Posted by: tgonzales | May 13, 2011

Empty Toilet Paper Rolls and Baby Shoes

I just have to say this and get it off of my chest. Am I the only one that can change the toilet paper roll? No matter whether I’m at home,

work (I hope no one saw me go into the bathroom with my camera; probably would think it was a little strange, Ha! Ha! I’m going to see if the new roll is still there tomorrow), or on a road trip it seems like I always end up having to put a new roll of toilet paper in the dispenser. I think I need to add toilet paper changer to my job description. Lately I have been putting each empty toilet paper roll on the floor in the living room (as I leave to go to work), on the stairs, or on the bedside table beside my hubbies side of the bed. It just depends which bathroom I’m in and I also have been dreaming that one morning I wake to find the biggest neatest sculpture made from empty toilet paper rolls. Thank you for letting me vent; I feel better now. Who changes the empty toilet paper rolls where you live?

I’ve been carrying my little shoes around in my colorful woven basket and a few people have already bought some of them from me.

Jodi from work couldn’t let her new little niece Harper be without some of my little shoes.

I’ve also been interviewing ways to package them to sell. I really like this cupcake box, and I love how they look in it, but for the little boys shoes I would have to find a plain box.

Or I could put them in these little cellophane bags and tie them with a ribbon. Which do you think I should use? I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I’ll talk to you all on Monday.


  1. HA HA!! I LOVE this post! And yes, I’m the only one I know who is clever enough to figure out how to put a new roll of toilet paper on the roll!!!

    Every time I see all your tiny little booties, I have to laugh. They are way too cute. I vote for the cellophane bag tied with a bow. That way they are kept clean and together, but the buyer can see the whole bootie.

    • Thanks Rosina for liking my comments and my booties and I do value your opinion on everything!

      Love you,

  2. Q – How many men does it take to change the toilet paper?

    A – Nobody knows, it has never been done.

    So glad I had a chance to tell this joke; it is one of my favorites. I live with my hubby and grown son, and I am the only one around my house who knows how to change out the toilet paper rolls; knew I wasn’t the only one with this little problem.

    • Barbara,

      I knew I wasn’t the only one who changes the roll and I love your joke. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I’m glad I gave you the opportunity to tell it.:) And thank you so much for stopping by.


  3. I love the cupcake box idea.

    • Donna,

      Thanks for stopping by and giving me your opinion. I miss you!!


  4. Honestly, I like the cellophane bag better! The box is cute, but you can see the cute little booties MUCH better, and the ribbon bow is all the prettier, I think…. AND I can easily imagine, the bags will be much less expensive, which in the end makes a big difference to you and the one who is deciding whether to purchase them or not… Well, lucky you to be able to post! I imagine you’ve heard/noticed by now that Blogger’s been down.. They sure are taking a long time to FIX IT! I think I’m feeling withdrawal symptoms setting in! Wish us google bloggers luck, will ya?!.. And have a great weekend!… (Oh, and good luck with those tissue rolls! I’m curious to hear dear hubby’s reaction!! LOL!) ~tina

    • Oh Tina thank you so much for stopping by to give me your opinion on my dillema. I’m so sorry to hear about blogger being down, hopefully it will be back up and running soon. I can’t wait to hear what you’re working on. Have a great weekend.

      Love and Hugs,

  5. I vote for the box for girls, cause I just love the flower box and the cellophane for the little men booties. Where on earth did you find such a cute little box anyway?
    I try to be the toliet roll changer, so I can make sure it rolls the correct way, ha!

    • Susie,

      I do love the little box and the cellophane too. Thank you so much for stopping by and giving me your opinion. You are so right about the toilet paper thingy; because my husband doesn’t put it on right either. HaHAHAHA and maybe it’s on purpose? Not sure.

      Love & Hugs,

  6. I vote cellophane, because they look like little yummy treats, you can use for either girl or boy, storage much simpler and assembly will be ziltch – also can be used for any other type of goodie. Gee, didn’t know I had such strong feelings about packaging..
    Only women change toilet paper rolls, purchase toilet paper, and discuss toilet paper issues. Men are stupid and only use toilet paper because we make them. Apparently I have strong feelings about tissue as well.


