Posted by: tgonzales | May 27, 2011

Three Day Weekend and Some Random Thoughts

The older I get the more I love these longer weekends. Throughout the week I only get to the things that have to be done and none of the other detailed things that I would like to get to. I’m starting to feel like maybe tackling my craft room and maybe get a little inspiration from the things that I might find? I know you all must be very tired of seeing all the little sweaters and shoes that I’ve been making, so here we go with some things that I ran across.

Sometimes I get inspired to do a touch of crochet on a sweater; but this time I added a lot. It’s funny because I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to add to this sweater until I got the rick rack crocheted on and added to the sweater.

Then I decided to hang the colorful motifs along the bottom edge of the rick rack. I’m glad that most of the time these random things work out.:)

With this sweater I just simply added some yarn that already had sequins running through it and made a ruffle along the edge.

Here’s the funky black velvetlike scarf that now has crochet flowers, repurposed sweater leaves, rick rack, and vintage cotton fabric on the back of each flower for more stability and to hide those unsightly stitches holding the flowers on.

This was a very plain or as I like to call it a naked bag that needed to have some crocheted flower embellishments. I just love the way it turned out.

This was a fun and tedious project. If you can’t tell; this used to be (as I call it) a hoochy mama skirt and when I looked at it I thought of making a pillow out of it. What I decided to do was poke holes along the bottom edge of the front and back and crochet the two pieces together to hold the pillow in. But I couldn’t use just a regular small hook for this as the fabric is faux leather and it had a backing on it; so the hook kept getting stuck. So I took my husband’s awl out and used it to poke holes along the edge and could then push my hook through the holes and bring the crochet thread through and crochet the two pieces together. Then at the top I poked more holes and inserted rivets, then crocheted chain strings to thread through the holes and tied the top pieces together. I also sewed a fabric pillow insert and placed it inside.

Here’s a really easy crochet pillow top that I just used half double crochets back and forth, and then once it was done, I picked up some of the stitches in the middle rows and made shell stitches across making it look like ruffles. The base of the pillow is fabric and I just simply sewed the crochet piece onto the front by hand.

This item is very special to me; my friend Kat sent me the yellow wool yarn that I made into a pillow with a random purple stripe in the middle and gray shell stitch all around,

then I made a base pillow from a vintage scrap quilt block that was lying around and I stitched the crochet pillow to the fabric pillow.

This pillow is made from a denim skirt. Since it really is large I was thinking that it would be cute in a young girl’s room and I could see her hiding things in the pockets of the skirt. I made the pillow by poking holes along the bottom edge just like the leather-like skirt and

added an edging of crochet, then I sewed snaps at the top to keep it closed and made a fabric pillow insert.

I love the looks of the crochet on this distressed camo sweatshirt. I like the way it adds just a little femininity to the garment.

I even added some to the sleeve edge

and to the pocket edge.

Ha! Ha! So you really thought you were going to get out of looking at one more sweater and more pairs of shoes. Sorry, here’s the bamboo ewe turquoise sweater along with a group of little shoes. I decided to make short sleeves with a shell stitch around the edge of them to add a little different dimension to this sweater and I really like the way it looks. I love you all and hope your weekend is full of fun.


  1. Hi Tamara! Wow! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first sweater at the top of your post!! I have a sweater that I’d love to try something like this on. Someone gave me the sweater, and it fits me, but it looks like something my grandmother used to wear… It just needs a little something to pretty-it-up more, I’m thinking, so maybe I’ll give your ideas a try, and see what I can do with it!… As for the awl? I used to have one in my tool box, but I have come to find it so indispensable, that I keep it out permanently now, right along with my crochet and scrapbooking supplies, ready to be called upon for duty at any moment!!… Well, I’m looking forward to the three-day weekend myself. I don’t have anything specific planned, but I’m sure I’ll find plenty to do, and the time will absolutely FLY by. It always happens that way, doesn’t it?! Enjoy every minute of yours Tamara, and can’t wait to see what you’re makin’ next! ~tina

    • Tina,

      Thank you for being here and liking the things that I do. I love to inspire people and be inspired by others. I always love to know what you’re up to, also. I know you will come up with something really cool for your sweater and just pretend it’s one of your ATC cards that you’re decorating. You can get as crazy as you want or put as little as you want on your sweater. I hope you have a very creative weekend.

      Love & Hugs,

  2. Wow–you’re so incredible! Please tell me you didn’t do all of these projects this week…??? I love the skirts-turned-pillows! Now I want to try that for a purse. I’ve always wanted to do it but figured I couldn’t since I don’t have a sewing machine. I never thought of using a pretty crocheted border to close it in, too.

    As always, you inspire me! Still have to try one of the sweaters… the short-sleeved one with shells on the sleeve is precious!

    • Mindy,

      You make me laugh! No, I didn’t make all of those in a week. They are just some of the projects that I’ve made over the years and wanted to photograph them again and inspire people to use some of the things that they already have or can easily purchase. Thank you for stopping by to comment it always makes my day.

      Love & Hugs,

  3. Love the way that you’re dressing up existing items with a little bit of great crochet!

    • Kathryn,

      Thank you for liking my ideas. I just love to take things and make them look new again. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and stay safe. Hugs, Tamara

  4. bah! such creativity, mother. i love all of these. and i enjoy figuring out where you took some of these pictures. i don’t know exactly when i’ll feel up to crocheting more, since this week is crazy busy with work. poop poop! you inspire me, momma. and i love you for it.

  5. Tamara,

    You are one super busy woman, or shall I say Wonder Woman! I love the little hint of feminine edging on the camo sweat jacket. Also, I like your style of making something new out of something old. I always look forward to your blogs each week.


    Heather Beachell

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