Posted by: tgonzales | February 11, 2011

I Can’t Believe It’s Friday Already

Where does the time go? I’ve been hooking away at the colorful gray granny squares on my lunch breaks and in the wee hours of the morning I’ve been working on my doll.

I’m not sure what I’m going to name her yet. I think it will come to me after I get her hair fastened on.

As I was cutting her hair, I started thinking about the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that I used to make. I purchased a pattern back in the early 70’s and decided to make a set in my Home Education class in high school. The dolls were the 27” ones and when I made their hair I threaded a large eyed very sharp long needle with Red Heart red yarn and started making loops all over their heads. I remember it took forever to do this and I decided to cut each loop too. When I got married the year after I was out of high school my mother sent all of my dolls home with me, including the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. The year after that my daughter was born and when she turned 2 I decided to let her play with the dolls. Well by that time the dolls were dusty and dirty and I didn’t want my daughter to be exposed to so much dirt; so I decided to wash them. Not knowing any better, I threw them into the washing machine and turned it on. I’m sure you can imagine what happened then? I opened the washer to put some softener in it and I seen the awfulest thing I thought I had ever seen. There was red yarn mixed with polyfil stuffing and it was wrapped around the bodies of the dolls. Apparently I didn’t sew my openings up good enough and oh my gosh it was a mess. All I could do was cry and stop the washing machine from going any further. I rung them out by hand and then I put them on the line to dry. Then when I couldn’t take it any longer I brought them in and started restuffing them with the yarn wrapped polyfil stuffing and crying the whole time. My poor little daughter didn’t know what to think. Still to this day I will never forget her face as she watched me sewing those dolls back together. Anyway since then I have made so many sets of Raggedy Ann and Andy’s that I lost count. I made them for a few of my nieces and nephews and have made the 12”, 22”, and the 27”. I made and sold them and gave them away. I also know that I totally wore out the pattern from the 70’s and I went and purchased a new pattern and never did make another set of Raggedy Ann and Andy’s.

When I went to look for the old pattern I found the new pattern

and some pictures of some of the sets that I made.

No I hadn’t been drinking and could I have gotten any bigger glasses than those?

And who is that little cutey behind those dolls? I still have a few sets of Raggedy Ann and Andy’s left and I still have the very first set that I made and some day I will actually find them, because I don’t remember where I put them. Ha! Ha!


Did anyone ever make Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls? Every set of dolls that I made included the embroidered heart on the left side of their chest. I can’t help but think of these hearts as my Daddy is having a pace maker implanted into the left side of his chest this morning. Love you all and please say a special prayer for the surgeon and nurses at the Kansas Heart Hospital who will be sewing a heart on my Daddy.


  1. Absolutely love the post about the dolls, praying for your dad this morning.

    • Love you Susie and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Oh, have I made Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls!?!?!?! They are a lot of work, but so worth it!
    Here is a pic of one of the 36″ sets I made for my daughter’s kindergarten teacher; she ordered 6 sets! I made over a dozen sets one time, for various customers, but never got around to making any for my own daughters (or my granddaughters).

    Still praying for your Dad, Tamara. Please let us know how he gets along. I hope he feels like a new man with his pacemaker.

    • RJ,

      I love the picture of your Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. I can’t believe you never kept a set for yourself.

      Thank you for all your prayers.

      Love you,

  3. Oh Tamara, your post reminded me of the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls my mom made for me when I was a girl. I sure loved those dolls. I think I would have cried along with you if I had discovered what you did in the washer. I also can’t believe you’ve made SO many of them. You are certainly a wonder!

    The hardest part for me on these dolls is the hair. It definitely takes time and patience to get the hair to look right, especially for a novice like me.

    I will be thinking good thoughts for you and your dad. My dad got a pacemaker and didn’t tell us kids until after the fact!!

    • Jeanne,

      I’m so glad that I brought back memories of your childhood and you’re so right about the hair. It was so hard to get it filled in just right and look good. I can’t believe I made that many either. But it was fun and I still like to make dolls even now.

      Thank you for your thoughts and good wishes for my Dad.

      Love and Hugs,

  4. Kind thoughts for your father. And great post about the Raggedys.

    • CrochetBlogger,

      Your kind thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.


  5. listen. i remember all those dang dolls. i thought they were so cool. i didn’t actually get into lion brand the other day like i said i would. heh. but i managed to do some thrift store shopping like i told you already! oh goodness, what am i doing with my life? agh! looks like you’ve been keeping yourself busy amongst all the cold and snow.

    lo you, gday.

    • Joshua,

      I thought that I would bring back some memories about the Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls:) I loved the picture of you with your front teeth out and you were 5 years old. You were so cute and cuddly at that age too. Yes I have been keeping busy and still have more ideas for new projects. It’s warming up here though and soon the snow will all be gone. Yeah!!!!

      Love you too,

      • listen. i’ve always been cute and cuddly. wahhahahahhahaa.

  6. HOW’S YOUR DAD, Tamara? Once he recovers from this surgery, I’ll bet he’ll be chasing your mom around the kitchen table. haha!

    When my daughters were young, I bought a large Raggedy Ann doll. At one point I put the doll’s dress on my tinier daughter and they (she & the ‘naked doll’) sat next to each other on a chair (for a photo). Too cute! The dolls you made – WOW!! Very professional & adorable!!
    Hey ~ We all wore those *big glasses* at one point. Some still do wear them. LOL

    • Kat,

      My Dad is holding his own and they are working wth his medications to stabilize him and he has been moved to a regular room; which is good news. As always I appreciate all your prayers and thoughts for me and my family.

      Do you still have the picture of your daughter with the Raggedy Ann? I would love to see it. Thanks for liking my dolls and stopping by to comment.

      Love you,

      • HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to you & all your loved ones!
        I am so glad to hear your Dad is progressing well, having been moved to a regular room. Is he already chomping at the bit, over-anxious for one of your Mom’s great home-cooked meals? 🙂

        I’m sure I do still have the Raggedy Ann pic. Some day I will trudge thru my closet with containers of photos. I will be sure to scan that pic & send it to you. Just don’t hold your breath, tho, or you won’t be around when I do that. hahaha. Seriously, one day I *will* do that for you. Hugs!!

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