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April 16-17, 2011 Weekend

My weekend started off with dinner with my friend Rosina and laughing at embarrassing moments of new friends at the Chick’s Spring Fling party. Thanks Susie for such a fun time and my cheeks are still sore from smiling so much. It was really funny that when it was my turn to tell an embarrassing story about myself I couldn’t think of any, but I remember one now. It was just before Joshua was going into his Freshman year of high school and they had an Open House for the new Freshman. Of course we went and as I was coming into the Common’s area where all the different classes and teachers were set up and I stopped to talk to someone I used to work with. When I was done talking I went to catch up with Joshua and John, but I didn’t remember there were two steps down into the Common’s Area, so my body bypassed the two steps and I proceeded to fall down, my purse flew across the room and landed at the back of Joshua and when I looked up all I saw was Joshua and a few of his friends who he had stopped to talk to. I was so embarrassed, but Joshua stepped back, picked up my purse and helped me up off of the floor. When John finally realized that no one was with him anymore he turned around and asked why I was on the floor. To say the least I felt like crawling into a hole and felt like everyone in the place had seen me fall. As we were finally leaving Joshua asked if I was ok and when I told him that I was fine but just very embarrassed and I apologized to him for maybe embarrassing him; he started to snicker and then I started to laugh and we both laughed so hard that we both cried. Now that was funny and embarrassing.

Speaking of Joshua, he started his new job on Saturday at the Irish Repertory Theatre and worked from 11:00 AM-10:30 PM, then went back to do it all again on Sunday. Oh by the way he’s working the sound and now I know why he practiced all those many years having those headphones attached to his head. Ha! Ha! I’m so proud of him for all the things that he has been able to do and I can hardly wait to see what happens in the future. Love you Joshua!

I had the whole day to myself on Saturday so a lot of hooking went on. I managed to complete my afghan and decided to add 5 rows of edging on it and as soon as I gather all the fun names that some of you came up with I’ll post those for you to vote on. If anyone wants to join in I’ll give you until Friday, April 22nd to come up with a name that you think would suit my granny square afghan. Either send me a message by email at or leave a comment on here.

I have picked the doily that I’m making for the prize doily and it consists of 15 of these little motifs; aren’t they cute and the best color ever? (my favorite color)

I also tackled that pile of ironing and I am so embarrassed to say that I had 15 dress shirts, 5 pairs of khaki pants, 3 blouses, and 1 jacket to iron and yes I finished it all. I always say that I won’t let it get that bad again and then I do. Oh well, I always find something more fun to do; like crochet!

Sunday I pulled out a few things to interview for my pincushion making process,

and ended up leaving this behind to go to my sisters to discuss some details of my Dear Mother’s 80th Birthday celebration.

It’s always fun visiting and planning things with my sister. This picture is of us at home just before leaving to go to the church so that I could be the flower girl in my Uncle Oris and Aunt Barbara’s wedding. My Mom made our dresses and we looked so happy.

Then this is a picture of us after we stepped into the church and all the people kept oohing and aahing and saying how cute we were. Look at how shy and how scared we were. Then, I think about us now and while we were at Michaels trying to decide on things to add to the birthday invitations and we were laughing so hard that I’m sure security called one of the clerks to check on us. Ha! Ha! Oh my gosh, we’re not so shy anymore.

Jackie came up with the coolest thing to surprise our Mom with and it’s not easy surprising our Mom. Since our Mom is such a good cook Jackie and I and some of her Granddaughters have requested a lot of her recipes when we set up our homes. Well, we are going to take 7 or so of her recipes and make a little recipe scrapbook for party favors. And oh no, we aren’t going to stop there, we are going to ask the granddaughters if they want to make some of her cake and cookie recipes and bring them to the party, and then of course let’s not stop there either, we will feed whoever is left at the end of the party and,

I’m going to be in charge of making one of my most favorite childhood meals that my Mom used to make, Potato Pan Burgers. I think we laughed the hardest when Jackie said, “I think we are on the downswing of all the party planning, what do you think?” I said I don’t think so, but whatever, because there’s nothing too good for our Mom after all the sacrifice that she made for all of her children and her husband over all of these years. I may not have said it quite like that, but Jackie knows that I meant to say exactly this. Ha! Ha! Thanks for stopping by and make sure you let me know if you want to be in on the Afghan Naming Contest. I hope everyone has a lovely week!


  1. hmmmm…… Seems tripping down — or up! — stairs is your thing, Tamara! LOL! Neither of my daughters would’ve waited ’til later to do their laughing, tho — so “Good for Joshua!!” And congrats to Joshua on his weekend job that is right up his alley.

    Oh my, WHAT a grand party you & Jackie are planning for your Mom. Anyone left at the end of it are going to be so pleased they stayed — ‘cuz you will be feeding them scrumptious food. 😉 What special things you are doing for her; she’s earned it, eh?

    Hey ~ when I first pulled up the shy/scared photo of you ‘n Jackie, I thought you both look like porcelain dolls standing there. How great that someone took those “before & during” pics. LOL! …. Sure would’ve liked to have run into you ‘n Jackie at Michael’s — IF I had my earplugs in. hahaha!!! Keep making those special sister memories, my friend. (heart)

    • Kat,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and I always enjoy hearing from you. Love you my friend.


  2. i looove that story about you falling. i held it together until we left and then the entire car ride back was filled with ridiculous laughter. 😀 i have no idea where i stand working at the theatre now that the weekend’s over. 😦 also, i miss that sweater in the picture.

    i wish i could be there for grandma’s birthday. gee whiz.

    • Joshua,

      I knew you would get a kick out of that embarrassing story again. We laughed so hard and what was really funny is your Dad didn’t know what was so funny. HAHAHAHAHAHA, you and I are made from the same mold and have the same heart and same sense of humor, don’t we?

      Love you,

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