Posted by: tgonzales | January 17, 2011

January 15-16, 2011 Weekend

My weekend started off with my dear husband making me dinner on Friday night and we also watched Karate Kid with Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan. That was very nice and I loved the movie, even if it did make me cry!

On Saturday; there were my usual chores to do of laundry and ironing. I finished the laundry and didn’t get to the ironing; but there’s always another weekend for ironing. Ha! Ha! I didn’t have much planned other than crocheting something, but what? Do you ever get crochet-block? It’s like writer’s block but with crochet. Well when I don’t know what to start on or finish. I start cooking. I planned on making a big pot of chili with beans, a large pot of chili verde with pork, Chili Rellenos, and egg rolls. I know what a combination, right? But that’s what I set out to make. I did get the first 3 things made, but I didn’t quite get to the egg rolls. As I was cooking I thought about all the chemo hats I’ve been making and some of the hats that I had made for my niece, nephew, and great niece, and some friends in the past couple of months. Then I thought wouldn’t it be neat since I had planned to go with my parents to my nieces house on Sunday to her daughter Cora’s 3rd birthday party; to make her a hat for her birthday. Then I started thinking I could make her little brother William a hat too and then I thought about all of my other great nieces and nephews. Wow, maybe I could make each one of them a hat. Ok, I started counting them and came to the conclusion that I needed to stop cooking and start crocheting lots of hats. Then I started adding all the families up and came up with a grand total of 24 hats; 11 girl hats and 13 boy hats. I’m sure I can do this and hopefully it won’t be summer when each one of them receives a hat from their Great Aunt Tammy (that’s what they all call me).

Sunday’s plans were for me to drive my Mom and Dad to St. John, Kansas where my niece Cassie and her husband Rueben and their children; Cora and William live. At first we were a little scared because the forecast predicted freezing rain, but it turned out that they were wrong and we were all thankful that they were wrong.

I also was able to measure some heads for hats and give some of my great nieces and great nephews their hats.

Here’s Cora,

Here’s William,

Here’s Rylan, (I love my Mom and Dad’s hands in this picture. They love those babies so-o-o-o much!)

Here’s Kaytlynn, and

Here’s Kristen

Whew, 5 down and 19 more to go.

I was so glad that I could drive my folks there and they could just sit back and relax and watch the scenery. They got to spend some time with some of their grandchildren and great grandchildren and their daughter all in one day.  I had a great time watching some of my great nieces and nephews playing and see one of my sister-in-laws and 4 of my nieces. I had a great weekend. How about you? Tell me about your weekend.


  1. Love to see the kids in their hats! You are a riot.. thinking of making 24 of anything makes me laugh.


    • Steph,

      Thanks for stopping by. I know how busy you are, and your comments always mean so much to me. 24 hats will be a piece of cake and you make me laugh.:)

      Love you,

  2. When I have crochet block, I usually make a dishcloth or just continue on my afghans. Have 2 in the process at the moment. One for myself — which got put on hold when I began a Continuous Granny Square ‘ghan for my 10-yo grandson Dylan. He chose: black & red. It is such FUN to make, which is the reason I put mine on hold. My ‘ghan is from a kit and is sc ripple – with afghan yarn, which is thinner, so it is going to take quite awhile to complete that one.
    I don’t cook, tho I can see how that is a great thing to do so you can think of what to crochet while you are in the cooking process. Great hats, Tamara — I really like model William’s. 🙂

    • Kat,

      It’s always fun to hear what you are up to. I can’t wait to see the giant granny square afghan AND the sc ripple. You will be so thrilled that one is done and it will be beautiful. Thanks for liking my hats and I’m with you William’s hat was so perfect on him and Cora’s was adorable too. They were both just perfect for their short and round faces. Thank you for stopping by too.

      Love you,

  3. my weekend was long and lazy. which is always alright. i love love love the hats for the cousins, especially william’s. i made my friend kate a hat the other night and she loves it. i think i’m going to make another hat as well as a scarf for a couple of friends. i really want patterns from that book with the woman sitting on a bench on the cover. you know which one i’m talking about, right? right. the end.

    • Joshua,

      It sounds like you’re having fun with making hats too. Your Dad says hello! I know that you want some patterns and as soon as we can; we’ll send the books, yarn, and clothes that you left here. Yes, yes! I know exactly which book you’re talking about. Crochetwear, right? right. that’s all.

      We love you,
      Momma and Daddy

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