Posted by: tgonzales | November 17, 2010

Middle of the Week Wednesday

There’s not much to report today, but I’ll give it a shot. On Monday we had our monthly KS My Stitch Crochet Guild meeting. This month was when we voted on the new officers for the upcoming year. Stephanie ran for Secretary/Treasurer; Cori, Jinna, Susie, and Pam ran for Co-Vice Presidency, and I ran for President. We all won with no one running against us it was pretty easy. Ha! Ha! Our program for the month was to continue making scarves for our favorite charity; Tree House. Tree House told Susie that they would like to give a scarf and a pair of socks to each of the mothers who attend their annual Christmas party. We said we would be up for the challenge and then found out that they need 85 scarves by December 10th. I have challenged our group to make the 85 that are needed. I would never want to see one person walk away without a scarf, so I have got to get on the ball (no pun intended) and continue to double crochet as many scarves as I can. Of course my scarves will have to have some color and/or some embellishments.

 The one that I’m working on right now is a fun scrappy one, I just crochet until I get tired of that color or I run out and then pick up another color, and you never know what I’ll decide to add to it. Charity workshop is at Susie’s on Monday and hopefully we will have more scarves to add to the 25 that we have as of today and lots of members showing up to help? Maybe I should ask Lova to help out when I go and see her on Saturday?


Tuesday night was my second class on crocheting around the edge of a blanket. It was fun to see the colors of fabrics and yarns that my students chose. I even had the privilege to help pick out the colors for Shirley and that was fun too. I can’t wait until next week when they get to start on the second row of their edging and see how well they like how the stitches look.


Here’s Sharron

Here’s Shirley

Here’s LaDena

I’m still working on my colorful hat and decided that it needs to stand alone without the flowers, because they just blended in with the many colors.

So now I am making a cream colored hat to be edged in the colorful flowers. I love how the colors just pop when they’re next to the cream colored yarn. What else? Oh yeah, I’ve been commissioned to make a shawl for a friends wife before Christmas. What was I thinking? How’s your week going and what’s on your hooks?


  1. Not much to report?! I beg to differ! You’ve got a lot going on, my friend! Good luck rising to the challenge. I suspect you’ll meet the need.

    I’m currently working on a knitted hedgehog for a friend for Christmas. Probably won’t share it until after the holiday, or until I hear that she’s received it.
    Of course, I have to finish it first. LOL I’m also working on a throw for the bench in my entry hall. I found the pattern online. It’s crochet squares, one a snowflake and the other single crochets with some bobbles. I really like how the squares are turning out. *Ü* Have a great rest of your week!

  2. Jeanne,

    I can hardly wait to see your knitted hedgehog. You do such a good job with all your little critters. And I can’t wait to see your winter throw for your bench. I’ll be on the look out for them on your blog. Have a great week too!


  3. Tamara, you are nuts!! Not really, but I know you, you’ll be through with all the scarves and all your projects way before time they are needed. That’s one of the things I love about you. I honestly believe you work better under pressure than just a plain old work day. Take care of your hands and don’t work too hard.

    Love you,

    • Molly,

      You do know me very well, don’t you? I do work better under pressure and I want you to take care of yourself too, lady!

      Love you,

  4. you say “what was i thinking?” like you don’t enjoy making things for people. hahhaha. middle of the week and still no new project. i’ve been thinking about making this diamond hat that i have a pattern for but we’ll see how that goes! i’m envious of your ability to pick up all these projects at once and put such great quality work into each piece. bah!

    • Joshua,

      Yes, I love to make things for people, but…. the reason I said “what was i thinking” is because I said I could have it done by Christmas, plus make all the scarves that we need to have for the Tree House by the 10th of December. That’s all I’m saying ’bout that:) Please don’t be envious of me. I know you have the same passion in your heart as I do, remember you are a part of me?

      Love you,

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