Posted by: tgonzales | December 27, 2010

Joshua’s Homecoming and Christmas 2010

Here are some highlights from my Christmas weekend.

Joshua arrived at the airport.

We surprised Megan with Joshua’s arrival.

Christmas morning Megan woke to “Oh Boy Waffles”.

Joshua joined us.

Megan loved her Barbies all dressed in their pajamas made by Gran Gran.

Each of her Barbies had a dress, sweater jacket, and crocheted headband too. I love the way she was looking lovingly at this dress.

Joshua loved his 26 skeins of yarn.

Jennifer loved her hat.

John loved his hat and scarf, although he couldn’t figure out why he had opened Joshua’s present. (I had told him when I was making it that it was for Joshua. Ha! Ha!)

Joshua made his Dad a scarf,

Me a scarf,

and Jennifer a scarf.

Joshua also made Megan a hat, but he will have to add a few more rows in order for it to fit her. He was so disappointed.

My Mom and Daddy came for lunch and they were so excited to see Joshua and I know they miss him too.

After lunch and naps

my brother Terry, who lives in Madison, Kansas came to visit along with his wife Cathy,

daughter Sarah (who I taught to crochet a couple of years ago),

and Keegan who is 6 months younger than Joshua. Joshua and Keegan are not only cousins, but they are good friends too, especially during the holidays when Keegan would come and stay with us on their Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. It was so cute when Keegan picked Joshua up just like he was light as a feather.

We had a wonderful Christmas and I hope that you did too. My little Megan summed it all up after she put the third bow on Joshua’s head. “Joshua! You are our present.”  I love the quote, “out of the mouths of Babes.” Tell me about your Christmas.


  1. What a sweet and precious time! You have such a lovely family.

    Glad you enjoyed your Christmas!

    • Mindy,

      Thanks for being here and commenting. I do appreciate you!!


  2. Oh, Tamara, how nice for you to have Josh home. I know I cherish the holidays more so now than ever before. Having your grown-up children at home for the holidays makes it so special.

    My girls are both home from college, which is a blessing. We have spent the entire Christmas weekend with friends and family on both sides. Very busy time of year!
    I am fighting a bad cold/sinus infection, so now it’s time for a little R & R and some good old-fashioned crochet!

    • Merri,

      I’m so glad that you are surrounded by family and friends. I hope you can get some rest and be able to enjoy crocheting too. I was sick over the weekend too and I hope you feel better soon.

      Love you,

  3. Okay, Tamara, I just finished reading your post and am all choked up from your last paragraph. Megan is SO RIGHT!!! And she put ‘the final touches’ of the BEST present right on top of Joshua’s head. LOVE THAT!!
    Love all the photos — and Joshua IS light as a feather. tee-hee.
    What a grand crochety Christmas y’all had. Loved seeing Joshua arrive with his crocheted hat & scarf — and that he made scarves for his loved ones.
    The hat you made Jennifer is so pretty — looks great on her. And I *LOVE* the colors of the scarf Joshua made for her!
    What a cute story about John wondering how come he opened “Joshua’s gift”. So funny!
    As for all those gorgeous clothes you made for Megan’s Barbies…. looks like I will have to make some *simple* things for my almost-4-yo granddaughter Sarah whose daddy bought her a Barbie. Maybe I will start with a headband. hahahaha!!
    And 26 skeins of yarn for Joshua — woo-hoo!!!!
    I very much enjoyed reading about your memorable, happy Christmas of 2010. Mine was nothing like yours — just peaceful & quiet here at home, with a few phone conversations. Kitty Emma enjoyed her first Christmas – as she enjoys every day! ;-D

    • Oh Kat,

      I’m just so glad that Joshua is home and having family and friends around me on Christmas was just what I needed. I’m glad that things have settled down a bit though. It sounds like you had a quiet Christmas and I wished you lived closer; because I would’ve had you and your husband join us too. I love that your Emma enjoyed the festivities! 🙂 Thank you for being here you make me smile!;)

      Love you,

      • Yes, I agree –> the timing of Joshua’s visit could not have been better, right? Your family being together in a festive mood is definitely part of your healing process. I hope this week passes slooooowwwwly for you & Joshua. 😉

  4. What a wonderful, happy Christmas for you, Tamara! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful family and fabulous holiday!

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