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April 23-24, 2011 Weekend

I had a great weekend; first of all it started off with me spending the evening in El Dorado at Sugar Bunny Boulevard with two fun ladies; Kelly and Susie. They threatened to smash my camera if I didn’t take a good picture. (not really, but it sounded good) How did I do ladies?

Saturday was devoted to Jennifer. We started out at Tanya’s Soup Kitchen and we were the first people there before they opened. My niece Emilee works there and she came out to greet us and said that Tanya wanted us to come on in since we were family. Then when it was time to allow the other people to come in we were the first ones in line to order. Tanya just opened her restaurant a couple of weeks ago, after not serving her specialty soups, sandwiches, and salads for a seven years. Wichita has really missed her and it shows by the crowds that are eating at her restaurant.

Tanya was gracious enough to pose for the camera and she was so sweet to come around and check on us several times to make sure everything was ok.

I ordered the Tomato Basil and Chef’s club sandwich and the food was just as I remembered; very fresh and totally addictive. I’m hooked on Tanya’s Soup Kitchen all over again.

Emilee was sweet enough to come over and pose with Jennifer and we were off to our next destination, which was Junk in the Trunk Clothing resale shop. We found some really cute things there and then we went to Trends and found some more cute clothes for Jennifer and some pieces of jewelry that I couldn’t resist bringing home for myself and one necklace for Jennifer. We also came out of Trends with 2 ballerina bunnies for Megan’s Easter Basket.

Here’s one of the new tops that Jennifer decided on wearing to get her haircut. I loved it with her skinny jeans, her black boots, and her new chunky necklace. I wished I would’ve gotten pictures of all of them, as I think we found some really cute things.

I even had fun watching Jennifer get her haircut and Kara (her hairstylist) was so nice to pose for a picture with Jennifer, and she reminded me of a blonde Betty Boop.

Saturday evening we spent with my husband’s family; his sisters Helen,



brother Johnny Grande,

Great niece Heather,

and Great Great Nephew Byron. We also got to visit with his brother-in-laws Pat & CW, niece Maria, and nephew Benjamin. But I didn’t get pictures of them. Oh well maybe next time.

Sunday we spent the day with my Mom and Dad. I can’t believe my Dad still loves to tinker around and restore things. I think that’s what he wants to do to this trailer? I love the way he wears that really long apron so that he doesn’t tear up his clothes. (I think the apron was my Mom’s idea?)

My Mom still enjoys making meals for her family and Easter is no different. She told me later that she has a hard time not fixing something on special occasions; as she is so used to doing it and it’s very hard for her not to. When she called and asked if we could come up; she said “I just wanted some company.”

She was excited to show me the two western shirts that she made for her neighbor who raises miniature horses. My Mom can still sew with the best of them at almost 80. I hope I’m able to do the things that both of my parents can do at their ages, if and when I reach that age.

I think most of you know that my sister and I had our first children just a day apart. It was 35 years ago today that I had my daughter and my sister had her son the very next day. We both had the same doctor and we got to stay in the same hospital room too.

Happy Birthday Jennifer

and Jarred. I love you both more than you will ever know. Now I would love to hear about all of your weekend happenings.


  1. Great picture of Kelly and me, thanks for the the delete of the previous one, ha! That was a fun time.
    You know, I just love Tanya’s. You and Jennifer seemed to have a great time celebrating her birthday and finding some super deals.
    Korey has a thing for trailers, like your dad and I can see him doing the same thing when and if he makes it to that age as well.
    Looks like you had a full, blessed weekend for sure.

    • Susie,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. I sure had fun with you and Kelly. Thanks for driving.


    • Susie, It sure was a great picture of you. I had so much fun with you and Tamara, we will have to do it again sometime. But first, we will snatch Tamara’s camera!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

      • Hey Kelly. That was the best picture of both of you. Believe me you wouldn’t want me to post the other one:)

  2. Aw, love the pictures. Thanks for coming in, it was a fun surprise!

    • Emilee,

      Thank you so much for commenting and thank you for taking such good care of Jennifer and I at lunch. I’m sure I’ll be coming in again real soon.

      Love you,
      Aunt Tammy

  3. You always have such sweet and wonderful family time. It must be because of your sweet and wonderful family.

    That Soup Kitchen sounds like a dream come true to me!! I LOVE soups. =)

    • Oh Mindy,

      I do have a great time with my family and I’m the same way with soups. They just comfort me for some reason.:)

      Love and Hugs,

  4. I suppose I am the only one who did not know about you & Jackie delivering within one day of each other. How exciting — and such fun that you were in the same hospital room together!! (Love the OLD pic – haha.)

    I see Jennifer misses Joshua so MUCH that she decided she needs to also have black hair. LOL! The black certainly contrasts nicely with her blue eyes.

    What I did this past weekend was to spend plenty of time in my back yard with little Emma on her leash. I smartened up and attached a second *longer* leash to the first, so now I don’t have to actually walk *every* step with her. She keeps me out there for close to an hour – when only I am ready to come inside & sit down. LOL! We had our first gorgeous weather so far this Spring. Sunny, sunny, sunny!!! And 65º in the shade. I hung laundry out both days. So it was a purrfect weekend for me. 🙂

    • Oh Kat!

      I thought I had told you about my sister and I? I may just have to tell that story again some day? We’ll see.

      You are the only one that has said anything about Jennifer’s hair color. That’s what I love about you; you are so detail oriented.

      It sounds like you are having fun with Emma outside and thank goodness you had a little spring weather too. I love Spring, but it doesn’t last long enough around here. It shoots right into Summer and that’s ok too. I’m glad you had a good one.

      Love and Hugs,

      • Oh Tamara! ~ I would not be surprised if you *had* told me about you & Jackie — and I simply forgot. Happens every day. LOL

        Detail oriented –> yup, that is I. Sometimes it gets used for good; other times, I drive people nuts with it. haha!!

        Emma & I likely won’t be getting outside for another of her adventures in our garden areas …. until Sunday. At least, that’s what the weather forecasters are telling me now. But that’s okay — we can still have fun indoors. 😉 We are getting some soft showers today (very green grass!) and it is only about 45º.

        Thanks for replying to me.
        Love ‘n Hugs right back at ya ~
        Kat (& Emma)

  5. I had a great weekend spending time with my family. And my bray was spent with aunt jackie, Angie and Ava in the afternoon and with my dad for dinner. We r truly blessed to have such a wonderful family. Aunt Jackie and I cried and laughed and loved every min of being together. At least I did anyway! Lol! Love you so much mommy!

    • Thanks for stopping by Jennifer.

      Love you too,

  6. d’aw. such sweetness. i have never heard of this tanya’s place. and i am jealous that you got to see so much of the family. gee whiz. broke my heart that grandma just wanted company.

    • Oh Joshua,

      You will never know how much you were missed on Sunday! And yes grandma wanting company broke my heart too. Next time you are here I’ll have to take you to Tanya’s. You’ll love the tomato basil soup.

      Love you,

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