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March 12-13, 2011 Weekend

First of all I would like to thank all of you who join me here on Crochet With Tamara, for listening to all my rambling on about whatever I’m doing. I try to keep things light and happy. But I do have to tell you how my weekend started because I try to tell you mostly good things, but I broke my cell phone on Friday and I wanted to let you know that if I happen to call you some day and either no one says anything or you hear loud voices it might be me. Because where the keys are on my phone there should be a little flap to cover them up when it’s not use. Until I can decide on what kind of phone I want I will just be carrying this one, oh how I wish Joshua was here to help me with my decision. He’s so much better at the phone lingo when you go to the store and you get bombarded with too much information. I’m sure you all understand what I’m talking about, right? Anyway that’s enough about that.

My husband and I had dinner and a movie on Friday night. We watched Just Friends, a movie that was recommended by my good friends Susie and Steph. I really liked it and we got to have pizza, yummy!

Saturday morning was KS My Stitch monthly officer’s meeting. This month Cori and Amanda joined Steph and I. We had a very productive meeting and I got to feed everyone too. I fixed spaghetti, tossed salad, garlic bread, sour cream bundt cake, with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. I love to cook for people who love to eat and I think we all loved eating.

Saturday afternoon I was scheduled to attend a teachers meeting at my LYS Twist. Twist’s owner Shelly always has a great big smile for me.

Susan who works at the shop, who is a fantastic knitter and I want to think I had a little bit of  influence in her starting to crochet  and she is always happy to smile for me.

Diane is another one of Shelly’s worker bees and she even carries around a ball of yarn in her pocket and every chance she has she pulls out her project to work on. Between winding balls of yarn and helping people decide which yarns to choose for their projects, she also helps people pick out the right pattern for their yarn. She even designs patterns. I love Di, and when I have time I love to sit with her and bounce ideas off of her for designing.

Lindsey is Twist’s coordinator of all the teachers and classes. Our meeting went well and was fast. I will be teaching the crochet headband with a crochet flower and crochet edging around a blanket.

I visited with Kelly, who is always willing to smile for the camera and before I leave, she has to approve each picture of her. Sometimes I listen to her and sometimes I don’t. (I’m just waiting for her to smash my camera some day, not really she’s too nice for that.) HA! HA! I visited with a few other people and then I was off to be at home with my

granny squares that I’m making for Crochet a Rainbow. I’m making 100-5 inch squares. I have 25 squares in each set of 4 and have finished 70 so far. I just have one row left on one set of 15 and then 4 rows of the last 15 squares to do. (does that make sense?) Of course we had to set the clocks forward, oh how I don’t like losing an hour in my crocheting day.

Sunday I woke with a headache and decided that I could either spend my day in bed or take some medication and make something out of the day. I chose the latter.

I wanted to make things easy on myself and decided that roast would be an easy meal to fix and then decided to chop it up and make barbecued beef. What man doesn’t like beef and barbecue? (I know besides vegetarians?)

I have to complain about one more thing. After I took my shower I went to get my bottle of lotion and found that the pump wasn’t working. Then I found that the pump only reaches to 1 inch from the bottom of the bottle. Now, how am I supposed to get the rest of the lotion out of the bottle? It’s even a glass bottle, so I can’t squeeze it. Ok, I’m done complaining now. (for today anyway) Ha! Ha!

After I got over the lotion bottle, I packed up my granny squares and headed to the mall to join some of the KS My Stitch Guild members at a Crochet in Public session celebrating March as national crochet month.




Linda W.,

Lee Ann,

Linda G.,

Susie, and Kelly were all there. A few of us even ventured down to the Joan’s.

I couldn’t help having Lee Ann pose in front of the Vanna’s Choice display. Thank goodness my headache subsided and now I’m ready to face the week. How about you? How was your weekend?


  1. So glad I found your blog. Loved the story about your husbands modeling. Very nice granny squares. I wish I could find a crochet group like that around our area. It looks like y’all have so much fun together. Take care.

    • Sheila,

      I’m glad you found me too. I love your blog and hopefully you will find some other people in your area that you can hang out with and talk about knit, crochet, and cooking. I love to cook also. Thanks for stopping to comment.


  2. Looks like fun at the mall, Tamara. I love seeing what you are doing. So sad about your cell phone.. I am having the same problem. Need young people for guidance in technology. Lauren could be borrowed for a trip to the phone shop – she is so funny with the sales people, it’s like a trivia game to see who knows the most about each phone and plan and service….
    Loved the food you served at our meeting.. Still can’t get over the menu.


    • Steph,

      You are so sweet. I’m glad that you like my ramblings and I love that you love my food. I don’t know how I’ll top it next time.

      Love you,

  3. If you can, go to the library and look up the latest report on cell phones – in the Consumer Reports mag. They always have good info, including ideas on what type phone will be good for your needs. Otherwise, fly Joshua home to help you. 😉
    Look at your John, modeling his hands. LOL!
    All the pics are great – in particular, your self-portrait. 🙂
    As for the lotion (hate it when they short ya like that), I just turn the bottle upside down (when I can no longer pump) in a small dish and let it drain out. You can keep the bottle right there, upside down in the dish – or, once all the lotion is out of the bottle & in the dish, cover the dish with plastic wrap to keep it moist. Then, dip away at it!
    Gosh, that must’ve been fun crocheting in public — so many gals together, doing what they love most. You sure do have a lot of days in your weekend. LOL! …. Hug!

    • Kat,

      I’m so glad you stopped by to comment. I always look forward to your suggestions and comments. I love the one where you would just fly Joshua home to help.

      What a good idea you had for the lotion, I’ll give it a try.

      I wish you could just fly in and join us for an afternoon of crocheting.:)

      Love and Hugs,

      • Tamara ~ It is so nice to hear you look forward to my comments. I like to surprise you and NOT comment some days. LOL

        I knew you’d like my Joshua idea. ;-D

        Frank & I have done that with our lotions for years. Oh, actually, what he does with his now is to cut the lotion bottle all the way around – just above where the rest of the lotion is. I can’t be bothered with that, but it works for him. Then he covers that cut-opened bottle with aluminum foil.

        If I fly there to join your crochet group, I’ll have to bring my “wild thing” Emma along.

        Love ya!

  4. 100 squares – what a great donation to Crochet a Rainbow!

  5. oh you silly you. this is really national crochet month??? like that’s a real thing?? how very exciting that is. now that i have some of my crochet items to finish up and new pattern books to use, i should get down to business! yes yes and yes. well. looks as though you are living it up over there in the kansas place. can’t wait till you visit! the end.

    • Joshua,

      Now you have no excuse not to start in crocheting something. I would think that you would have plenty of inspiration with all the books that I sent you:) I really do hope one of the patterns will help the slump you are in? Yes we are living it up here in Kansas, just like you are living it up in New York. Jennifer will be visiting you next week, so that will have to do for now.

      Love you,

  6. Tamara, thank you so much for the link to your blog or whatever this is called! I loved the pictures at the mall~thank you for sharing. I will have to read your blog later but the smell of that b-b-q roast is making me salivate all over myself! Ha! better go b4 I have to raid the fridge. Take care and clic ya later!
    Peace and Love, Marie (The MadTatter)

    • Hi Marie,

      I’m glad you found the blog and liked the bbq beef. Thank you for stopping by and commenting too.


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