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November 20-21, 2010 Weekend

I started off the weekend with breakfast with my Mom and Daddy. It was a pleasant surprise to see our dear friend Jean in the car with them when they stopped to pick me up. (I do regret that I didn’t take any pictures of this part of my day and these pictures are some that were taken earlier in the year.) It’s so much fun to go with them to their favorite little neighborhood restaurant “Emilias”. The waitresses all know what my Mom and Dad want to drink and eat, but always ask them just in case they change their mind. The usual customers that they visit with while they’re eating weren’t there yet, so they were a little concerned, until I reminded them that I had made them get there a little earlier than they were used to. Most of the people they usually visit with were arriving as we were leaving. When they dropped me off at my house I asked them to come in and see the pictures that I had of Joshua in New York. (they miss him so much)

I had a good time showing Jean some of my crochet pieces that I had completed and learned that my Mom had just taught her to crochet around the edge of a blanket a couple of weeks ago. My Mom commented that she was going to have to teach her the names of the stitches and I found one of my “Easy Learn to Crochet in Just One Day” books to help her learn the names of the crochet stitches and she was so excited. She really got excited when she seen that one of the patterns in the book was one of mine. I think she’s going to start out making one of the really easy scarves and was really happy that I had shared it with her. It’s always nice to know that we’ve hooked another one. HA! HA!

As my Mom, Dad, and Jean were leaving Rosina was arriving to pick me up so that we could go and visit Betty and Lova at the assisted living center. When we arrived Betty had just sat down to take part in a painting class so we didn’t want to disturb her so we continued on. Rosina and I had found out the night before that Betty had finished the heel of her sock after we had been there the first time, but had since taken it back out. Rosina had seen that Betty was interested in one of the books that she had brought with her on our first visit and bought another one on eBay. She thought maybe it might inspire her to go ahead and finish her socks. Rosina ended up leaving the book with Lova to give to Betty. Hopefully we will find out more about Betty and her socks on our next visit.

We found Lova cutting out words and clippings from the newspaper as she is still saving things for the letters that she sends to her Grandchildren.  We pulled our chairs up to sit and visit with Lova. We told her about her grandson, Adam commenting on the blog about Loving Lova and Betty. She got tears in her eyes talking about how proud she was of all of her great and great-great grandchildren and she would point to their pictures as she spoke of them. She had to tell us about Adam learning to crochet and how he had made 2 of the squares that are in her roommate “Clara’s” lapghan that she had made for her. We had such a good time just sitting, crocheting and listening to Lova.

Just like most crocheters she just wants to have a purpose for what she’s making whether it’s one more scarf, one more hat, or one more af-a-gun. Ha! Ha! I plan to have more stories on Lova real soon.

I look at her and her hands and just can only hope if I reach the age of 92 that I still love talking about crochet and just loving life like Lova does.

After we left Lova we went to our favorite Chinese Restaurant “Kwan Court” and had some wonderful food from their super buffet. Yummy!


Then it was time to head back to my house for a lesson on knitting a sock on circular needles. Thank you so much Rosina for not getting mad at me when I called out the wrong names for casting on and binding off and,

also when I pulled off all of my stitches and I had to start all over. HIYA! HIYA!

After my lesson on knitting a sock I headed over to my local yarn shop Twist to help a young lady with a secret project that she is working on for someone special in her life for a Christmas gift. I’ll share more after Christmas.

Sunday was a beautiful day and the temperature here was 70 degrees. I love it when I can open up the doors and windows and let some fresh air into the house and that’s how Sunday was.

I skyped with Joshua,

made 3 more scarves for the KS My Stitch charity project,

worked a few more rows on the Christmas shawl, 3 loads of laundry, ironed, and cooked 2 meals.

Oh I also knitted a few more rows on my sock. (now I know why I’m not a knitter, not much progress, huh?) I had a wonderful productive and eventful weekend. Tell me about yours.


