Posted by: tgonzales | September 29, 2010

Circles, Granny Squares, and Ripples

I’m not sure what’s up with me and my crochet thoughts and projects. But, all I know is that I tend to make things in patterns. Like one week or month I go all

granny square with my projects…


then the next time I’m all about ripples…

then another time I’m making circles. This week I’m in a round mood.

Remember this shawl? Then I needed a button or buttons for something I was making (can’t remember what now), but I couldn’t find the right color so I just found the right size of button and crocheted around them. I decided I would make a few crocheted buttons and add them to my Etsy shop and you can check them out in my store.


I think crocheted buttons are the perfect accent for a tired sweater (one that you’re just tired of). This sweater I added all of the techniques combined; granny square, circle buttons, and ripples. Crocheted buttons are a good accent for a fabric tote,


or a crocheted bag.


This is another round project that I’m working on; it’s an Unfinished Project that I will tell you all more about when I complete it.

and here’s another Work in Progress, bet you can’t guess what I’m going to do with this? Tell me if anyone else gets stuck in a certain crochet mode like me and I hope you all have a Happy Wednesday.


  1. Wow, look at all that crochet goodness! I get on a roll with certain types of projects, too, but you seem to move faster from one to another! Love all the goodness.

    I don’t remember if you shared just how you make those crochet buttons/covers. I’d love to know! They look fabulous!!

    • Jeanne,

      What a good idea. I’ll have to work up a tutorial on just that. Thanks for reminding me that other people might like to learn how to crochet around buttons too! I’ll get on it as soon as I can. Hugs!!!

  2. Hi Tamara! Gosh, do I get stuck in spurts and modes??.. I have to think about that, and I’m only on my first cup of morning coffee!! Maybe sometimes??.. but I think usually, I tend to be more of a fickle sort of personality, and this probably shows in the projects I work on from one week to the next. On my blog, you might see frogs one week, and the next week you’ll find a beautiful shawl.. right?.. Then the next weeks, you might find slippers, or you might see dolls!… You never know! Anyways, love all the beautiful work you’re showing here today! Always fun to stop by! Enjoy your day! ~tina

    • Tina,

      As always it’s so nice of you to take time out of your busy day to tell me about what you’re working on. I love stopping by your blog and waiting to see what you’re working on too. Thanks again for sharing your crochet thoughts with us. Hugs, Tamara

  3. Tamara, we are going to start calling you the Busy Crochet Bee. You are so fast and quick, by the time I have my mind made up on what color I will use you already have the item finished ! Lady, you are really something, and I’m certainly glad you are my friend. Have a great day, chat later.

    • My Dear Friend Molly,

      I hate to tell you this, but I crocheted the ripple afghan many years ago, the granny squares, the Inga bag and sweater edging were done a year ago. The only thing I’ve done recently in this entry are the circley things (is that a word?). Ha! Ha!


  4. I am always amazed at the quantity of items you are able to crochet within such a short period of time (smiles…). For me, I have been stuck in a crocheted bag mode for about 2 years!!!! Ha ha. I definitely need to branch out just a bit, and this year I hope to do just that!

    • Merri,

      Thank you for thinking that I’m so fast. But as I told Molly; I have had most of those things completed for a year or more. I love all of your bags and I would still like to do a crochet-a-long with one of your bags real soon. I’ve seen a lot of other things that you’ve made too and you do a beautiful job. As soon as I can figure out how to create a place for everyone to post their pictures at. I think it will be through Flicker? Thanks again for stopping by, I love all your comments.

  5. i love how you had to clarify what it meant for a sweater to be tired. the end.

    and that last dealy is a necklace. so there.

    • Joshua,

      I love all of your comments and you make me laugh! The end! And yes the last dealy is a necklace, but what do you think I’m going to do with it? So there? Love you, Momma

  6. I love your covered buttons, Tamara. All the things you do are fun and creative. I can’t wait to see what you crochet around and hang from that necklace!


    • Steph,

      Thanks for loving my buttons and how did you know that I would be crocheting around and hanging something from that necklace?:)


  7. Oh you know how much I love your projects. Those circles.. that purse and that lacy peplum! all yummy.

    • Thanks Pam for stopping by. I have been doing some phantom blogging on your blog:) I always love your projects too. You are the master quilter in my book.


  8. Tamara,

    I love this! What a coincidence, this summer I learned how to make a simpler necklace with a washer from the hardware store which was disguised with hodgepodged decorative scrapbook paper. But, your project looks so much easier to do. Although, I think I’ll go ahead and use the washer to crochet over.

    • Heather,

      I think you should crochet around a washer and I would love to see it when you get it done. I know you’ll make it very special. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  9. If you still have the covered buttons in red on the cute card that you had at the guild meeting, I’d like to purchase those! I almost did then, but just didn’t. I too would love a tutorial on making them………………..did I tell you I think if you hang in there your blog will explode!!!!

    • Susie,

      I still have the red buttons and they are in my Etsy shop. I am going to try and pull together a tutorial on the covered buttons as soon as the retreat is over with. Hope you’re doing ok? Miss hearing about what you’re up to.


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