Posted by: tgonzales | October 15, 2010

My Recycled Scarf Design

When I first found this black scarf at a second hand store a couple of years ago, I wasn’t for sure what I would do with it. I really liked that it already had one row of crochet edging on it, but it still seemed to be missing something. Remember the circle scarf from here?


 I couldn’t seem to stop making circles and had set my mind to presenting a scarf design of circles to Lindsey at Twist for a new class. I would use all of Shelly’s yarns and give away the pattern if you took my class.

Well I had to get a jacket out of my closet around the time that I was making the circles and came across my little plain black scarf. I started thinking that maybe the circles would look cool grouped together on it. Of course my mind would not stop thinking once I made some circles and laid them on the scarf and I kept thinking that people have been asking me for the pattern for my fantasy flower.


Wouldn’t it be neat to teach my fantasy flower pattern and the circles together? I tried laying the circles and the flowers on the scarf lots of ways and decided on staggering them.


I knew I wanted to back the flowers and circles with some fabric in the shape of the center. Since the scarf is recycled I chose a piece of a feedsack print from my stash. And as I always say if I launder something and it comes out of the washing machine and dryer all in one piece it has a purpose. The feedsack fabric made it out and it didn’t hurt that the color was turquoise. Ha! Ha! Just when I was arranging the flowers and circles I remembered something I learned from my high school art teacher. They were missing something and I thought back when I drew a cat in art and turned it in. When I got the picture back I had gotten a mark down in my grade because I didn’t draw a background or floor for it to sit on. She said my cat was hanging in mid-air. So I didn’t want to leave my flowers in mid-air and decided to crochet a couple of vine chains for my flowers to hang from. Then I wanted to stabilize the back of my vines with something and found some green rick rack and decided it would curve around just right.  

I hand sewed the rick rack on the back and curved it around and made vines and when I stitched the stitches showed through to the right side so that I had a path to place my vine chain on and hand sewed it down. Then after I sewed all the vines, flowers, and circles on it was still missing something.


Of course it needed some leaves and I had a recycled olivey green sweater that would work perfect for them and a recycled cotton fabric shirt that would work great for the stabilizing fabric on the back of my sweater leaves.


The fun thing about crochet embellishments is that they can be used for covering up little imperfections and here’s where my butterfly

came in handy. Ha! Ha!


I love how the front looks,


but I’m equally happy with the way the back looks too. I think it just gives it a more finished look. I have decided that this will be one of my completed pieces that will be for sale at the From the Studio show next weekend. (More details to come) I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend full of whatever you love to do.


  1. All I can say is WOW!!!!!! I LOVE that scarf! It is absolutely amazing what you come up with, Tamara!

    • Merri,

      Thank you so much Merri. I’m not the only one that had a hand in it though. I thank God every day for giving me the talent to create things that I love. I really do appreciate you!

  2. As I looked down through this, I thought “Wow, they ought to get her in the “From the Studio” group. I used to be in that but gave up trying to get enough things made (woven) since I didn’t have a place to weave anymore, except at home. And then as I read the end, you said you were going to put it in their show next weekend!! That’s great. You’ll have a great time!

    • Sue,

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I was truly blessed to be asked to place some of my pieces in the “From the Studio” show along side some other wonderful artists from Twist.


  3. Love it…front and back.

    • Maria,

      Thank you very much. I’m so glad that you like both sides too.


  4. How much. I want it. Pretty sure this is my favorite! I love the combination of textiles, colors, and Tamara, you ROCK!


    • Steph,

      You are too cute and I think you rock too, sista!!!!


  5. Well, I for one don’t like it. Gotcha!! This is very pretty, it is definitely one of your very best things you have made. Keep it up girl.

    • Molly,

      You’re too funny! I’m glad you like it.


  6. Beautiful, thanks for another wonderful inspiration!

    • Thank you Heather!


  7. very nice, very nice. you make some crazy stuff, ha ha ha.

    ya know what i took from this? the picture with the little butterfly – it’s on a page that says “my son joshua…”

    • Joshua,

      You are so observant. I wondered if anyone would notice it and of course you did! I hope you think my scarf is cool by saying it is crazy, huh? I love you my chacho aaron.


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