Posted by: tgonzales | April 15, 2011

Naming My Blanket and Other Random Thoughts

Ok, I think I need to have a blanket naming contest for my blanket. I have had a few names thrown my way and I like the idea of giving away a prize for the person who comes up with the best name. But I don’t think I should choose. I’m going to let everyone vote for the one they like the best. I will have you email me with your name for my blanket to and then I will post the blanket names on my blog and have everyone vote on which one they think should win.  Three people will win a prize.

I am just itching to get into my Ondori Japanese doily books again and make another doily. I will award the person who gets the most votes with either a doily

or a set of coasters (not sure yet), Second place will win a crochet book (it won’t be my Japanese books) Ha! Ha!, and Third place will win a pincushion. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

There’s a lot to do this weekend. Rosina and I are going to a Spring Chick Fling party at our friend Susie’s house. It should be lots of fun and Susie always has fun things to do.

Sunday, I’ll be meeting with my sister to go over some of the details of our Mother’s 80th birthday celebration in June. I’m the one that’s sitting on the chair and my Mom is holding my sister Jackie. I was 3 and Jackie was about 17 months old.

The pincushion swap is underway and I can’t wait to see the pincushions that will be flying from one side of the country to the other and some will even land in the middle to meet me.:)

My beautiful daughter is sick with strep and I have been helping from afar. I’ve ran to get her medications almost throwing them at her as I drive by. (not really) Yesterday I told her that I thought I was getting a sore throat too. She looked at me and said, “Oh no, or do you think it’s just sympathy pains?” I told her that I thought it was just sympathy pains. Do you know how hard it is to just drop off medications and cans of soup and not go in and Mother her? It’s also very hard for me to hear Joshua coughing and blowing his nose; when I’m so far away and I can’t help him at all. Jennifer should start feeling better soon and will be on the road to recovery in a few more days and Joshua will be fine too. (he just misses my hugs and food) Ha! Ha! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I’ll talk to you real soon.


  1. Wow… I DO think SOMETHING is going around! MY daughter has had a terrible sore throat all week too, but it doesn’t seem to be strep.. at least not that we know of yet. Here’s hoping BOTH our daughters are feeling better soon… OH! And Joshua too! (0; Have a great weekend Tamara! ~tina

    • Tina,

      Thank you for the get well wishes for my daughter and son. I do hope your daughter doesn’t have strep; it’s such a hard thing to recover from. I hope you have a great weekend too and thanks for stopping by.

      Love and Hugs,

  2. Tamara I have not seen that picture of you and me in such a long time! I get so emotional looking through the pictures. We are so blessed to have such a nice family and each other! Mom told me yesterday she is sorry she could not give us very much growing up….. I told her we had the best childhood ever…..her she is 80 years old and sewing a western shirt for the neighbor…loving and making quilts and recieving blankets, booties for the great grand babies. # 24 great grandbaby will be here soon! And so much more…..she is a Amazing woman and mother!

    • Jackie,

      Thanks for stopping by and being emotional with me. You sure have changed since we were kids growing up. I was always the emotional one and you held yours in, except when the boys were teasing you, then you would scream.:)

      I agree with you about our childhood. We had each other and that’s all that we seemed to need. I too, think our mother is an amazing mother to have raised 5 kids and an amazing woman who stayed married for 62 years. Amen!

      With Love from Your Real Sister,

  3. Love the blanket, love the photos! Miss you, love you.

    My name suggestion for the blanket: Grannies Gone Wild.


    • Steph,

      Love you too and I’ll take note of the name and make sure it’s not already taken:) Thanks for stopping by on your busy day.


  4. aw, i love this. i can’t believe grandma’s going to be 80. aand i quite like the blanket. and and and. well, i am mostly better. only have a slightly stuffy nose but that’s no big deal. i miss you a whole bunch.

    • Oh Joshua,

      I love you too and miss you mucho!


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