Posted by: tgonzales | April 4, 2011

April 2-3, 2011 Weekend

This weekend started off with John going to Kansas City for Friday night and all day Saturday. That meant I was all alone! Oh my gosh. What could I do?

First thing that I decided to do was stop at one of my favorite thrift stores after work and this is what I found. I just love the little plastic baskets and can’t wait to serve up some homemade burgers, fries, corn dogs, or onion rings in these cute little baskets. Maybe I’ll do that this coming weekend at our officers meeting.

I also found this really pretty woven straw basket with a lid. It really looks cool with my afghan sticking out of it. I don’t know why I’m still so surprised that almost everything that I pick up matches with what I’m crocheting. Anyway I also decided to call my daughter, Jennifer and have a little dinner out with her all by ourselves, without any interruptions. We had Mexican food at Felipes and oh man it was good and we always have leftovers to bring home and this night was no exception. Jennifer had to go to work, so we went our separate ways and I came home and decided to go ahead and watch the Netflix movie that John and I would have watched. It was “While You Were Sleeping” with Sandra Bullock in it. I remember seeing parts of this movie before, but this time I watched the whole movie and I loved it.

Saturday started out with my good intentions of me maybe doing my ironing, but I opted to go to Twist and check out the new colors of cotton yarn that she had just gotten in from Kertzer’s. It’s called Down to Earth and the company sends each set of colors in their own cool paper bag.

I not only found a pink and a gray skein of yarn to come home with me, but I also become the proud owner of 5 of the cool paper bags. I know they will come in handy for small projects or special shopping expeditions or even for the Farmer’s market this summer.

I got to visit with Lindsey,


I didn’t get to visit with Cori as she was teaching Crochet 101, but I couldn’t resist taking her picture while she was teaching.

Oh my gosh, Shelly got in this really cool book called “the Beaded Edge”. It was fun seeing all the different projects that were included in the book.

I especially liked this one. It reminds me of the tunic smock that I embroidered for myself right out of high school back in the 70’s.:)

Anyway, I came back home and ate lunch and watched another movie on instant viewing on Netflix. This time I watched “The Young Victoria” with Emily Blunt. I really love to watch these kinds of movies. I love to see the costumes and the clothes that they used to wear. Then John arrived back home and we had dinner and decided to watch another movie called “Someone Like You” with Ashley Judd, Hugh Jackman, and Greg Kinnear. I really enjoyed it and it was good to have John back home too.

Sunday came and I had to buckle down and get my chores done. But John had other thoughts. He wanted to take me out for breakfast and he wanted me to check out a before the sale Estate Sale of a fellow crafter. So I called the Estate Sales consultant and made arrangements for us to go after breakfast. The man showed us to the rooms that already had things marked and priced.

I checked out the linens first and found two linen pieces that had tatting on them for 50 cents each.

Then I found a silk handkerchief with delicate embroidery and a “T” on it for $1. Then I made my way to the crafting room with lots of notions. I found pinking shears, snippers, little stainless steel scissors, assortment of needles (I don’t think you can ever have enough needles), little pin cushion, thimble, sharpener for white marking pencils, wooden spools of assorted colors of thread,

turquoise box of pins that have pink and blue heads on them, some silk braid trim, 

and can we talk about the pretty red, turquoise, olivey green padded hangers too. I’m not sure what it is about hangers that I love so much, but I can’t seem to get enough of them. ha! ha! I even took my recycled paper bags with me and only managed to fill up one. The man didn’t have all the weaving supplies marked, but it was probably best that I didn’t see any more. I was really satisfied with what I found.

Later in the afternoon on Sunday, my Joshua and I Skyped and it was nice to be able to see his face and his new haircut. We talked for awhile until his friends started coming into his room and he felt uncomfortable talking.

I thought you all would like to see him, since I haven’t mentioned him in a while. He’s doing great in school and is wrapping up the school year already. He’s franticly looking for a job and hopefully will have something real soon. He hasn’t picked up his crochet as much since he returned to New York in January but, I’m very proud of what he’s done and what he will do. And I mean in everything, not just crochet:) He texted me later and told me that he signed the lease on an apartment in New York. I guess that means he’s truly a New Yorker now? But I think his heart will always be here with his Momma:) Well, that’s my weekend wrapped up in a nice little package. Oh by the way I still haven’t done my ironing. Now tell me how you spent your weekend.


  1. Oh wow!! A Before-the-Sale Estate Sale for crafters!! I didn’t know they’d let you buy before the sale goes public. How absolutely purr-fect, huh? You found some special items — especially the silk hanky with a “T” embroidered on it. LOVE THE HANGERS!!!

    So nice to ‘see’ Joshua again. I noticed the Christmas lights hanging high up on the wall. LOL! I know you do not ~feel~ adjusted yet, to his being away. I’m not too sure you will ever adjust to that. 😦 Just keep being thankful for Skype — and that Jennifer still lives in your city!!

    • Kat,

      I do appreciate you stopping by and commenting and thank you for liking the things that I picked up at the before-the-sale-estate-sale:)

      I knew you would like seeing Joshua again and I’m not sure how you can pick up on my feelings so well. You must know me better than I know myself. Ha! Ha! I am very thankful all the ways that we can communicate, via cell phone, email, and Skype. I am greatful that Jennifer and Megan are close enough for me to just run by and see them. Thanks again for being here.

      Love & Hugs,

      • Tamara, you wear your feelings on your sleeve. LOL!

  2. ohhhhh mother. that picture is absolutely terrible. but i forgive you. such an eventful weekend you had. and i had as well! still no job yet but i’m not giving up! hooray for that. ehm. yes. well i hope your week goes swimmingly. love you!

    • Chacho Aaron,

      Thank you for being here too. I’m so very proud of you and I love you too.


  3. Tamara, I am glad you got those cute little scissors!! I almost took them when we were pricing them but decided I had enough and someone else could enjoy them! Wasn’t that a fun sale? Lana and I took home quite abit but I knew better than to bring too much! I could have a sale of my own – but not yet! Sue

  4. Cute stuff for sure. I saw that book at Twist too and drooled…… Thinking a class with something like the beads would be so fun, hint, hint.

    • Susie,

      I think you should conduct a class on the beading:) I bet that tiny scarf is beautiful with all those beads on it.

      Love you,

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