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Friday, April 22, 2011

I just noticed that Wednesday was my 100th post. I should be doing a give away or something. Maybe I can fit that in next week? Wow, there have been lots of good things going on here in my world this week. I just finished up a huge project at work that has taken me about 6 months to do. I’m a jack of all trades in the position that I hold at my day job and one of them is taking care of the filing of all the project files. I’ve been re-boxing and cataloguing project files from 1989-2004 to get them ready to go to an off-site storage facility. All the boxes had to be catalogued, labeled with a UPC code, and registered in the computer, as well as printing out a spreadsheet with all the information on it for the driver of the truck who is going to be picking up 200 boxes of old files today! Yippee! I also had a small mailing of 150 postcards that had to go out by today and I am happy to report that they were all mailed yesterday. On top of that I mailed out my Mother’s 80th birthday invitations yesterday. That leads me to a little story about the similarities of 2 sisters. It’s funny how my sister and I are similar in some ways and especially when we are designing. Me with my afghan of many granny squares and triangles, where I had to fill all of the holes and each time I would get done with one step I would end up with another hole I needed to fill and on and on it went.

Jackie has also done this with our Mother’s birthday invitations. She carefully chose the paper to print the invitations on as well as searched everywhere for the right size and color of envelope. She designed how the words and pictures looked on the page and made sure everything was just perfect before printing.

When she placed the invitation inside the envelope she noticed that the words showed through. (I know you can’t see it in this picture, but the words were really showing through) Well we couldn’t have that, so her and I went out looking for new envelopes and we finally came to the conclusion that we already had the only envelopes that were to be found for our Mother’s invitations.

She finally decided that she would make a little sleeve out of blue paper and wrap it around the invitation, but it couldn’t just be plain, she wanted it to be very special, so she used her scalloped edge rotary cutter and edged one side of each sleeve with a cute little scalloped edge,

and oh no she couldn’t stop there she decided to add some stitching through the 3 layers of paper and then she was pleased when she slid it into the envelope and no letters showed through.

But then the envelope was a little bare, so she not only stamped a beautiful pink bird on the front of the envelope, but also on the back. Then she placed each invitation in the envelope and sealed them, placed a stamp on each one, and then brought them all to me so that I could place the address and return address labels on each one.

By the way Jackie, I saw your face when you noticed that I couldn’t match the address label font to the return address label font. I seen you cringe, and I’m so proud of you for not saying anything; as I know you were very tired at the end of all the designing of our Mother’s beautiful invitation. But sometimes we just have to let those things go and now that they are all out in the mail you can mark that one off of the birthday preparation list. It’s a good thing you love me, right? 

Also, everyone still has today to let me know if you have a name for my CGOA Design Granny Square Afghan Naming Contest. Please let me know by leaving me a message here, or email me at:

I have started on the doily that I plan on giving to the first place winner in the Afghan Naming Contest and I do love these Japanese patterns because they have the charts and you crochet the motifs in as you go, plus when you’re done the outside edging is already done. Some of you may remember that very large ball of thread from the doilies that I gave away on Crochet Soiree. Yes it’s still the same one and I made about 4 doilies from this thread already and see how much thread is still left on it?

Tonight I’m going on a little road trip with a couple of the ladies from KS My Stitch crochet guild. We’re going to El Dorado, Kansas which is about a 30 minute drive from Wichita. We will be visiting a yarn shop there and having dinner there. It should be lots of fun.

Saturday will be spent with my beautiful daughter Jennifer to celebrate her upcoming 35th birthday on Monday. We’re going to spend the day together; and maybe even get in a few hooking minutes? I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I’m sending lots of hugs your way.


  1. It all looks so wonderful! I love the invitations, and can understand the commitment to detail. Tamara, the doilie is so interesting. I have never seen one like it. Cant wait to see it complete.
    So happy I got to see the afagahn 🙂 in person, the colors are amazing.


    • Steph,

      I can understand the importance of details too and she did a wonderful job on the invitations. Thanks for liking the doily and my afghan.

      Love you,

  2. Beautiful work on those invitations and on the doily!

    My sister would be the same way! 😉 We’re both perfectionists in our own way.

    Sorry I’m not very creative with naming the afghan… I’ll have to be bold in voting, I guess. I can’t wait to hear what everyone comes up with.

    Enjoy your weekend celebrating!

    • Mindy,

      I love that about sisters. We all understand each other.

      I’m like you; I can’t think of anything to name my afghan and that’s why I thought of the idea for asking for help. There will be another chance to win something and you have a good chance of winning in the future.

      Love and Hugs,

  3. Invitations & Envelopes ….. MEOWZA!!!!!
    They are beautiful keepsakes now.
    And what a very special doily you are crocheting as a prize, special lady.

    • Kat,

      Yes they are beautiful keepsakes and I’m sure we will be saving one for our Mother to put in her scrapbook. Thanks for liking the doily. I can’t wait until you can read charts and enjoy making doilies like I do.:)

      Love you,

      • I am not even interested in learning to read charts. I suppose if I had you here with me, things would be different. 😉

  4. Kat,

    I wish I could be there with you to teach you how to read charts, because they’re so much more fun than reading words. Although I still like a few words, but mostly I love charts.:)


    • Hey Tamara ~ Feel free to keep mentioning it to me. Who knows? Maybe someday the interest will spark within me. 😉 Love ya!!

      • I guarantee you that I will keep pestering you about charts until one day I will break you down:) i wished I knew how to make those cute little happy faces that you always put into your comments. Maybe you can teach me how to do that? Love you too!

  5. Okay, Tamara. When I have “a breakdown”, everyone will know whom to blame. LOL!

    Type these 3 keys, but do not leave spaces in between:
    ; – ) 😉
    Then do these:
    : – ) 🙂

    • Thanks Kat for the information and thank you for making me laugh.

      The Breakdown cracked me up. I was at my desk just laughing all by myself when one of my coworkers came around the corner and couldn’t figure out what I was laughing about. Oh well, he will never know;-)

      • ………. GIGGLES ……….
        (I expected to see some smiley faces from ya, tho.)

  6. welp. i tried commenting while at work but it didn’t work. poop. no one commented on wednesday’s post! i love that picture. aaaand jenny’s birthday is this week. i won’t be able to go to a movie with her. :[ ah well – she came to new york! ahahahah. have a good time in el dorado. love you!

    • I know that no one commented on Wednesday’s blog post but I think everyone thought that I didn’t want to talk.:) I’m not sure.

      And yes Jennifer will be 35 on Monday, can you believe it? Love you too!


  7. Kat,

    I tried the happy faces and couldn’t get them to work on mine. I must be doing something terribly wrong.;-)

    • Well phooey. 😦 I’m wondering if you have Windows 7. I still have XP. Maybe that’s the diff??

      • Maybe so:-)?

  8. P.S. Tamara & Joshua ~ I am thinking nobody else felt like talking either on Wed., huh?

    • I think you’re right! Love you Kat!

  9. 35! Yikes! I don’t even like saying it! Lol! I had a great day and I love you. I will miss our movie too but I’m going to take Megan in your place:)

    • Jennifer,

      I had a wonderful time too and enjoyed every minute of it. Even watching you get your haircut. It was just like when you were a little girl. ~sigh~

      Love you,

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