Posted by: tgonzales | July 1, 2011

Shawl Naming Contest and Hookin’ Up Project

I’m still working slowly but surely on my knitted socks and on my Japanese shawl. (I really need to find a name for my shawl) I’m so bad at names, I’m really surprised that my children ended up with names. Ha! Ha! Oh No, I feel a contest coming on, how about it?

First place would win this doily (oh how I love butterflies)

Second place would win this cute granny square pillow, this is the front and

this is the back.

Third place would win this cute apple/cup cozie. I think we’re all set. These are the rules:

1.      One shawl name per person

2.      Send the shawl name to me by email or leave it in the comments section here by Thursday, July 7th

3.      I will post the names in my July 8th blog entry and then everyone will have a chance to vote for their favorite. 1 vote per person, please!

4.      Please vote by July 14th and I will post the winners names on Friday July 15th. Good luck!

Now, the Hookin’ Up Project. You can read all about it here on Crochet Concupisence. Kathryn asked if I would be interested in joining her and 30 other bloggers to participate in this fun event from July 1-31. I am going to have so much fun following along on all of the blogs throughout the month of July and I’ll be telling you all about one sweet person and some fun things about her on July 4th. I will also be featured on Marie Segares’ blog on Sunday July 3rd. It will be interesting to find out all about these 30 lovely people and I hope you can follow along with me.

Is anyone doing anything fun this weekend? I would love to hear all about it and I want to wish everyone a very happy and safe 4th of July!


  1. You definitely need to name the shawl “Over the Rainbow”. That is exactly what it looks like laying on the bed? I love it and it is coming together so nicely.
    Loving my cute little pincushion and cozy. That was a fun little exchange, for sure.
    Breckin made his appearance last night right before midnight…..I think I got to sleep right before 2:00 this morning. Headed down there to see the crew again here shortly.

    • Susie,

      The shawl isn’t on my bed it’s on the wall that goes up my staircase. HAHAHAHAHA. I’ll put your name in the contest.

      I’m so glad that you like your funky toadstool pincushion:)

      And congratulations on the new baby. I can’t wait to see the pictures of Breckin.

      Love & Hugs,

  2. Thanks for posting about the Hookin Up project (and for participating!) I’m so excited to see how it comes along throughout the month!

    I’ll toss a name in the hat for the contest … how about the Cheerful Hana Shawl? I’m pretty sure Hana is how you say flower in Japanese and the colors just make me feel cheery!

    • Kathryn,

      I will add your name to the list. It’s nice to know that “Hana” means flower:) Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Good luck!


  3. I think you should name it Summer Aurora……as in the Aurora Borealus (I don’t think that’s spelled right). Anyways…the colors are gorgeous and remind me of the Aurora Borealus. :o)

  4. Hi, Tamara,

    Since I hear it’s 106 degrees where you are today, I think you should name your beautiful shawl “Waiting For Fall”. The colors make me think of the variations of fall leaf colors.

    I’m so happy to have accidently found you again this week. “Crochet with Tamara” is such a perfect name. Any day of crocheting with you would be a wonderful day.

    Stay cool and have a great holiday weekend!


    • Linda,

      I’m so glad you found me too. I couldn’t remember your last name to save my life. I hope you have a wonderful weekend too. I’ll add your Waiting for Fall name to the list. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  5. iiiiiiiiiiii am working like a big boy! well, not tomorrow (sunday). i will be working the evening of the fourth. i wonder how much traffic we’ll have at the store. i suppose we shall see. our stove should be getting fixed tomorrow! that’s pretty exciting. i aaalso saw the new Transformers movie last night and LOVED IT. the end.

    • Oh my Chacho Aaron!

      You are a working young man and I’m so proud of you. It should be very helpful when you get the stove fixed so you can start making yourself some food. It will be fun to hear how the 4th of July turns out at the store and I hope you have a great day.

      Love you,

  6. Hey there ~ I see we have another Kat on board. Now don’t confuse us, Tamara. We have different colors. 😉

    My name suggestion for your lovely shawl is what immediately came to my mind when I saw it: “Rainbow Star(s) Shawl” (either singular or plural for the star). Hey ~ I just noticed the initials for that: RSS. So it could have its own RSS Feed. haw-haw-haw!!!

    All of the gifts you are offering are great. Oh how I would LOVE-LOVE-LOVE to win your butterfly doily. Exquisite!!!

    May you have a pleasant dream of your Joshua…..
    Love ‘n HUG! ~ Kat

    • Kat W,

      I am going to call you Kat W. from now on, if that’s ok?

      Hey I like the name that you chose for my shawl (beautiful name from a beautiful person) and will add it to the list. Good Luck!

      I thought you might like the doily:) I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July day today.

      Love you,

  7. Tamara,

    I should have written this before I read your other blog comments because I was going to suggest “Rainbow Stars” too!!!! So if you decide on that one, give it to Kat who suggested it first. I don’t use doilies much anyway. But that two of us who don’t know each other would suggest the same name must mean it has SOME value! It is beautiful, anyway!! Do you just make the stars and then crochet them together as you go? What kind of yarn are you using? You probably told all this before but I don’t always get you tuned in to! I want to see it in ‘real life’ at the next guild meeting! Sue

    • Sue,

      That is strange that both of you would come up with the same name and not even know each other. The stars are all made separately but on the last row you hook it to the next one and so on and so on. I’ll make sure I mention the yarn when I show you the finished piece. Yes, I will bring it to the next guild meeting for you to see in person. Thank you for stopping by to comment.


      • Sue & Tamara ~ You know what ‘they’ say:
        It is nice to know that at least 2 other people (you gals) like the name I (& Sue) chose. 🙂

  8. 1) Berry Origami Explosion
    2) Berry Shawlicious

    • Hi Angie,

      Ok, I have to play fair and I’ll take the 1st one, because there’s only 1 name per person:) And thank you so much for stopping by to comment and get in on the contest.

      Love you My Sweet Niece!
      Aunt Tammy

  9. Opps…. only one entry per person… I’m a rebel!

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