Posted by: tgonzales | November 26, 2010

Recap of My Thanksgiving and Black Friday

My day started off  preparing stuffing (had to send my dear husband after more bread crumbs), green bean casserole (didn’t have those crunchy onions so I improvised and used bread crumbs, butter, and parmesan cheese), mashed potatoes, pea salad, deviled eggs (had to send my dear husband back to the store for vinegar, GAH), and gravy. I’m so glad that Jennifer made the turkey, because I don’t think I could have added one more thing to my list of things to make. Ha! Ha! I’m still not sure why my husband puts up with me. For as long as he can remember, I’m always grouchy when I’m preparing a large meal. Every time he asks me something I bite his head off and then I turn around and bark orders at him expecting him to just snap to and do whatever I tell him to do. I had to apologize many times while preparing this meal and I’m thankful that it’s all over, which I’m sure he is too. Anyway here’s a recap of the events of the day.

My lunch

Megan’s lunch

Poppy and Megan

Megan’s friends had to have a table set too. I love how she placed the granny squares in a circle and then placed a crocheted flower on each one of them; then used the crocheted tea pot in the middle. She plays with anything that I have out on the tables and it’s very fun watching her be creative and she’s so gentle with the stuffed animals or whatever she’s playing with.

It was very strange not having Joshua in the house this year. He always loves it when I cook big meals and have people over, it just wasn’t quite the same without him, but he didn’t seem so far away and Jennifer was texting him the play-by-play of our day. It was also nice knowing that he was sharing a wonderful meal and being taken care of by his Aunt, Uncle and cousins in Connecticut.

Megan being silly, I love the freckles on her little nose.

Megan was just doing some really cute posing and I couldn’t help but take these pictures of her. She doesn’t always want to cooperate and hold still enough for me to get good shots, I just wanted to show you all how cute she was acting.   

She folded the crocheted blanket so nicely and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of her running her little hands over the stitches and the yarn, just like I would do. This makes me happy! 

She came out of my kitchen with my apron on and she wanted to cook, so I asked her to go scoop up some pie and put some Coolwhip on it for Poppy so that satisfied her for a while. There wasn’t much crocheting going on here on Thanksgiving, but I’ll make up for it over the weekend. I had a great day of eating and relaxing with Megan, Jennifer, and John. We got to talk to Joshua and to Daniel, our son that lives in Oklahoma. Today is Black Friday and I usually don’t go to the stores, instead I think I’ll go and visit my Mom and Daddy as they are having a little get-together for one of my nieces who is here visiting from Arkansas. How about you? How was your Thanksgiving and are you going out today? I hope you all have a safe and relaxing weekend.


  1. Tamara, I read your post and had to laugh…I can tell you that your comments regarding your Thanksgiving “temperament” probably mirror every woman’s disposition worldwide on Thanksgiving – lol!

    I prepared a meal for 11 guests and had a wonderful time with my family. When you look back on all that preparation and how quickly it is over you ask yourself, “Do I really want to do this every year?” but you know the answer will always be “yes” because it is the special holidays like this one that bring your family together. These times are special and it makes all of the hard work worth every moment.

    • Merri,

      It’s good to know that I’m not the only one that acts this way. It must be something built into all women; like guilt, caring, nurturing, and GROUCHY during big meal preparations. Ha! HA! I’m so glad that you had a good Thanksgiving and I’m like you I’ll have to do it again next year too.


  2. Had to giggle at how honest you were in describing your preparations for the meal, Tamara. I may “resemble” that remark on occasion. Although this year, not so much. It’s just the 4 of us, as our extended family lives out of state. I was pleasantly surprised to hear my husband tell me that he’d do the clean up!

    I did do some crafting too! Hopefully the projects will turn up on the blog soon. *Ü*

    I may go to the thrift stores today as the ones I frequent are having sales, but no big name store shopping for me.

    • Jeanne,

      I’m glad that you resemble me too and I’m not the only one that acts that way. I only had 4 people to prepare food for, but when I don’t have the right ingredients then I start to panic. Ha! Ha! It was wonderful though and Jennifer helped with the dishes and after we ate the second meal my dear husband cleaned all of it up, just like yours did for you. I think I’ll keep him.

      I can’t wait to see what you’ve been working on.

      I had thought about going to some of my thrift stores just for kicks. I still might it’s still early.


  3. not too many bites these past two days. :[ i have had a pretty mellow thanksgiving weekend. it feels good not having to feel like i’m throwing money away everytime i eat or leave my room. i’ve basically stuck around the same few places in the house but that’s alright. i am quite thankful i had somewhere else to go other than the dorms. jenny sent me that picture of megan with the apron! she looks like maybe she’s grown a bit since i’ve seen her. tsk tsk tsk. your food looks so tasty. and i love the picture of megan and jenny. bah! i’ll be back to my ny home this evening, back to my day-to-day grind and all that. love you!

    • Oh Joshua,

      You make me want to reach out and grab you and hug you. I’m glad that you had a wonderful relaxing weekend. I think you should write Uncle Pete and Aunt Shirley a thank you email for making that happen. What do you think? I’m glad you made it safely back to your ny home and I love you too. I can hardly wait to have you back in the house at Christmas time.

      Good Night!

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