Posted by: tgonzales | October 27, 2010

Charity Crochet

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll tell you again. Our KS My Stitch Crochet Guild has always done some kind of charity project as long as I can remember. Since one of the jobs as President is overseeing the charity projects, I arrange a time every month after our monthly meeting so that we can work on charity.

This year Susie volunteered to help me out and organized the charity workshops until a medical issue kept her from continuing. When Susie became ill, Kaye volunteered to help until Susie feels better. (Wouldn’t it be cool if they could work together and switch off?) 🙂  I appreciate both of these ladies so much with all that they do for others.

This week Kaye scheduled her first charity workshop and Lucy and I joined her at her home to make scarves for the mothers of children who are being helped by Tree House. Kaye started making a chevron scarf with orange and when she ran out of the peachy orange yarn, she switched to brown. Oh my gosh it is so pretty. Lucy decided to make a white scarf with double crochets and I can’t wait to see how it turns out too.

I decided to use a cream colored I Love This Yarn from Hobby Lobby for a second charity scarf. I also decided to use double crochets and I love how the double crochet stitches worked up really fast and then I had to Tamarafy it with some fun yarn that I refuse to crochet with. I like the way the fringe looks out of the yarn though and I think it just sets off the simple stitches and the plain color too.

Remember how I told you that I would show you the stem and leaves from my other charity scarf? So here you go. I added some fabric for the stem and made two leaves from some really soft fuzzy, olivey green yarn. I really like how it turned out too.

I really want to thank Kaye and Lucy for taking time out of their evening to join me in making scarves for the Tree House. I can’t wait to see  the other guild members’ scarves and will be sure and show you after our next guild meeting. I know that the mothers who are being helped at the Tree House will be very grateful for such lovely scarves we all make for them. Please tell me if any of you work on charity projects, and if you do, what do you make? I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. Oooh very pretty, I so wish I lived close by so I could participate with y’all. Okay, my shawl has turned into a leg covering for people in wheelchairs at the local Rehab Hospital (where I stayed for 2 months). I was working on it and so I took a break and placed it over my legs to see how it looked and “whap” it popped into my head that this would be just the perfect size and so very pretty for a leg covering. So, that is how it went from a shawl to a leg covering. I have started another shawl to give to the Prayer Shawl movement and when I finish it I think I will go back and make more wheelchair leg coverings. Who knows what else I will make–HaHa. Take care and have a great day.

    • Oh Molly. You are such a charitable person with your lapshawls and I know that you give things to the neighborhood kids too. I love hearing all about what you are doing. Thanks for stopping by and much love to you.


  2. I’m sorry I missed the charity workshop! So many chores, so little time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’m a bit shell-shocked from finally finishing my “50 KNITTED DISHCLOTHS AND COORDINATING CROCHET-TOPPER KITCHEN TOWELS” project, I think.

    Looks like you gals got off to a good start Monday evening. I hope to join you next month. Oh, which yarn shall I begin with? I know, the luscious laceweight yarn I found on our Yarn Hop!

    • Rosina,

      I know you help a lot with charity items and I know that anyone who gets your items are very pleased. I can’t wait to see your laceweight scarf out of the beautiful yarn that you got on the hop. Thanks for stopping by and taking time out of your busy day to comment. I really do appreciate you and much love to you!!!!


  3. agh. i’m pretty sure that i missed out on crocheting some afghan pieces for lion brand studio. wait! maybe i sitll have a couple of days. anyway. that’s the only charity thing i know of that i could help out with. unless i make stuff for homeless people. the end.

    • Joshua,

      Oh my Chacho Aaron you make me laugh! Wouldn’t that be cool if you organized your own group of knitters and crocheters to get together once a week and crochet hats and scarves for the homeless people in Brooklyn? I’m sure there’s a need for those things. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and I love you!


  4. aaaactually, some of my friends and i are going to have this “25 days of christmas” thing going on after thanksgiving where we collect clothing items from all around and give them out to the homeless. woot woot.

    • Oh Joshua, you make my heart happy. You and your friends rock!

      Love you,

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