Posted by: tgonzales | October 25, 2010

Weekend of October 23-24, 2010

Last weekend was the Central Kansas Yarn Hop. This year there were 9 shops involved and what you do is; at the first yarn shop you go to you pick up a passport and take the passport to all the yarn shops on the hop and get it stamped by all of them. If you visit all of the yarn shops that are involved in the hop, you turn in your passport at the last shop and your name goes into a drawing for some really cool prizes. Well Rosina and I planned to go again this year. Since we both work at the same company we would have to go on Saturday and Sunday and we decided we would visit the two Wichita shops on Friday evening after work, then get up first thing Saturday morning and head straight to the farthest north shop which is in Abilene;

home to the Shivering Sheep and birthplace of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Next stop was Salina and home to Yarns Sold and Told. It was good to see Carla and Jane again. Look what I found there…..

Am I the only one in the world that hasn’t heard of “Flat Feet”? I couldn’t stop looking at this cool tye dyed knitted fabric (since I am just an old hippie at heart) and had to know more about it. Jane was kind enough to explain a little bit about the fabric. I just wanted to know who would actually knit that fabric just for someone to tye dye it and then have someone else pull it out and knit it back into something. She laughed and said that it was machine knitted fabric and I then laughed too. Anyway, if you know me I’ll go against the grain and figure out something to crochet mine into.

Here’s a little skinny scarf that I started crocheting with my flat feet fabric.

Our next stop was Lindsborg and Laura May’s Cottage, where I picked up a cool vintage sewing basket; which will go nicely with my collection of sewing baskets.

By that time it was time for lunch; imagine that, since we really planned the whole trip around the Jalisco’s restaurant because we had lunch there last year and loved their Mexican food and they have turquoise booth seats. Ha! Ha!

Then it was off to Hutchinson and since we were way ahead of schedule we decided to stop at the Goodwill store, where I found the cutest pink and white linen table cloth and napkins to match and two ceramic baby bootie planters (which are very old). This picture is a group of all the things that I came home with on Saturday.

We arrived at Yarn where we got to visit with our friends Deb and Debbie, they always have something fun going on. We were doing so good on time that we decided to push on.

We arrived in Newton and decided to stop by one of my favorite shops the Etcetara shop. It’s a second-hand shop run by a local church. It seems like I always find something that has to come home with me. Saturday was no different. I loved this little green wooden box (my husband said that it looks Bohemian), a stack of crocheted doilies, a package of funky green rayon seam tape, and a vintage wooden hanger.

We finally found our way to the Newton Beadery where they have lots of beads and yarns. I got to visit with my friend Candace and Julie, which is always a lot of fun.

We still had enough time to make it to El Dorado and home of Sugar Bunny Boulevard. What a fun shop she has and so much room to expand. We said our hellos and goodbyes to Laura and headed back home for the day. That meant we only had one more shop to visit on Sunday.

We ended our Yarn Hop in Winfield and home of Mulberry Creek yarn and quilt fabric shop. We got our last passport stamp and turned in our passports. What a cute little shop; so tidy and it felt very warm and friendly.

Rosina and I have decided that we would like to bring our crochet guild to Winfield for a little day trip and we found the perfect place for us to have lunch.

Imagine that another really good Mexican restaurant named Nieves. I really enjoyed the weekend with my good friend Rosina and all the inspiration that I found in all the places that we visited in such a short time. Now it’s off to start a few new projects that I was inspired by this weekend and get ready to start another week. How was your weekend and hope you make it a good week and Happy Monday to everyone?


  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! And you found plentyof items to keep your creative mind going! Wish I could have gone!

    • Merri,

      I wish you could’ve gone too, we would have had a blast! Thank you for stopping by and have a great week.


  2. What a fun weekend! I can well imagine you are full of inspiration from your whirlwind weekend. Looking forward to seeing the results of that inspiration in the coming weeks.

    Have a great week.

    • Jeanne,

      I wish all of us could go shop hopping together. Wouldn’t that be fun? Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  3. I don’t know how you gals hit all those fun yarn stores and the side stores too, it just one weekend. I just love that last picutre of Rosina, hopping? A field trip sounds delightful for the guild. Your haul of goods look delighful.

    • Susie,

      We did have a good time and the reason we were able to go to all of them, was because we started very early in the morning. Hope you can maybe go with us on the day trip.


  4. Sounds like a fantastic time to me! Wish I could have been there. You had it planned out nicely. The side trips sounded great also.

    Hugs XX

    • Barbara,

      I know it would’ve been really fun to have you along on the trip. I can’t imagine all the goodies you would have found too.


  5. WHAT!??! No photo of Jalisco’s turquoise seats? LOL! What a blessing for you & Rosina to have such wonderful shops to ‘hit’ in central KS. Sounds like a blast! And such a beautiful day. Pls tell us why Rosina is posing like that. — Is it to have “one leg up” on you??? ;-D

    • Kat,

      I know, I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of the seats either. I was afraid they would call the authorities for stalking their turquoise seats. Ha! Ha! Rosina had her foot in the air most of the time when I took her picture. I think she was just high stepping it and really didn’t want her picture taken and wanted to hurry and get in the shop. I’ll ask her and let you know:)

      • Well, I can tell Rosina knows how to have FUN — right along with YOU! 🙂

  6. I DESPISE having my picture taken; it always looks just like me! And yes, I didn’t want to stand there, I wanted to get into the shop and see what I could find!!!!!!!!!!!!! (What, me? Impatient?)

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