Posted by: tgonzales | March 23, 2011

Thinking of Spring Flowers and Kelly

I know I’m a little behind, but I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Spring. Everything is budding and blooming around me and makes me think about the upcoming warmer, longer days. I love all the flowers that I have in my front flower bed.

I remember when my husband brought a pot of Hyacinth blooms to me before we were married and when the flowers died I planted the bulbs in my front flowerbed, just hoping that they would grow and sure enough they have bloomed every year since.

I love the pink ones too.

I have had some of the flowers that are in my front flower bed for 30 years; the Four-O-Clock’s, the Live Forever, and the Flocks. I especially like the moss that I have growing in an old wheel barrel and wherever there is brown strands you can see little green flowerlike things growing all over them. Soon the whole thing will be completely green and then there will be little yellow flowers all over too.

I love to see the moss hanging down on the sides and sometimes it drops off and it just grows all over the rocks or wherever it lands. All of my flowers do not require much maintenance and I like them like that. All they need is water. How’s the weather where you are and do you have a flower garden or vegetable garden, or both?

I would like to send a special prayer and get well wishes to a very good friend of mine who fell on her tailbone on Sunday and has a compression fracture of her lower lumbar. Her name is Kelly and she’s one of the kindest people in the world. I’ll talk to all of you on Friday and I should be feeling better myself.  I just know that the pain that I’m feeling is nothing compared to what Kelly is dealing with right now. I love you Kelly and hope you are feeling better very soon!


  1. I hope your friend feels better soon, Tamara. That sounds like a hugely painful situation!!

    Those flowers are so pretty! I like your style, it’s similar to mine. I just want to water and have my flowers look so pretty. Alas, I can’t really plant much for another month as we can have snow (and a lot of it) pretty much up until Mother’s Day. It still gets pretty cold at night, too. Spring must be here though as hubby has drug in the portable green house to start the seeds for his/the girls’ veggie garden. It’ll sit in my living room until the threat of freezing passes. But, as I wander around out back, I see signs of life in some of my perennials. The lilac I planted last year has some buds. Yay, I didn’t kill it!! *Ü*


  2. Tamara, you are so kind. Thank you for you thoughtfulness to me in your time of surgery and recovery. I am feeling some better. Don’t bounce back as quickly as I use to. Prayers for a speedy recovery for you as well. Love and hugs to you, Kelly

  3. pobre kelly. gee whiz. i’m thinking spring will be a great time and look what we have here — snow and sleet. ha! so crazy. the weather’s last great hurrah before spring, i suppose? anyway. hope you’re doing well. i love you and i miss you!!

  4. Major prayers & blessings for Kelly!!!!!

    Let’s see, it is currently noon your time, Tamara. I’m wondering if your surgery is completed by now. I am keeping you in my prayers.

    LOVE the hyacinths!!! What I don’t like about their being outside is that you cannot smell their delightful scent. I have one lonely hyacinth (pink) and she comes up every year. I need to get some friends for her, huh?

    Wishing I could snap my fingers to send all the moss to you that is growing around our lawn edges & within the flower gardens. It arrived a couple yrs ago and I kept pulling it up. This year I have decided to just let it win ‘cuz I’m tired of fighting it. LOL!

    Enjoy John’s caretaking. 😉
    Big HUG!!!

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