Posted by: tgonzales | September 24, 2010

Crochet Prayer Shawls & Contest Winners


When I first received the “Crochet Prayer Shawls” book and seen my design….

“Waves so Warm”, I was very happy to see my design published and was excited to see that mine was included with some really well known designers, like; Drew Emborsky, Kay Meadors, Mary E. Nolfi, Edie Eckman, Jill Wright, Lisa Gentry, Rochelle Johnson, Jean Leinhauser, Jeannine LaRoche, Darla Sims, Becky Stevens, and Karen Ratto-Whooley. I loved all of the designs, but one of the shawls kept calling to me and that was

“A Wisp of a Wrap” by Rochelle Johnson, I kept thinking about the yarn that I purchased last October on the Yarn Shop Hop. The yarn is from Lorna Laces and called “Shepherds Sock”. I loved the colorway and thought it might look good in the popcorn shawl. When I purchase a new yarn I usually get 2 skeins and that’s just what I did. Well it wasn’t enough and when I went back to get more Julie from the Newton Beadery said that she had ordered some more but it would be in a different dye lot. Since I had only crocheted one skein in, I decided to purchase 2 more skeins and mix the 2 dye lots by crocheting one from the first set of dye lots and then crocheting one from the second set of dye lots, and so on and so on. I really like the way it turned out and it looks like it was intended to be that way.

And of course you know me I couldn’t just add fringe to the edges, right? I had to Tamarafy the shawl and started adding my curly cue fringe and the yarn that I chose was the J.&P Coats Royale Fashion Crochet Thread Size 3-100% Mercerized Cotton. This fringe takes a lot of yarn and but again I ran out of this yarn and had to go out and purchase some more last night. Does anyone else like to make shawls?

Oh by the way there were 4 people who entered the contest. I know I said that 3 people would win the book and fabric prizes, but guess what????? You’re all winners, now please email me and let me know your addresses so that I can send RJ, Merri, Molly, and Jeanne your prizes. Have a great weekend and I’ll talk to you soon.


  1. Your shawl is so pretty, Tamara! I really like the curlicue fringe and the term Tamarafy, hee, hee. I’ve made ponchos, but not shawls, not sure I would wear one, to be honest, or know of anyone who does. LOL

    Thanks so much for the give-away…if I was the 4th one to enter, you can give the books to the first three, I don’t mind. It was just fun playing along. *Ü*

    • Congratulations on being a winner! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment, I really do appreciate all your comments. Have a great weekend. Make sure you send me your address so I can send your prize.:)


  2. Tamara, I am so excited !! I need to make some Prayer Shawls to donate to the Hospice and what do I win but a whole book full of patterns. I can’t believe it, I am just tickled to death. Now I am going to have to buy some yarn, oh darn that means I must go shopping ! Thank you so much for having this giveaway, and I am honored to be a winner. I will email you my address. Take care.

    • Congratulations Molly. I’m so glad that you joined in on the contest.


  3. Well, I LOVE how my first one came out, and would LOVE to make another one in more seasonally appropriate colors for now, but I’m a little tied up with making sweaters, dont’cha know?!!.. And honest to God, Tamara, I just recently ran across a couple more sweaters I’d love to make!! I don’t know WHERE I think I’m going to find the time, but at least I have goals, right?!!! It’s GOOD to dream, right?!! (0; Have a good night, and a great weekend! ~tina

    • Tina,

      I can’t wait to see your sweaters when you get done with them. I’ll keep checking your blog for updates:) Hope you’re having a restful weekend?


  4. Congrats to U 4 winners. Tamara, U R awesome in every way — including generous. I am so happy 4 all these ladies!

    • Kat you’re too Kute!

  5. Tamara,

    Are you on Pinterest? If not, it would be really fun to find your projects there. Plus, you can increase your exposure to sell more of your hats, booties, et al.

    • Hi Heather,

      About 2 weeks ago I registered to join Pinterest and got the invitation back, but haven’t had time to get on there and post pictures. Thanks for thinking my stuff is good enough for Pinterest. 🙂


  6. Wow, I didn’t know you were a published writer! I’ve only just seen this post (I’ve just seen it on your stats page!) as I didn’t get into the blogging world until 2012. Lovely shawl 🙂

    • Oh Thanks Laura! I was only famous for a very short time, and that’s ok. 🙂 Love and Hugs, Tamara

      • Well you’re still famous to all of us who read your lovely blog!

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