Posted by: tgonzales | November 19, 2010

Time with Jennifer and Megan

I remember when I was a young mother and was still trying to learn how to cook and to be a good Mom. I would call my Mom up almost every day and ask her a question or two about mothering and of course on how to fix fried chicken, meatloaf, spaghetti, or anything that I remembered I liked from my childhood. She always took the time to stop whatever she was doing and answer my questions and made sure that I got all the ingredients down before she would hang up the phone. So when my daughter Jennifer texted me yesterday, I was busy at work and couldn’t stop to answer the text. She ended up calling me on the phone and asked me if I could please tell her how to make potato soup. It brought back memories of when I would call my Mom and ask her the same questions and how she would stop everything just to answer. So I stopped and told her how to make potato soup and she was kind enough to invite me over for dinner. Now how could I refuse? I didn’t have anything planned for dinner and John was at work, perfect opportunity to see Jennifer and my Megan.

 When I arrived Megan had the hat on that I had made her last year. She looked so cute I had to take some pictures, well when I start taking pictures of her I can’t seem to stop.

She tried on a different hat.

Let her Momma kiss her.

She let me hold her and take a picture with her, and then she said that was enough.

So we ate our potato soup.

Then Megan had to show me how she could stand on her head,

Show me how she could throw things up in the air.

Show me how she can jump.

She just wouldn’t stop moving.


Oops! I almost forgot, here’s Jennifer with the afghan she’s making. It’s beautiful with all those cables running through it. She does such a good job and I’m very proud of her, even if I don’t tell her often enough. I had a good time watching Megan play and show off for me. I need to do that more often, huh?

Well it’s almost the weekend and I’ve decided on which pattern I’m going to use to make the commissioned shawl out of. Rosina showed me the All Shawl designed by Doris Chan and I liked it so much that I decided to use it and I’m using Berocco “Vintage” yarn in a deep red. I will be working on the shawl and scarves for charity this weekend. I’m going to have breakfast with my Mom and Daddy and then Rosina and I are going to visit Betty and Lova. Then Rosina is going to attempt to show me how to knit a pair of socks. Do you have big plans for the weekend? Even if you don’t have plans, make sure you hug your loved ones often and make it a great weekend.


  1. This post warmed my heart so much, Tamara. My mom passed away before I got married and had kids so I didn’t/don’t have the opportunity to call and ask her things. It’s so special that you are able to pass along something so important to your daughter and granddaughter. That potato soup sure looks good!

    Enjoy your family and the fun plans you have for the weekend. Good luck with the socks. I pretty much taught myself how to knit them using one long cabled needle(following book instructions). I think it’s called Magic Loop, so I can knit two socks at the same time. The only way to do it, so I can be sure to get both done in a timely manner! LOL

    • Jeanne, that’s the same method I’m going to use this weekend. I’ve made socks w/DPNs (or are they toothpicks??), but not the Magic Loop method that I’ve wanted to try forever. This should be a hoot with both Tamara and I working on them together; I wonder how much actual knitting we will get done?

      • RJ,

        I can hardly wait, I already have my sock yarn and needles out so that I won’t have to dig for them tomorrow. It should be fun.

        Love you,

    • Jeanne,

      I’m so glad that you liked the post. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with those cute little girls of yours. Regarding the knitted socks; Rosina will be teaching me the magic loop, 2 socks at a time method too. I’ll keep you up to date on how that goes.


  2. Beautiful post, Tamara. Megan is so adorable, I just want to squeeze her! And Jennifer’s afghan is gorgeous – LOVE the cables!

    Aren’t we both blessed to have our grandchildren so close?

    • RJ,

      That’s how I felt I just wanted to squeeze her and I am very fortunate that Jennifer and Megan live so close and I need to take the time to stop by more often than I do!


  3. Hi Tamara. I love it when you share stories about your family. I can tell that you really love them and they are very special to you. This weekend I plan on finishing a pair of fingerless mitts that I have been commissioned to make for Christmas. I to will be stitching scarves for charity. I went through one of my boxes and found about 5. I think right now I have 8 to donate. We have to make the 85 mark. It would break my heart if even one lady left there without a scarf. Have a great weekend.

    • Donna D,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. You make me smile and please take a picture of those fingerless gloves so that I can see them. I know they will be beautiful, I love all the things you do. I know what you mean about us gathering enough scarves for Tree House. I know we can do it and thank you so much for your time. I really do appreciate it and we will have to do something special for everyone when we achieve our goal. I’m thinking about that one.


  4. Grand children are the best esp when we see them wearing the work of our hands. Megan seems to likes her grandma’s hats as much as my Atticus like the hats I make him.
    Jennifer’s blanket is lovely in color and the pattern is quite nice… it a free web pattern?
    Lat week I printed of that Doris Chan pattern from the net and was going to make her shorter version with some yarn I found stashed away, very nice pattern. Thinking now that I will make a Mobius instead, just not sure how far my 650 yard will take me.

    • Oh Susie,

      You are so right about grandkids, they touch your heart like you never thought it could be touched. Jennifer’s afghan is from a book that I gave her, I think, I’ll ask her and then let you know. She doesn’t have the internet so she usually uses patterns from books. I love how you liked the same pattern as I chose and I do like that you can make it different lengths too. I’m sure yours will be gorgeous as I always love everything that you do.


  5. Oh Tamara, your granddaughter looks just like YOU! What a pretty little girl. I do so enjoy all of your post. Am working on scarves also. Have a great day.

    • Oh Kelly,

      You are so sweet to say that she looks like me, when she totally looks like her Momma’s Daddy. I love that you are working on scarves too. Have a great weekend.


  6. Tamara, your family is just llike you were. They look like the average person, but then they open up and you see all the possibilities that are really there. All of the projects are beautiful, the blanket, the hats, just everything. It makes me smile when I think of this, and I don’t smile very often. Take care of yourself for me.

    Love you,

  7. oh little megan. i love and miss her so. you can make cables with crochet? i thought so. if i’m correct in thinking exactly what cables are. blaaaaaah. i wish someone would make me potato soup. i’ll just have to make some kind of soup myself! the end.

    • Oh My Chacho Aaron!

      I love and miss you so! Yes you can make cables with crochet and maybe Jennifer can show you how to when you are back here at Christmas time. You will have to buy you a can of tomato soup and a pint of milk and make you some tomato soup too. You can do it! That’s Final!

      Love you,

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