  1. Wow your weekends are always so full. Well I think I ended up making 3 more scarves for the charity, worked on my Masters paper, laundry, and helped clean up the garage. Of course it was slow move’n doing laundry and helping with the garage. As a matter of fact I really don’t know how much helping I did. I think I spent more time talking with the neighbors yesterday because everyone was outside on the beautiful fall day.

    • Donna D,

      It sounds like you had a productive weekend also. It’s always nice to catch up with your neighbors, especially on such a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing your weekend with me.


  2. HIYA! HIYA!

    Sure, knitting is slower than crochet, but just think how much fun it will be to don your knitted socks for the first time, roll up your pant legs, and strut around showing off those dazzling socks!!!!

    • RJ,

      Yes I will probably be strutting around with one pant leg up, because I won’t want to make another one. Ha! Ha! Thanks for spending Saturday with me.


  3. You pack a lot of love into your weekends, Tamara! It’s very inspiring! Knitting is a lot slower (at least to me) than crocheting which is probably why I don’t do as much of it. Although, I did finish the knitted amigurumi hedgehog this weekend. Yay me! LOL We also went to the museum of Nature & Science to see some newly discovered (as just a few weeks ago in the mountains) mastadon and mammoth fossils. They were on display for just the one day. Very cool. Then I started to crochet a newsboy cap. Got to the brim and thought it looked a little small (even though I had the correct gauge, I actually checked). Had my youngest daughter try it (she’s 8) and it didn’t even fit her head! The cap was for an adult friend. That was a little frustrating. I pulled it out and hemmed and hawed for a few hours. I ended up buying a pattern I’ve been eyeing online and started that last night. It’s more fun to crochet than the first attempt as this new one is double crochets…my favorite stitch! So, not as eventful as yours, but still not a bad weekend. *Ü*

    • Jeanne,

      It sounds like you had an eventful funfilled weekend with your family, along with some fun practice crocheting on the hat (I know that’s frustrating) and finishing the hedgehog. I can’t wait to see all your projects and I hope you share pictures of them on your blog. Thanks for sharing your weekend with me also. I love hearing all about what you’ve been doing. That’s pretty cool about the number 8, I didn’t even know how to make any of the smiley face things.


  4. Whoops, didn’t know pressing the number for eight would produce that smiley. LOL

    Also, meant to add, can’t wait to see your socks when you get them finished!

  5. Tamara where do you find the energy to do everything that you do? I want to know exactly what you had to eat in that cafe, huh? It sounds like you do a good job with your friends and have a chance to have some fun also. I’m sure those two ladies really enjoy your visititing with them whether they have other visitors or not. I guess I’d better get off of here and get to my other mail, but make sure you tell them “Hello” from me next time you’re there and to keep those hooks flying. You take care of yourself and I love you ya know?

    Love you,

    • Molly,

      I don’t know where I get any energy either. Most days I don’t have that much, but after seeing the ladies in the assisted living center it energizes me. But while Rosina and I were learning to make the socks on circular needles we were both yawning. You know chinese food will do that to me. You take care too my dear friend Molly.

      Love you too,

  6. Okay. I am tired. From reading about all that YOU did over the weekend. LOL! Thanks so much for sharing your life with us, Tamara. A life packed FULL of life & love. 🙂

    • Oh Kat,

      You are so funny. You make me laugh. I forgot to tell everyone that I took an hour and a half nap and had a really hard time waking up from it too.:)


  7. Love hearing about your weekend.. So cute to see Josh on Skype – did you take a picture of your computer? That’s so cute.

    Have laughter pains this morning after crocheting scarves with guild – actually thought I hurt myself til I remembered giggling with you and Donna!

    • Steph,

      The picture of Joshua was taken while on Skype. You can actually take a still picture of what you see. It’s really cool, then of course you have to open it in Paint and then save it as a JPEG file before you can download it to the blog.

      All I could think of is you in your pajama bottoms, bunny house slippers, cabled sweater, crocheted scarf, and knitted hat, trying to push your car out of the way. Then I couldn’t get the picture of your tiny Mom hopping out of her PT Cruiser with her fluffy flannel and velour pantsuit on. I love to laugh with you.


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