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Mollie Makes and My Pincushion Swap

Can I tell you how excited I am with this new magazine called Molly Makes? Every page makes me happy and they include thrifting, making, collecting, and crafting. The only bad thing about the magazine is that the United States is always behind one issue. Thank goodness for my good friend Susie who has picked up both of the issues that I now own.

The advertisements are even beautiful.

I just went nuts over this page; can you tell why? I just love those granny squares. I’m afraid that I’m going to have to bite the bullet and order a subscription.

Anyway, now for the pincushion swap that I had here on Crochet with Tamara. There were only 3 of us who participated but it was fun. We each had to make 2 unless we wanted to make one for ourselves. I chose to only make 2, since I couldn’t think of one that I wanted to make for myself. The first pincushion I came up with was for my dear friend Tina from Beansie Babbles and you can read all about here. When I first thought of having the pincushion swap,

I showed you all pictures of these cute little pink pincushion heels and when Tina commented and said that I should make some red sparkly ones like Dorothy’s shoes from the Wizard of Oz. Since I am from Kansas and so was Dorothy I thought that the red shoes would be perfect for Tina.

So I used the pink ones as a pattern and made up my version of the heels in red on red metallic thread from Universal Yarn, you can look at all the beautiful colors they have here I think they ended up really quite adorable and as soon as Tina sends me a picture of her with her pincushion I will post it.

Then it was time to make my good friend Susie a pincushion that is always doing sweet things for me and a lot of other people.

Of course I thought about making her a sweet tiny cupcake and wanted to use one of those spool thingys that DMC Cebelia is wrapped around and I just happened to have one available. But when I placed the crocheted cupcake on top of the spool, the spool was a little too long so I had my dear husband trim it down a bit.

Then I took a small piece of felted wool sweater and wrapped around the spool to give it some cushion, once I did that then the spool was too short. The cupcake wasn’t making me happy and as I was looking around the room something caught my eye; it was another piece of felted wool sweater in the shape of a circle.

It reminded me of the top of one of those ruffly toadstools (to me), so I placed it on top of the spool that had the wool felted piece wrapped around it and I decided to “ribbit” the crocheted cupcake and make it into a flower to go on top of the toadstool.

Of course it wasn’t complete until I crocheted around the circular edge of the toadstool and then added a felt piece on the bottom. I do wish I would have used a piece of hard plastic (like from a cottage cheese container) for the base so that it would stand up better.

But Susie liked it and knew exactly what it was; unlike my husband. Hee! Hee!

He gave me one of those looks again like: REALLY? WHY?

Tina gave Susie and I some of the cutest little crocheted wingback chair pincushions and here’s the story behind her pincushion making. I really didn’t know WHAT I was going to make at first, looked through a few patterns, wasn’t feeling too inspired or thrilled with anything in particular, but there were these chair pincushions I remember from when I was just a young girl! Someone had made one for a friend of mine, and she had it set up so pretty in her bedroom… and I just always liked it. When I first learned to crochet, I remember trying to make one, but it didn’t come out very well… wouldn’t set right… The back kept falling back!! (0; So somewhere, sometime, I guess I must have thrown it out. Then it occurred to me now to try my hand at them again… thinking I HOPE these come out good, because I have to make THREE of them, and TWO are for GIFTS! The pressure is on a little bit here!… Anyways, it took some time for me to find a pattern. I had to do some real internet digging to find it, but I did!!! And I’m really VERY happy with how they came out! Mine decorates my OWN room now, just like I wanted when I was a little girl!”

I just love hearing stories like this, because I think we all have a story to tell. I would love to hear your story about when you made something special for a friend.

I just love hearing stories like this, because I think we all have a story to tell. I would love to hear your story about when you made something special for a friend.

Thank you so much Tina and Susie for joining in on the pincushion swap and I hope to have another swap as soon as I can figure out what I want to swap:) Oh I wanted to remind everyone to vote for their favorite name for my Japanese Shawl if you haven’t already done so. You still have today and tomorrow to vote, then I will post the winners names in my Friday post. And if you have forgotten the names here they are again:

Berry Oragami Explosion–Angie

Blushing Flowers–Kaye

Catch a Falling Star–Sue

Celestial Rhapsody–Rayma

Cheerful Hana Shawl–Kathryn

Comet Trail–Annie


Oragami Lace–Linda McHugh

Over the Rainbow–Susie

Rainbow Stars–Kat


Star Garden–Maria

Summer Aurora–Kat P.

Watching for Fall–Linda Meyer-Gosling

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far and staying cool or warm wherever you are in this great big world.


  1. Finally got to my magazine for a litle last night. So far my favorite page is 9. It is the two young girls in front of a little caravan……….drooling badly over here. I am not all the way through it at all.
    The pincushion swap was so fun and I am glad that I jumped in. I just loved giving and receiving them!
    I vote for “Catch a falling Star”.
    Have you made up either of the little projects that cam with our magazine? I haven’t had the time yet.
    Love ya,

    • Susie,

      I am loving page 9 too, I just kept looking at everything on that page and wait until you get farther back they show pictures of the caravan again with food items. I just love the magazine and want to send something of mine to them. I just have to find the time to pull it all together. No I haven’t made either one of the projects, but I do have the bird cut out and since my felt kit didn’t have enough fabric in it I made a crocheted circle. I just need to find the time to put it all together. I’ll put you down for Catch a Falling Star are you sure you don’t want to vote for your own name?

      Love you too,

  2. Those pincushion heels are so adorable!

    • Thanks Kathryn. I just love what you are doing on your blog.


  3. What a great idea for “the crochet woman from Kansas” to make a red shoe pincushion. LOVE the purple wingback chair one!

    John is such a good sport — and so cute/handsome.

    I chuckled –> Even your bathrobe has crocheted items on it.
    You definitely do “have2crochet”! 😉

    • Kat,

      Actually my bathrobe has some little gifty things that Tina sent along with my pincushion chair. One was a really cute fabric flower and the other things was a plastic canvas cupcake. It was fun receiving the pincushions and other things.

      Love & Hugs,

      • Okay then, Tamara, I guess this calls for…. your crocheting something to attach to your robe. 😉

  4. Tamara I’ve only found Mollie Makes #1
    We’ve had a mail strike in Canada and wonder if that’s why I can’t find the next 2 issues. They may be held up somewhere and not arrived at the stores yet.
    I want to subscribe too but I want a paper copy and not a digital one 😦

    How is the voting coming?? I can’t lie, I hope I win! 😉

    • Maria,

      I’m so sorry to hear about the Canada mail strike. What happens if you win? How will you get the prize? I haven’t had a chance to count the votes yet, but I have a feeling it’s a close race and I can’t tell you who’s name is close until the big reveal on Friday, sorry:):)


  5. Kat,

    I guess I’ll have to add that to my list of must haves:)

    Love & Hugs,

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