a kitty — which gave me delightful giggles. Oh my — she is soooo adorable!!! I **LOVE** her cocked head — it shows her purr-sonality, and my Emma has plenty of that, fur sure!

    And double the yarn ‘cuz of her innards originally showing thru. LOL!

    Of course I **LOVE** Miss Emma’s crocheted sweater — it does bring her to life, doesn’t it? I’m so glad you gave her a PINK NOSE ‘cuz that is MY Emma. 😀

    I am soooo anxious to see her in purr-son. You are a purr-ecious & purr-iceless friend, dear Tamara.
    THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    Mucho HUGS!! ~~ Kat & Miss Emma =^..^=

    • Kat,

      I’m so glad that you like Miss Emma. I just couldn’t stand it when I finished her up; I just had to post a picture of her and her little sweater.

      Love you my Friend,

  5. Yay I’m a winner. Happy!

    • Congratulations Kathryn! I hope you love the doily as much I did making it.


  6. Oh that little kitten is SO adorable!!! I just love that you made a little sweater to go with it. It’s perfect!

    • Oh Mindy. She is so much cuter in person. I will be talking more about her on my next blog and share with all of you the very final touches to Miss Emma. I can’t wait for my friend to receive her. She will just go nuts over her. Thank you so much for stopping by to comment.


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