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January 22-23, 2011 Weekend

January 22-23, 2011 Weekend

Friday night I watched Marley and Me with my husband and that movie was another tear jerker. We have NetFlix and Joshua picks out the movies for us and orders them. I have really enjoyed watching the last 4 movies that he’s picked out. Thank you Joshua!On Saturday, I had asked my friend Rosina if she would like to join me for lunch at one of my favorite Mexican restaurants called Cholita’s and afterwards go with me to Susie’s house to help with teaching some of her friends from church on reading patterns. Since Rosina is such a good friend, she didn’t hesitate a minute and said that she would love to. Before I met Rosina I was a little early and was driving by Picket Fence Quilt Co. and decided to stop in and see my two adopted sisters,


and Ruth. Lisa owns Picket Fence Quilt Co. and Ruth is her right and her left arms.

It was nice to see that Lisa promotes my sister Jackie’s Flower Pocket Top and overall patterns in her front windows. You can find more of her things here.

Once inside it was nice to see that Picket Fence Quilt Co. was very busy and, look there’s Jackie’s JUNK bag pattern too.

I love looking at all the fabric and it was good to see my dear friends again.

Then it was time to meet Rosina for lunch. (she hates her picture taken, so no picture of Rosina here) I think I’ve mentioned that Rosina and I work at the same place, but we hardly ever have time to really actually talk so it was nice to have a very relaxing lunch and visit without any interruptions from our fellow employees at work. We also had a few minutes to kill before heading to Susie’s so we stopped at Hancock Fabrics and Hobby Lobby.

Then we went to Susie’s and I had fun spending time with Rosina, (I got your picture after all)


Emily and Crystal,

Heather and Isabel, I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of Nena, Judy, Susie and the other Heather. Maybe next time? Thank you ladies for letting me hang out with you.

Oh by the way I finished 4 more hats:

Ethan’s on the right (which I already had done in Friday’s post), Hayden’s, and Braxton’s


Lauren’s (John and Rosina were wearing this hat above) Ha! Ha!

Sunday, my sister Jackie called me and asked if I wanted to have lunch at our Mom and Daddy’s house. Since I was finishing up my ironing I felt like I deserved a break and besides that, I decided it would be a nice idea to see them again and I really have a hard time passing up eating my Moms cooking.

You know how my Mom’s food tastes so much better than my own? John even got to join me and Jackie’s husband Mark was there too and we had a wonderful lunch and

Jackie’s son Jarred stopped in,

then we broke out the cards and the loud electric card shuffler and played a round of Shanghai Rummy.

As we were ending the game, Jackie’s daughter Angie arrived with her daughter Miss Ava. Oh my gosh she is so cute and adorable even if she was recovering from an allergic reaction to Amoxycillin and ….she liked her Aunt Tammy. Not quite as much as her Momma did when she was that age but close. I even got to see Jackie’s other daughter Emilee before I left my Mom and Dad’s house. (sorry Em I didn’t get a picture of you)What fun I had spending time with some of my family and friends this weekend. Now, I want to hear all about your weekend.


  1. WELL. where to start? just kidding. i feel like i had a non-productive weekend. did some laundry… most of the things were left damp because i threw two loads into one dryer. bah. finished making a hat that i really like. saw a movie, watched “lost.” went to my friend’s dance show rehearsal…. dunno what else really. some homework as well. woo woo woot. love you and talk to you later!

    • Joshua,

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I loved the hat you made! The pictures were awesome.

      Love You too,
      Your Momma!!!!

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