Posted by: tgonzales | March 16, 2011

Wednesday and Not Much Going on Here

I know, I always say that. But some weeks it seems like there isn’t much going on until I start writing it down. And then it seems like a lot. Monday was John and my 19th wedding anniversary. My day started off with an MRI of my knee at 5:30 am and then I got flowers at work. What a combination, right? Aren’t the flowers beautiful? John had to work that night and

my Megan and Jennifer wanted me to join them for “Chidese”.:)

She was so cute and cuddly but

she could hardly sit still long enough to eat; she just has to move and all I can do is smile and take pictures of her.

She doesn’t seem to understand why I always want to take pictures of her. I just can’t explain to her that time goes by so fast and she won’t be little like this anymore. She will just have to find that out on her own when she gets older, like I have. Poor Jennifer, all I want to do is watch Megan and listen to what she has to say. Are all Grandmothers like me or am I weird?

I woke up Tuesday morning to a nice surprise. There were 2 packages waiting for me by my computer. John gave me a ring that was in the coolest heart shaped box with a rose on top of it. The ring has the words of a hymnal inscribed on the outside, “Be Still my Soul” and on the inside is written

John & Tamara 3-14-1992.

He also gave me the prettiest blouse with rosettes all around the neck, and of course it’s turquoise. He really knows how to make me cry and smile at the same time.

I’m still working on my white sparkly Eva’s shawl. I had to take a break from it, since I must’ve brushed it up against something while I was at the Crochet in Public outing. When I held it up to show Kelly she found a spot on it, so I used a little spot of Dawn and water.

It looks like it came out and I didn’t even know you could blow bubbles through the holes in a shawl, but I could.

I’m on the last 15 granny squares and hope to be done by the end of this week. I hope everyone is having a good week. Now, tell me what’s going on in your world.


  1. Well, Happy Anniversary to you two. What lovely surprises you received. Your hubby is a sweetie, that is for sure. Hope the MRI comes back okay. Great pics of your granddaughter. She’s a cutie. How funny that you can blow bubbles through your project. I never would have thought to try. Love your fun personality. And yay on getting so close to the end of your project!!

    As for me, I’m in the mood for counted cross stitch these days (since my muse for crochet has apparently flown the coop). So, I’m working on a Santa project I found, unopened, at the thrift store a while back. I like that it’s portable, like crochet, and I can pretty much work on it anywhere. I did a lot of counted cross stitch when my mom was alive and set it aside (like crochet and knitting) after she passed. Now I’m comfortable stitching again. Yay!

    Have a great rest of your week!

    • Jeanne,

      Thank you for stopping by and wishing me a happy anniversary. I always love hearing about what you have been up to. I loved your beautiful birthday card today on your blog today. You just amaze me with the talent that you have for so many crafts. I completed one counted cross stitch sampler and then I gave the other one to my sister-in-law to finish. It’s not my cup of tea, but I do love to look at it and have them once they’re done.:) Thank you for sharing and I love hearing about your family and especially the girls. It makes me smile.


  2. Your hubby is such a romantic! And yes, I think most grandmothers would rather watch and visit with their grandchildren than their own children. The grands are so much more interesting and fun!

    That white shawl is going to be stunning!! Can’t wait to see it all finished.

    • RJ,

      I’m so glad that I’m not the only Grandmother that wants to watch their grandkids just play, and thanks for liking my shawl.

      Love you,

  3. Wow, what nice goodies for the 19th anniversary. Love them all, you are blessed.
    The shawl is is going to be stellar! The grannies will be such a blessing as a blanket to those which so need it and will be so thankful to receive such a handmade sacrificial gift of service.

    • Susie,

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I have enjoyed just hooking along with the granny squares. I’m down to 12 left out of the 100. Yippee.

      Love you,

  4. A belated HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Tamara & John! You said he was working …. modeling??? 🙂
    Love the roses — love the photo of the roses … close-up instead of the entire grouping. So artistic.
    We don’t even want to think how old Megan will be in another 19 yrs!!
    Such a gorgeous box for the ring. As I admired it, I tried to figure out what it was before I read about it. Had no clue it was a box! Definitely a keeper.
    Seems you ask that question fairly often, Tamara …. if you are weird. hahahahaha!!!
    As for your shawl, I am singing “Tiny Bubbles”. LOL!

    • Oh Kat, you make me laugh so hard. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Are you weird too like me and watch your grandkids play? Thanks for stopping by and I do really appreciate all of your comments.

      Love and Hugs,

      • Moi? Weird? Like you? NEH-VAH!!

  5. Thanks for your kind words about my goings on. Happy St. Patricks Day to you my friend. You’re gonna be hard pressed to have as good a day today as you did on your Anniversary! What a wonderful husband you have and such a romantic even after a few years of marriage. What an amazing amount of squares you’ve gotten done, but then again not so amazing for you. LOL I thought all grandmothers loved to watch their grandchildren!! It’s what we do! It’s our job! We earned it! LOL

    Love you,

  6. Thanks Barbara for making me feel like I’m normal. I do appreciate all your comments and Happy St. Patrick’s day to you too.

    Love you,

  7. ohmyGROODNESS. seeing the ring and reading about it just killed me. sigh. that’s so sweet and romantic -vomit. just kidding. i would not vomit. but. yes, poor jenny! oh what a time megan will have, finding out how quickly time goes by. WHOO LIFE!

    • Oh my Chacho Aaron, you make me laugh. SIGH!!!!!

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