    • Steph,

      I’m with you on the strong feelings especially on the toilet paper roll issue. Now that I’ve got that out in the open I’m really ok with it. Thanks for the opinion on the packaging ideas too. You make me laugh!

      Love you,

  7. OH HOLY IRRITATION. i just tried posting a long, beautiful comment. i forgot to put my name and email into the boxes because i’m used to not having to do that and when i pressed return my comment was gone. argh. ok. so. trying again.
    i always put a new toilet paper roll on the dispenser when i’ve used the last of it! even alex would, which was one of two things he ever did ever ever ever that was close to keeping our room tidy. o.o now i’m living with responsible ladies. wow. reading some of the other comments, many women are so hype about toilet paper! i enjoy the fact that you want to see the empty rolls become a piece of art. aaand listen. i love the shoes in the cupcake box. you must use that. if you put those in a boutique, i feel like people would be aaaaall over that business. today after work, i am going back to this thrift store in brooklyn i applied to yesterday to speak with the manager in person. genius, no? i’m already looking spiffy, so might as well! alrightydo. i love you!

    • Oh Chacho I do that all the time and it makes me so irritated, because I’m not logged in properly. Then I can’t get my words back; because they were perfect the way they were. (wasn’t that a song and movie?) HaHaHaHa

      I’m wishing you luck on the thrift store job. I think you would be so good at any position that you will get. And I’m glad that you’re looking spiffy! Of course I always think you look spiffy and you always smell good!!!! I love you too, Momma

  8. I like both ways of displaying them. The box is cute and easy to wrap as a gift, but the bag lets you see all around them if they were to be displayed for sale. I’m sure the bags are cheaper, anyway… Maybe it depends on how much you want to spend to sell them?

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Mindy,

      Thank you for your opinion as always I love hearing from you. I hope your weekend is good too.

      Love & Hugs,

  9. Okay, first of all, I have to say our cute little Miss Emma kitty has been having fun lately …. not changing the tp roll, but …. emptying the roll. She just sits sideways on the toilet and happily watches herself unroll all that paper. She is such a clown!

    I definitely love the cupcake box. Yet I think of the cost of it vs. the cellophane bag. Then I think maybe the adorable box “out-shows” the booties? Then again, it is SO cute that it really draws your eyes to it — so it could even be a plus in selling the shoes for girls. As for the bag, it is simple and you can fancy it up with different ribbons — and it would be easier to carry 2 or 3 or 4 pairs of shoes out of the store in those bags. LOL! Either way, you have great ideas here, Tamara.

    Now my question is: Who gets to re-roll the unused tp after my Emma unrolls it???

    • Kat,

      Oh My Gosh, HAHAHAHAHAHA you made me laugh so hard. I know it’s not funny when you have to roll the toilet paper back up, but I can just see Miss Emma having so much fun with that. Good luck folding or rolling as the case may be?

      I really do appreciate your opinion on the box vs cellophane bag issue. Thank you for making my day.

      Love & Hugs,

      • 😀 Frank gets upset when he is the one who walks in on the unrolled tp. I told him I think it’s funny and Emma is so cute. He said that after he’s done re-rolling and later thinks about it, he does have to laugh. 😀

        Love ya, Tamara ~ Keep on laughing!! ;-D
        Kat (& Emma!)

  10. Both Megan and I change the toilet paper. Maybe it’s a female thing cuz we have to use it everytime we go and not just number 2. Lol! She even puts it on right and takes the time to make sure it’s torn from the rest and hanging nicely. The funny thing is that I never taught her, I just noticed her doing it one day. And Joshua, of course you would be good at the tp thing! Your mama and I raised you right! Lol! You had lots of female upbringing which will make you an awesome husband and father someday:). I like the box for the girl booties and the cellophane for the boy ones.

  11. HA! I just read this fifteen minutes ago and laughed to myself in agreement. Guess what was waiting for me in the bathroom when I was finished?

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